Why $70 PS5 And Xbox Series X Games Are A Very Bad Idea

Gamers may need to brace for a new console generation filled with more expensive games for Xbox Series X and PS5.

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RaidenBlack206d ago

A quick look at my 4Pro and 1X.
"I still love you guys"

Gaming101206d ago

I may just stick with PS4 Pro for 1 year, get PS5 in year 2 when it just might price drop, and games will be cheaper then.
I am never, ever paying over 90 bucks Canadian for a game. That's over 100 bucks with our taxes. To hell with that shit. With all the microtransactions put in full priced games to soak in extra money, the game industry is now 3.5 times bigger than all movies and music industries combined. These greedy publishers just want to line their pockets and decorate their palaces with their bonus payouts.

206d ago
indysurfn206d ago

Lets look at the 800 pound gorilla in the room. If you buy a Discless Xbox series what every, or a discless PS5. You are STUCK with $70 prices because no competitive prices. With digital prices NEVER have to drop. You dont have the option to go buy a used game anymore....and you dont have the option to buy every game unless Sony/Microsoft start requiring companies to release every game digitally. Plus you can start a collection of you favorite games. And you will have to spend lots of money buying more disk space.

Gaming101206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

@Indy You are right about price monopolization.
However, you don't need more disc space, there is a digital library that you can download from anytime, and delete older games and re-download them depending on the space required.

agnosticgamer206d ago

@indy... For the most of your post I don't think you have any clue what you are talking about. For the first point... Every game released for PS4 and Xbox One... Is released digitally as well... Secondly EVERY Game whether it is digital or physical requires to be loaded on the HDD and it is even more critical that every game physical or digital to be loaded onto the next-gen consoles SDD drives because it would effect gameplay if they are not. This isn't an option this Gen and will not be an option next Gen every game requires to be loaded onto the Hard Drives.

Even with digital only pricing prices will drop the only thing it ends is any trade in value. Digital copies have zero and always will have zero trade in. But sales are more prevalent than ever on the digital store market places xbox and Sony offer at times very deep sales on digital games and that will only continue. It's not going to stop. Will it take longer for official price drops to come? Sure but they will happen. And sales will continue to happen as well.

Xbox gamepass and PSNOW is that much more attractive. Especially Xbox gamepass because every Xbox 1p game is day one available and stays on the service forever. So for the price of just 2 1p games you could get a year of Gamepass and play them all including notable 3p games as well.

This next-gen systems will probably be the last to offer disc versions. Physical media is going away. Might as well get use to the changes.

Reefskye206d ago

What happens when you buy a box made by a manufacturer who can manipulate price of their store, when on PC platforms can compete with pricing even 3rd party releases legit ones like fanatical for example have some great discounts that conter uplay, steam etc, reason why i dont support Epic that tried to take on steam only, i mean imagine if sony or microsoft came along one day and said no 3rd party games are allowed on the rival platform N4G would be on fire. I know most people here dont like PC but its the one platform where u can do what u want when you want buy it were u want. Usr any program or app you want, no be limited to what is proived by a single company that holds all the power.

TheCaptainKuchiki206d ago

Never buy anything at launch. It's a rule

sampsonon206d ago

It would be $90. I buy on the playstation store and they don't charge tax.

deafdani206d ago


every single game on Steam is digital for obvious reasons, yet you routinely see sales and games being sold cheaper in Steam than anywhere else.

outsider1624206d ago

Might just follow your plans too. Im just worried for my launch ps4..wonder if it'll survive another year or two. Eep!

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DigitalHope206d ago

Games need to go up in price.

Something happens with money called inflation. If you pull up an inflation calculator and put in $60 in 2006 (when games were made $60) that would be worth $71 today. If you keep wanting to get full AAA games like we’ve been use too, then games need to go up. Not all games of course but this $10 is just keeping up with the cost of inflation. Games are costing more and more and likely production costs will hit new levels going into next gen.

Anyone thinking this will backfire, it won’t. People will still buy and anyone thinking they’re taking a stand will be left on the outside looking in.

This is normal.

Zeldafan64206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

Most big budget games have more money put into advertising the game than actually making it which is absurd. Any company that thinks they need to spend $50 million to advertise their game need to pull their heads out of their asses and I don't feel sorry for them if they don't make a profit.

jukins206d ago

Zeldafan64 so you think these big games are just gonna sell themselves? Just because alot of us talk about it here we represent a small portion of gamers. Hard-core gamers yea they'll buy it probably no if ands or buts. Advertising keeps hardcore interested and grabs casuals attention. If 10s of millions of people are watching a sporting event theres a good chance there some sort of console in those homes. You dont sell 5+ million without advertising.

