Horizon Zero Dawn Is Already On Steam’s Top Seller List

Roughly 3 years ago, Sony and Guerilla Games graced us with Horzion: Zero Dawn. The open world game was a unique game that mixed in fantasy elements with robotic dinosaurs, and was largely well received. The game is now finding a second life on PC, and what a life it’s already finding.

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Jin_Sakai33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

As expected. Sony 1st party games are amazing.

sushimama33d ago

I'm very happy about that. I really want PC players to enjoy the game as I did. The story is amazing. I remember I took over 60 pics in photomode. I have such great memories. Plus what will they do with the mods. I mean who doesn't want to see naked Aloy take down a ThunderJaw? jk

monkey60233d ago (Edited 33d ago )

A friend of mine won't do consoles ha only PC and he can't wait for this

He actually has me so buzzed im going to replay it just to talk about it with him

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lalalala33d ago

This will be a PS5 system seller when some PC gamer's can't wait 3 years for the sequel.

Marquinho32d ago

Looks like this could be the kick off for PS "exclusives" games going to PC, sooner that we might expect.

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starchild33d ago

No arguing with that. Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War are basically tied as my favorite PS4 exclusives so far. Though I think Ghost of Tsushima has a good chance of equaling or surpassing those two.

Shane Kim33d ago

Those are my nr 1 and 2 games for this entire gen.

sprinterboy33d ago

I'm tied with game of my gen hzd, days gone, final fantasy or DS, been a great gen and can't wait to play all the exclusives again when I get a 4k tv and a ps5 😊

sampsonon33d ago

yeah i love those games as well. Mine fav is The Last Of Us 2, i know the horror right?.

pwnmaster300033d ago (Edited 33d ago )

I remember when this came out, some people (small amount) were saying it was over rated because it’s a PS exclusive.
I wonder if they are enjoying it now lol.

Sunny1234533d ago

It was a smart move from them to release it right now on pc when horizon 2 is around the corner. Once pc players realise how awesome it is, some of them might have the urge to buy ps5 to play the 2nd one as soon as its out.

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1nsomniac33d ago

It's £32, brand new, for the complete edition. It was never not going to sell well.

...I agree it is an amazing game though.

TheRealTedCruz32d ago

I loved Zero Dawn. One of the handful of games I grabbed as soon as I picked up my Pro.
AA experiences like Greedfall also stayed on top sellers list for weeks.

It's just about good games.

rainslacker32d ago

As much as I sometimes tease my PC gaming brethren, it is good to know that a lot of them actually do want to play good games, and aren't that wrapped up in platform allegiances.

I hope they enjoy the game. It was my favorite game of this console generation. A real breath of fresh air compared to a lot of homogeneity.

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IRetrouk33d ago

As long as they invest it back into games(they will) everyone's a winner.

starchild33d ago

Yep, that's a good way to look at it.

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GreatSako202033d ago

Gamingbolt clickbait thumbnail. May confuse people with forbidden West.

Toiletsteak33d ago

It says "Horizon Zero Dawn" not sure how that will confuse people.

mkis00733d ago

The picture (thumbnail) says forbidden west.

King_Noctis33d ago

“ The picture (thumbnail) says forbidden west.”

Does that even matter? We all know Forbidden West is exclusive to the PS5.

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Bathyj33d ago

It's a fantastic game enjoy it if you haven't played it before

MoonConquistador33d ago

Or even if you have played it before, there's New Game+ on ultra hard difficulty to get your teeth into

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