The Last of Us Part II actress bombarded with death threats following role backlash

Voice over actress Laura Bailey has been targeted by vile online trolls following a backlash to her character, Abby, in the computer game The Last Of Us Part II

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GoodGuy09207d ago

Not a fan of abby myself but going after the person that voiced the character you hate is really over the line and unreasonable. She was just doing her job and did it well. I very much doubt the actors had any involvement with the writing or anything like that. Sad to see this as Im a fan of Laura's work with her other video game and anime roles.

BigBosss207d ago

I wasn't a huge fan of the story, but I would never in a million years threaten someone thats just stupidity.

Game-ur207d ago (Edited 207d ago )

this is disgusting. whats also disgusting is Druckmann exploiting this for himself. Using Laura Bailey as a shield against criticism.
thought he was just a bad writer now he is exposed as a manipulative self-worshiper.

as for the comments, they are horrible and inexcusable. but anyone who plays online gets them regularly. it's the internet.

sampsonon207d ago


You Sir, are part of the problem.
Jesus Christ when are people going to give the f up?
Make your own game and then have people tell you you are wrong.

TheKingKratos207d ago (Edited 207d ago )

Agree with you whatever we like a game or not ... no game will ever be liked by everyone ,why can't the trolls and the pathetic idiots accept that and move along with their lives ... if they have any ??

It sad that they call themself "Gamers" but all they do is telling everyone their opinions are *da facts* and everyone is wrong and just jump every where trolling games they hate and will never play and they don't even play games just troll everyone .. i will never understand this ... if i don't like a game i will just move on and be done with it

Maybe because the game lived up to hype to most gamers/critics and got amazing reviews and soled soo good and all the movement they tried to do failed sooo bad ... and the game is going to win many GOTY awards and will be on many gamers list about GOTG

so since they have nothing left .. they start attacking the VA i guess ?

Get a F life, losers and move on

Redemption-64207d ago

You are just a sad person, move on. You are literally using this situation to attack Neil. I mean seriously? If am not mistaken I recall you or someone else from yesterday, attacking another comment, implying they there lying, when they said the voice actress was being threatened and now that it's proven true, you are using it to attack Neil. If Neil spoke about the threats, and called them, horrible, bad, evil, stupid, disgusting, or inexcusable, that is not Neil exploiting anyone. That is him talking about a fact that has taken place to a voice actress, one you didn't want to accept as true.

Game-ur207d ago

you are using someone else's comment to attack me because you have no response to my comment's. and also ignore Druckmann exploiting Laura Bailey. you are taking your defense for your idol to far.

Druckmann should have told the critics to argue with him only and leave the staff alone instead of using the indecent to vindicate himself.

and Trump also gets death threats, should that stop people from criticizing him? should it be allowed to stop arguments against him? should it be used against his critics?

Redemption-64207d ago

What a depressing person you are. You are literally using this incident to attach Neil. This man has literally mind fucked you so much, you can't get his foot out of your mouth. Also please learn some basic reading comprehension

dan323207d ago

Yeah, we all know those dumb trolls won't do anything, but it's still disgusting. Hope they get IP tracked and karma comes back on them.

outsider1624207d ago

"this is disgusting. whats also disgusting is Druckmann exploiting this for himself. Using Laura Bailey as a shield against criticism.
thought he was just a bad writer now he is exposed as a manipulative self-worshiper"

Oh gtfo man.. seriously. You're like them anyway.

You can hate the story, you can hate the characters but come on hate on the writers, the actors? For fucking just doing their job?

Pathetic!!! No seriously... you are part of the problem.

If Neil's story was bad, so it gives right for him to get death threats and all that? Ffs. Just dont play the game then and move on.

CrazedFiend207d ago


You people need to stop...

cooperdnizzle207d ago

@game-ur. You need to get a life man. Worst comments I’ve read in sometime. You are attacking people right now for no reason whatsoever.

You bring tump into, dude these are video games not politics, and if you don’t agree you can speak your mind in a more comprehensive and polite manner, or just not say anything. Bash the game all you want you have every right too, but to bring people into and have an agenda over a video game? I’m all for speaking up for what you believe, but have some tact man.

Marquinho207d ago

This is plain sad. Can't believe people can take a game so seriously to threaten someone else's life. She was just doing her job... You can bombard the game at Metacritic all you want, but never trespass that line.

Hope these guys are prosecuted... this is illegal.

207d ago
bouzebbal207d ago

They destroyed the game in a split second, forced some dumb soulless characters down our throats, story never unfolds and characters who died are never talked about after that moment. There is a huge lack in writing.