DigitalHope206d ago

@Zeldafan Actually that’s not true at all. I’d love to see your source on that but I know that’s not true. Last of Us Part 2 had a development budget of $150 million US. That’s a lot of money. Despite what you think of that game, it’s animation, graphics, attention to detail is all better than anything we’ve seen before and that’s not even next gen. We want more games with this level of detail and polish, that’s what next gen is supposed to give us right? But that means the development cost is going to ballon as well because teams will need to be bigger, better talent will need to be contracted or curated. Marketing a game is such a small part of a games budget. Some games go all out, but not most.

Fight this all you want, but it’s the new normal and I’m surprised it’s taken this long. I understand this as a reality as I work in business. Better start making peace with it.

zawepa206d ago

"Any company that thinks they need to spend $50 million to advertise their game need to pull their heads out of their asses and I don't feel sorry for them if they don't make a profit."

in a few years 50 million will be considered pittance for advertising,
i'm joking but prices do actually go up.

rainslacker206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

Something also happens with games becoming more mainstream. You have more people to sell to, so you don't have to charge as much due to quantities of scale. It's why some things that sell are a lot cheaper than something similar that doesn't sell as much, or isn't as in demand.

however, if demand remains constant, or close to it's current level if the prices go up to $70, then I expect them to be $70.

This is what the market will bear, and publishers, or any industry really, will charge as much as they can for whatever product they're selling. Game's don't have much of a knock off market as it's not something that can easily be copied without major investment, and then there are laws which prevent copyright infringement anyways.

Publishers were saying that games cost too much to make at the start of the PS3 gen. Then they said it all through the PS3 gen. Then they pushed it even more at the end of the PS3 gen. Then, this gen, most of that went silent, and publishers started going for the money maker GaaS type games. They cost much less to make, but more traditional games didn't become significantly more expensive to make. Hell, Sony even reported spending almost A-AA budgets on some of their top games this gen, which put some other big budget games to shame.

Given that game sales are ever increasing, the idea that prices need to go up is a fallacy. Publishers just need more responsible production budgets, which is what many are doing. It won't stop them from charging more, but this talk of games being more expensive to make is just them trying to get the consumer on board with paying more, while they aren't really offering more in return.

Believe it or not, most AAA games budgets, including marketing, are in the $60-80 million range. This is about what the average AAA budget was during the PS3 days. Given there are fewer of these big games nowadays, there is less competition, and more people buying them, so less chance of failure. Plus, the overall gaming market is just growing fast.

To put things in perspective, assuming the publisher is selling the game and getting about $40 in revenue for each copy...which is about typical for new releases of AAA games, then that would be 40 million per 1 million sold. TLOU2 sold 4 million in a week That's 160 million in revenue. Everything after that, and even some of that is just gravy. The typical AAA game breaks even at around 1.5-2 million copies sold. Publishers usually make money starting at around 2.5-3 million sold, after investor dividends and bonuses are paid.

PertySlick206d ago

That and you have to consider how much more complicated games are getting now. Everybody wants more framerates, more resolution, more game play hours, more complexity. On top of that now every game will be expected to include ray tracing moving forward. This was inevitable. I am also expecting some sticker shock for the consoles as they are beasts. The cost of the PS5 SSD has got to be extreme for Sony. Hence the statement: "value over pricing".

rokos205d ago

True inflation does exist but back in 2006 we didn't have all the extra costs that nowdays come with almost every big game like Season passes, DLC and Microtransactions.

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gigzamillion206d ago

Be a lot less day ones and more of just waiting a little while for prices to drop.

Vits206d ago

Yeah and getting even more value out of services like Game Pass and EA Access.

Ricegum206d ago

Expect the prices for those services to go up accordingly

Vits206d ago (Edited 206d ago )


Oh definitely, but that will likely take a while to start happening. And will take even more time before the prices make those services not worthwhile. If it ever hits that point.

gigzamillion205d ago

Not interested in paying a forever fee to play games.

Vits205d ago


So don't? Just buy the $70 games.

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Tross206d ago

I mostly do that anyways. As someone who has both played a lot of games, and has a lot of games, many of which are backlogged, I’ve since developed a sense of what games are worth to me. Once in a while, a game comes along that I absolutely must have day 1. But, that’s increasingly rare. It normally helps if I’m offered a fancy collector’s edition or something, but even then, it’s not as if I’ll buy a collector’s edition of just anything. I normally have to be a big enough fan of a series of studio to encourage that.

