Another 3707 Valorant cheater accounts banned, some spent $500 on MTX

Riot Vanguard has dished out another wave of hardware ID bans in Valorant which was followed by a torrent of screenshots of cheaters crying, some of whom apparently spend hundreds of dollars on the game.

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porkChop38d ago

Why would you spend money on a game that you're cheating in? That's just stupid.

Also, it's nice to see a dev taking this more seriously by issuing hardware ID bans. While they can sometimes be circumvented, they're far more effective than IP or account bans.

N3mzor38d ago

They are probably people with more money than sense.

Sidenote - GamerDoc, the community member who previously worked on curbing Overwatch cheating, now often posts screenshots of cheaters' reactions when they get banned. It's hilarious.