Doesn't justify that those idiots threatening an actress. Those people should be caught and brought to justice.

Game-ur207d ago (Edited 207d ago )

from the comment's here many are following Druckmann's lead and using this disgusting event to attack critics of the game. as predicted.

people with blue checkmarks are now using this to attack Angry Joe because of his negative review.

JesusBuiltmyHotrod207d ago (Edited 207d ago )

@game-ur is a piece of human are a part of the problem.

@bouzebbal, another moron, you are flat wrong and an imbecile.

RgR207d ago

Perhaps you are the problem. Criticism is central to the creative process. Being critiqued and learning to take the feedback is essential to any good creative director. Sure there is bad just toss it aside and ignore it or respond to that feedback appropriately.

You certainly don't use the actions of a few to justify ignoring all the rest.

rainslacker207d ago (Edited 207d ago )

What's also disgusting is game-ur exploiting this to find yet another reason to be hostile and hateful over the game, or druckmann.

At what point do the mods say enough is enough when someone makes it apparent they have more of an agenda than the thing they're claiming has an agenda?

pinkcrocodile75207d ago

The game was pretty ok, nowhere near as good as the first. The story was piss poor, not the girls fault.

I would have expected her to report it to the police straight away and not broadcast it across the internet. What the F does she expect random strangers to do about it.

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littletad207d ago

They threatened her daughter too.

Dee_91207d ago

its damn game!! wth is wrong with people? like seriously this place is turning into Idiocracy more by the day.

xer0206d ago

Some people are just crazy. This game doesn't deserve the level of hate it's getting.
I loved playing Abby as well as Ellie. 10/10 and best game of the year for me.

sampsonon207d ago

All the people that threw hate at this amazing game because their boyfriend the murderer got his head bashed in, best part of the game, should understand they are apart of the problem. You don't like something? say it and move on with life. Because it only adds fuel to the fire which produces stupidity in weak minded folkers.

One doesn't have to be the one that fires the gun to be guilty of murder.
We all need to stop this entitled bullsht over a stupid video game before someone really gets hurt.

Druckmann tried to think outside of the box and give us a game that tested our pre conceived understanding as to what a video game story should be....

Now devs will go back to the same ol sht paint by numbers storytelling only a comic book fan would like.

Good vs Evil

dietis_h207d ago

they're free to dislike the game but threatening human lives is beyond pathetic.

sampsonon207d ago (Edited 207d ago )

Yes people are allowed to dislike the game all they want. But i think you missed my point. The people that go on and on and on about it like it's real life are contributing to others thinking they can threaten people.
It builds into a frenzy to the point that if we all took a deep breath and walked away from the game instead of making it a daily hate session, others might not get so worked up.

Mob mentality is the problem. One person throws a rock through a window and it gives people the idea that burning the whole building is ok.

Anyway i am sure you get what i am saying.
Let's all stop adding fuel to the fire.
People's real lives are at stake.

Dom_Estos207d ago

Yeah, so outside the box, schlock like The Walking Dead beat him to the punch about 10 years ago. There was absolutely nothing profound, original, or interesting about what he was trying to do with the story. All it served to do was confuse, disjoint and bloat to the point where it just came across as self-indulgent tripe. The gameplay was good. Story? Yeah, the first game did that better.

Nicknasty207d ago

Yea, bashing a males head in is so satisfying isn’t it. People like you are the reason why the world is so completely [email protected] up right now. You’re overly medicated obviously. Have your doctor reduce your intake, weirdo.

imtiyaz6207d ago

Exactly this. What would have happened if Tlou 2 turned out to be just another generic revenge story. Like that hasn’t been done a million times before. Tlou 2 was trying to do something different it got panned mostly by people who prolly only watched other people play it on YouTube or breezed through it on easy mode. I have had so many arguments with people who claimed to have played the game but turns out they were lying which became apparent as soon as the discussion of the game got deeper. Watch out for these people.

sampsonon207d ago

@Dom_Estos: "Yeah, so outside the box, schlock like The Walking Dead beat him to the punch about 10 years ago. There was absolutely nothing profound, original, or interesting about what he was trying to do with the story."

Yet here you are crying like a little B.
The difference between the walking dead series and the last of us? The maturity of the audience. Yes people were upset about characters in the walking dead, and things like the red wedding in GoT.
But for some reason our community are like little spoiled brats that need everything to be paint by F ing numbers. If not they cry and sht their pants whining about it.