Otherwise, I’m probably just going to backlog the game anyways. I can just wait and pay a lot less for it. I can buy new or digital to still show my support for the dev or publisher, but I need a good reason to pay the Day 1 price.

smashman98206d ago

A lot less day one? Not likely. A 10 dollar increase will not stop most people.

Zeldafan64206d ago

Yeah if u make $70+k a year it's not a big deal. If u make $20k or less a year like most gamers then yes, it is a big deal.

206d ago
aftershock206d ago

Where did you get this "stat" that most gamers make $20k a year or less? Source?

Profchaos206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

What makes you think that gamers make 20k per year just because that's your circumstance it isn't universal. And you're not entitled to many things in life consoles and games are far down the list of basic human rights.

Food and shelter are basic human rights and most countries can't even even provide that not affording games is a first world problem I've been broke before and missed out on games but that's life.

tontontam0206d ago

"Food and shelter are basic human rights and most countries can't even even provide that not affording games is a first world problem I've been broke before and missed out on games but that's life."

WTF is this philosophical shit, why are you trying to defend the price increase?
I'm pretty sure a "SIGNIFICANT" chunk of gamers are not happy with this.

authentic206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

If you can't afford $70 games, you can't afford a PS5 or XSX, simply don't buy it. Problem solved. You're welcome

rainslacker206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

At 20K a year, even $60 games aren't going to be that reasonable. Maybe if one has no other bills, which does happen of course, but is exceedingly rare for an adult, and most gamers are in their 30's. Hell, a lot of people that make $200K a year have so much debt, that $60 isn't really that reasonable either.....although, they're more likely to spend the money anyways.

NeoGamer232206d ago

I make a lot more than $70K per year, but it is a big deal to me...

The problem is that eating out has been becoming more expensive, buying food at the store has become more expensive, vehicles are more expensive, getting your kids through university and college are more expensive, governments are adding carbon taxes making things more expensive, etc.

Each one may only add $10 to cost, but taken all together they equate to $100's of dollars per month, making me have to choose more what I spend money on. I agree everyone deserves a living wage so I am fine with many of the price increases, but, in video gaming there are very few that don't make a living wage yet in places like the restaurant industry almost nobody makes a living wage. So, unfortunately I will be more apt to cut video game spending then eat-outs at restaurants.

vfl523206d ago

If you're stuck making less than 20k a year that's on you and your life choices. Was there a time I made less than 20k? Yes absolutely. When I graduated from H.S. I was making $6 an hour back in 2005. But I and many people don't settle for that and continued to look for better and better careers.

smashman98205d ago

if ur making 20K a year less and buying a ps5 day one as well as games that 10 dollars is a minimal difference and you should possibly consider either waiting for price drops or not complaining about day one prices

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Ash01Live206d ago

Someone hasn't learned the value of money yet...your time will come

DrDeath206d ago

Till its another 10. Then another

Do you honestly feel nba 2k21 is worth the extra 10$ on ps5 than on ps4? No its a goddamn cash grab

F them

nitus10206d ago

It depends if you get the "ultra" edition compared to the "standard" edition and (of course) if you let yourself be conned into getting the microtransactions.

Be that as it may, pretty much all PS4 games will be playable on the PS5 and for the careful gamer they may wait for a sale.

206d ago
Cmv38206d ago

10 dollars isn't going to kill me, but i still don't want to pay more, especially when microtransactions were suppose to offset the cost.

206d ago
Zeldafan64206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

It's real easy to spot who the game developers are in this comments section. For the record I have no interest in getting either the ps5 or xsx.

206d ago
rainslacker206d ago

I'm a dev, but I'm still a consumer. I don't have to worry about $10 more per game, but I also know BS when I see it from publishers. They've been talking about prices of games going up for well on a decade and a half, but conveniently leave out that game sales have more than quadrupled in that same time, and don't usually like to dwell on them making a lot of money on other things that aren't the initial sale of the game.

As far as a dev goes, outside of maybe some random studios getting a bit more job security....which is never a thing in the game industry nowadays anyhow....the devs aren't going to make more if publishers are making more. Devs are hired to do their jobs at a certain price, and their price is determined by supply and demand. Right now, there is not enough supply, but demand is always going up. Despite this, and individual dev salaries going up, actual cost of production has decreased in many areas, namely due to methods which reduce the number of people needed to make a game, and more importantly, contracting labor, which is actually cheaper, even though the individual dev makes more.

Weird, I know, but that's how it ends up being.

ForwardDude206d ago

10$ forever is a lot of money. They will probably raise the price of season pass too anyway making your argument dead on arrival.

