If PS5/Xbox Series X Game Prices Are Going Up, Then Microtransactions Must Go

This deal is getting worse all the time.

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Gridknac37d ago

LOL! Micro transactions are like herpes, once you got it, it never goes away!

Gaming10137d ago

We really need to voice our opinion in addition to using our wallets as our voice.
Every time someone buys microtransactions they're effectively telling the developer "I want more of this, since I'm willing to spend money on it". That's how the developer and publisher interpret it. We really need to stop buying these, even if you really want them, because it just sends the message to the developer to make game progression extremely tedious and boring if you don't spend money on microtransactions.
The free to play business model being used in full priced games is a travesty, and idiots keep buying loot boxes and pay-to-win bonuses that ruin the experience for everyone, especially those who don't care to pay to win.

morganfell36d ago

Microtransactions will go away...for a short while. Then after a year or the 1st next gen release of their major IP, companies will start looking at one another out of the corner of their eye wondering who is going to be the one to start the stampede. 1st they will say, its only cosmetics. Then slowly the lumbering season pass awakens.

The fact is it takes money to produce games and if you want top quality next gen experiences you are going to have to pay for them. It isn't the money people should have been complaining about but rather the lack of quality to match the money. We are getting the games we deserve because the focus is resolution, framerate (sometimes), number of players, loot, etc. No one rails over the absolutely crappy sound (most of the time) dirt dumb AI, absurd writing, poor level layout, and things such as replayability. The issues that really make a game stand the test of time and become a true classic are not the former but rather the latter. So for me it isn't about the money. Its about getting my money's worth.

MaximusPrime_37d ago

You hope so but micro transactions will still happen.

I’m afraid games’ prices increases are inevitable due to COVID-19/lockdown. I’m not surprised by that news.

KyRo37d ago

There's absolutely no connection with COVID and lockdown. Stop making excuses for greed.

Games have become increasingly more expensive to make in comparison to 30 years ago but gaming is a million times bigger than 30 years ago with more people of all ages to sell products too. Then they have the cheek to add DLC, MTX and battle passes to keep you giving money. People really need to stop defending the price hike.

yomfweeee37d ago

Stop talking about 30 years ago. Last gen was not any bigger than previous gen. Total console sales went down thanks to X1 being terrible. Price bump was due.

SegaGamer37d ago

This will never happen. They make more money from Microtransactions than they do game sales.

Knightofelemia37d ago

Microtransactions and loot boxes must go it's a sign of greed and people being idiots buying a new skin for a character or a special gun gun for a character. I don't mind paying for an add on or a DLC to a game but thats as far as I will go. As for the higher price now I gotta wait until a game drops in price or I look for it used or if it's on sale and do some extra homework on a game now before I buy it. I am not paying $90 Canadian new for an over hyped piece of shit that is buggy as hell just to be let down in the game play department.

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The story is too old to be commented.