Grow the F up!

rainslacker207d ago

Say it and discuss it if need be. But at least try to have a discussion about it. It's not like it cant be discussed reasonably without all the vitriol thrown in. One of the best things about the first game was that it had plenty of things that could be analyzed, and lots of great discussions came from it.

This assertion if opinions without any kind of real analysis behind it it pointless.

VariantAEC204d ago

You can't stop the mob mentality easily. Calling it out isn't going to stop it we've tried that and it just doesn't work. Mob mentality is the living things default state. I mean that all organisms on this planet adhere to the herd/mob to a very obvious extent. Today schools teach it and even Neil Druckman himself is a part of it by injecting his own personal politics into the story. His worldview shaped the themes of The Last of Us Part II and they made no sense and were half-baked in their totality. These kinds of people are the very same ones saying it's not ok to do this and still... We have them dishing out the death threats because it went too far didn't go far enough or whatever... This is all just so stupid.

There's no justifying the calls to real life violence against anyone over making a video game. Especially one that isn't glamorizing violence (just because violence is a huge part of the experience doesn't mean it was glamorized) in a game that doesn't even cover real life events. Again... Just pathetic, but I'm not shocked anymore.

Off topic:
Also I disliked The Last of Us Part II's story immensely and have the full context as I have seen the entire game. I only played Crash Bandicoot and Jak and Daxter for a rewarding gameplay experience out of Naughty Dog. I didn't dip back into Uncharted for the gameplay, but for the story and even after the PS4 remaster I found that I only played through Uncharted 1 again to completion.

I can play through games like Red Faction, Ratchet and Clank, Crysis MotorStorm and many many many more games for gameplay... But Naughty Dog's last two generations worth of games aren't really worth replaying over and over again. I actually loved Uncharted 1-4 and The Last of Us (PS3 - I also played through it again on PS4).

I just can't justify that $60 for such a sloppy story and just barely serviceable gameplay. My support ended because the leaks were mostly accurate. I didn't preorder Part II because I honestly did expect it to be an SJW sh••show which did turn out to be unfounded, but the poor storytelling is what sealed the deal.
Still looking forward to probably the last PS4 blockbuster Ghost of Tsushima though. I don't think GoT will do as well as TLoUP2 regardless of how good or bad it winds up being because excitement surrounding Sucker Punch just isn't as massive and that is a shame. Infamous was amazing and maybe we'll still see another Infamous game someday.

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dietis_h207d ago

this is absolutely disgusting. dislike the game, fine but this is crossing the freaking line.

timotim207d ago

Couldn't agree more...this is out of hand. Lets elevate ourselves people.

rainslacker207d ago

Yeah. It's not her fault the way the character was written, and for all intents and purposes, she did a fantastic job portraying the character.

Even if she did a horrible job, there is still no reason to harass any actor over their roles.

Zega207d ago

Seriously evil people out there

gamer7804206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

Right she did a fine job as her role, people shouldn’t be threatening her because Druckmann wrote a horrible story.

DangerousDAN206d ago

I'm just glad I'm seeing comments agreeing that this is wildly stupid and should never happen to an actor. Though, there are also people "disagreeing" with those comments, which again makes me effing sad. Gamers can be the absolute worst.

nibblo206d ago

Even if the actors wrote the whole story and the story was a lot worse it's still not justification to make threats. Pretty much nothing is worthy of such despicable behaviour. The problem is people take video games way too seriously, if you don't like the game don't buy it, that's the best way to get your displeasure through to the publishers and the writers of games.

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ziggurcat207d ago

What a disgraceful display of absolute depravity on the part of those people. Disgusting.

itsmebryan207d ago

wow, who gave you a down vote?

TKCMuzzer207d ago

I think we can guess, probably people who are the subject of the article.

206d ago
TKCMuzzer207d ago (Edited 207d ago )

Yep, single handily proves why we can not take comments from people who give zeros to games and downvote on websites etc. Then for them to go one further and threaten someone for a voice over proves they are not mature enough to be playing these games or to discuss them on any level. These are not gamers, they are disgraceful human beings hiding behind online name tags....

Nicknasty207d ago

Yea, I bet you wouldn’t be saying the same thing if it was Trump lol. Guy and his family get death threats on a daily basis and you people embrace it. Hypocrisy at its finest!

Silly Mammo207d ago

Way to shoehorn in your political agenda.

207d ago
imtiyaz6207d ago

Yes compare a video game voice actor doing her job to a sitting president who literally has power over people’s lives. And to be fair, even if you do threaten the president, you’re actually marked as a threat by the government.