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1Victor206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

Same articles every gen start “brace for a $10 game price increase “

anonymousfan206d ago

It was 20$ here in 🇨🇦 at the beginning of PS4/XboxOne gen... And I stopped buying full price games and turned to sales and used games market. No idea how many other people did the same obviously I can only speak for myself. Its a calculated risk on the companies side I understand they need to make up for additionnal development costs (except for silly sports games; no excuses there) and they have to decide whether they can afford to charge more at the risk of potentially selling fewer games

DrDeath206d ago

Same. Only the big games i really wanted to get did i pay full pop.

I started reading more reviews to make sure my money was well spent as well.

Asking another 10$ for the same game on a last gen console is upsurd

Tross206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

Yeah, here in Canada we already went through that inflation shock. The number of games I’ve bought on release went down accordingly. A game already needed to justify paying $60CAD for it, and now that’s $80, and I can safely say, a game now needs to be something special for me to pay that. And people wonder why I very rarely ever buy Nintendo first party games anymore, in spite of owning a Switch.

Brace yourselves though, my fellow Canadians. If game prices in the US go up to $70USD, what do you think that’s going to mean for prices up here?

1Victor206d ago

For those that disagree here some articles



And here is why it’ll be good to pay more for games
Same type of articles every other gen you want more look them up

KyRo206d ago

I've started doing the same in the UK. The price of games have already gone up £10-£20. I will not be paying for any game at that price. This is why physical for next generation is a must for me.

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rainslacker206d ago

Probably better to be prepared, than mad when it comes I suppose. Although many people get mad before it's even a thing.

Publishers, and likely every company in the industry, market researches this stuff to high heaven, and they're going to know about what to expect to sell at a certain price. If they can charge more, but not lose much, but ultimately make more, they'll charge more, and just capitalize on those willing to spend more, and pick up everyone else later. Same way it works now.

Publishers know what kind of expected return to make on investment, how many they have to sell to get that return at any given price, and how likely any given game is going to sell before they ever put a penny into production. If their expectations are lower, they invest less in production, or if they expect to sell more, they invest more.

A blanket price of $70, or even $60 now, for new releases, always seemed rather arbitrary. But, $60 is proven to sell, and is the expected price. If game prices go up to $70, they'll become the new norm, the same way that $60 games did, despite people saying they'd wait to buy.

Zeldafan64205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

I realize that developers don't necessarily make more even if the publishers make more. I think the developers should get a bonus if the game hits a certain sales target. Like an extra $5,000 if the game sells 3+ million. I know some publishers offer that kind of incentive but even then in some instances I wouldn't feel it would be worth it if you're having to put in 60 - 70 hour work weeks for months at a time.

rainslacker204d ago

The studios in general do get bonuses if they hit certain sales targets. Sometimes for other things as well....such as meta scores, although that's not as common anymore. Every studio distributes those bonuses differently. Nowadays, at the end of a production, most of the people that worked on the game are usually let go anyways, or were contract workers to begin with. Very few studios maintain a full staff during pre-production times, so most of the people that worked on the game wouldn't get anything like bonuses.

Sciurus_vulgaris206d ago

Raising the price of games by $10 dollars may drive down full-price purchases. If the price is raised and full priced buyers go down enough, publishers won’t generate more revenue by raising their game prices.

Profchaos206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

Development costs of these new games have dramatically increased along with time and publishers are releasing less titles overall and if people are not buying them at a slightly increased price point we will inevitably end up with more games being made with mtx and loot boxes with forced online worlds instead of single player epics

Sciurus_vulgaris206d ago

I think publishers need to move away from relying so heavily on AAA games. Increasing the prices of AAA games may not be the right choice.

Imalwaysright206d ago

Is that so? According to this list only two of the top 10 most expensive games to make were current gen games and a great deal of their budget went into marketing costs.

PETE1985206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

This is true but the audience that they are able to potentially sell the games to has also increased significantly so the increased cost has likely been netted off by the increased sales. It will help drive subscription services. I currently have Gamepass Ultimate and I would happily pay a little more for this and not pay an extra 10 per game. I won't be able to play 3rd party game on day one but a lot of good games are making way to the service (just started Witcher 3 for the first time through Gamepass).

monkey602206d ago

The statements made of rising developement costs driving prices up is a fabrication. The video game industry is among the largest in the world with returns that would make any other media form jealous.
The price increases are merely being implemented to continue an unsustainable growth in annual profits for investors. Plenty of people with their head in the sand happy to keep it there because "its only a tenner extra!"

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