Mega Construx Halo Infinite Sets get release dates and other details

The release date and other details have been revealed for the Mega Construx Halo Infinite Sets.

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timotim354d ago

Im all over than MC helmet...looks beast.

RamRod88353d ago

I'm ready for some Halo Infinite info. We've gotten more info from mega construx toys than 343i this year... At least we won't have to wait much longer.

Kavorklestein353d ago

Same. Although We'll get info soon,
I think They are keeping tight lipped for a reason.
I also think it's Better to show the game in it's true form than have 5 articles talking about "what they want to do or hope to do" with the game.
I just wanna know the date of the Xbox Presentation already though.

Daniel2183353d ago

Can’t wait for halo infinite.