RazzerRedux206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

edit: nope. want no part of this bullshit

rainslacker206d ago

Threatening other people's lives is never cool. Which is why I take issue with it when people do during many of Trumps numerous speeches where he freely implies that violence against dissenting opinion is a viable alternative to reasonable public discourse which discusses topics people are concerned about in a meaningful way.

That said, I still wouldn't wish any death on Trump or his family.

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TheKingKratos207d ago (Edited 207d ago )

I lost faith in humans

ABizzel1207d ago

I had a long time ago. These people represent the characters in the game they love to hate, just vile scum.

Bathyj207d ago

Not all humans. But all this controversy around this game is really making me realise gamers are the worst. I don't think any other fanbase is so toxic.

ABizzel1207d ago

Sports fans, political "fans" and several others can be just as bad. People, in general, are just becoming more and more awful. People have fewer morals, there's a huge lack of empathy on a global scale, they devalue human life, and those of us who have these things can't even express ourselves as we would like to, without being targeted as someone to take advantage of or potentially becoming a victim ourselves.

Bathyj207d ago

Lack of empathy. The irony, considering what this game is really about.

Hakuoro207d ago


Yes, the sad truth is doing whats right has become a sign of weakness and something for people to take advantage of.

ABizzel1207d ago


It's sad, I saw a car wrecked into a trench on the highway late one night on my way home from work 5 years ago. There were two girls on the side of the road flagging cars down and no one was stopping for them. Immediately my mind went to go help them, so I stopped tried to help, could tell they were kind of drinking and a guy they were with was in the driving seat trying to drive out of it, but they were completely stuck and needed a tow truck.

I called the tow truck for them, and eventually, the police arrived they thanked me for being the only one to stop and try to help them, and IMO I was just doing the right thing.

I told several people what happened, and all of them were more concerned with they could have been faking or killers and killed you than they were about these people possibly being seriously injured and I realized that's probably what all the other cars were thinking driving by.

Just seeing the world now, and it's to the point where I don't even want to stop to help anyone anymore, because of how crazy people are. I can't be empathic outside of the group of people I love, because the world has become so evil.

Btf_1991207d ago

I'm starting to think that decent human beings are minority

Tross207d ago

Someone hasn't tried spending time around anime fans. I agree that gamers can be really toxic though. Every fanbase has its cancerous folk. For real though, there are things I like where I've made a conscious decision never to join the fandom, because I'm better off enjoying them in isolation than jumping into those cesspools. It's a pity though, as I'm the type who would otherwise be predisposed to discussing my interests with like-minded people. Quite often however, I find that they're not like-minded people. Sure, maybe we both like one particular thing, but are otherwise nothing alike.

@Btf_1991 Judging by the up and downvotes here, there are clearly more decent human beings around than not. Or maybe all the trolls are back under their bridge.

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Hakuoro207d ago

I don't know what the future will bring but I am certain humanity is on the wrong path right now.

kingtroy206d ago

Even the Gods abandon us. Hope is lost

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Zodiac207d ago

Expected of the gaming community, unfortunately.

InMyOpinion207d ago

It's a shame that the one's that get the most attention are the unintelligent incels that do stuff like this.

Baza207d ago (Edited 207d ago )

Pathetic, coward fanboys who are butthurt cause TLOU2 didn’t turn out the way they wanted.

JesusBuiltmyHotrod207d ago

YEah the game community is toxic and immature, it's pathetic.

rainslacker207d ago

Sadly, these small group does tend to get more focus than they should. It's not unlike many other things in life though. The internet has made it worse, as things tend to get more attention than they would have otherwise.

Zodiac205d ago

It’s difficult to change that, honestly. Most of us play a game, like it or don’t, talk about it here and there and that’s it. There’s a lot of private appreciation for games that people will never see.

rainslacker205d ago

Sure. There are games I don't care for, and I may say why. I may even do so for a 2-3 days, and may bring it back up if it's on topic sometime in the future. But generally, I don't spend weeks trying to bring a game down. Plus, I tend to be able to give specific reasons why I didn't like it citing examples from the game, and try to leave out the hyperbole, and never make personal attacks against the developers.

rockwhynot206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

Yeah last time I checked our reputation basically equates to that of a 14 - year - old stinky unathletic potty mouth boy who plays the violent game call of duty online with random strangers. We should probably work on those 6 things: Violent, predominantly male (no longer true right?) , stinky, unathletic, links up with 100% totally random strangers, and a potty mouth. South Park totally nailed it lol!

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gigzamillion207d ago

Means a lot of them.