Ubisoft Executive Resigns Following Abuse Allegations

Ubisoft VP Maxime Beland has resigned from the company after being accused of assault and harassment. An internal investigation is ongoing.

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Gatsu1062d ago

Wasn't there something similar news with the Valhalla developer?

FullmetalRoyale1062d ago

There was a scandal, but it isn't at all similar to something like this. He allegedly cheated on his wife.

aaronaton1062d ago

Guilty until proven innocent.

_LarZen_1062d ago

Not on internet apparently

L7CHAPEL1062d ago

speaking outside of the allegations,
word is (or was, rather) that he was also overseeing a new splinter cell game,
seeing as he was creative director on conviction as well as co-creative director on blacklist, so this doesn't bode well for whatever that project is going to be or was going to be.
as far as continuing the investigation,
I kind of find that (I know it's not a funny situation) statement a little bit amusing.
he left the company,
you're going to do what, to him now?

1062d ago
L7CHAPEL1062d ago

true enough,
doesn't mean whoever's made the allegations (if they're backed up)
can't or won't Sue.
just not sure how that works in France or Canada, other parts of the world.
the states, if he's an agent of the company it's the company that always gets sued not the individual...