The PlayStation's inner sanctum

Nikkei writes: Sony's top earner, the PS4. How are these popular game consoles made? We were given a tour of the production site that most Sony employees are not even allowed to enter.

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RaidenBlack41d ago

Fabulously made.
Strange, nobody is finding this interesting.

italiangamer41d ago

"Over six and a half years, it has generated 10 trillion yen ($93 billion) in sales and over 1 trillion yen in profit."

1 trillion yen is $9.3 Billion as of today, of pure profit. I can easily see the PS4 being sold for another 3/4 years, this is the ace in the hole that Sony has that will help manage selling the PS5 at a consumer friendly price.

41d ago
IRetrouk37d ago

Now show us the ps5 one!!! lol