The Last of Us Part II actress bombarded with death threats following role backlash

Voice over actress Laura Bailey has been targeted by vile online trolls following a backlash to her character, Abby, in the computer game The Last Of Us Part II

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GoodGuy091242d ago

Not a fan of abby myself but going after the person that voiced the character you hate is really over the line and unreasonable. She was just doing her job and did it well. I very much doubt the actors had any involvement with the writing or anything like that. Sad to see this as Im a fan of Laura's work with her other video game and anime roles.

BigBosss1242d ago

I wasn't a huge fan of the story, but I would never in a million years threaten someone thats just stupidity.

Game-ur1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

this is disgusting. whats also disgusting is Druckmann exploiting this for himself. Using Laura Bailey as a shield against criticism.
thought he was just a bad writer now he is exposed as a manipulative self-worshiper.

as for the comments, they are horrible and inexcusable. but anyone who plays online gets them regularly. it's the internet.

sampsonon1241d ago


You Sir, are part of the problem.
Jesus Christ when are people going to give the f up?
Make your own game and then have people tell you you are wrong.

TheKingKratos1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

Agree with you whatever we like a game or not ... no game will ever be liked by everyone ,why can't the trolls and the pathetic idiots accept that and move along with their lives ... if they have any ??

It sad that they call themself "Gamers" but all they do is telling everyone their opinions are *da facts* and everyone is wrong and just jump every where trolling games they hate and will never play and they don't even play games just troll everyone .. i will never understand this ... if i don't like a game i will just move on and be done with it

Maybe because the game lived up to hype to most gamers/critics and got amazing reviews and soled soo good and all the movement they tried to do failed sooo bad ... and the game is going to win many GOTY awards and will be on many gamers list about GOTG

so since they have nothing left .. they start attacking the VA i guess ?

Get a F life, losers and move on

Redemption-641241d ago

You are just a sad person, move on. You are literally using this situation to attack Neil. I mean seriously? If am not mistaken I recall you or someone else from yesterday, attacking another comment, implying they there lying, when they said the voice actress was being threatened and now that it's proven true, you are using it to attack Neil. If Neil spoke about the threats, and called them, horrible, bad, evil, stupid, disgusting, or inexcusable, that is not Neil exploiting anyone. That is him talking about a fact that has taken place to a voice actress, one you didn't want to accept as true.

Game-ur1241d ago

you are using someone else's comment to attack me because you have no response to my comment's. and also ignore Druckmann exploiting Laura Bailey. you are taking your defense for your idol to far.

Druckmann should have told the critics to argue with him only and leave the staff alone instead of using the indecent to vindicate himself.

and Trump also gets death threats, should that stop people from criticizing him? should it be allowed to stop arguments against him? should it be used against his critics?

Redemption-641241d ago

What a depressing person you are. You are literally using this incident to attach Neil. This man has literally mind fucked you so much, you can't get his foot out of your mouth. Also please learn some basic reading comprehension

dan3231241d ago

Yeah, we all know those dumb trolls won't do anything, but it's still disgusting. Hope they get IP tracked and karma comes back on them.

outsider16241241d ago

"this is disgusting. whats also disgusting is Druckmann exploiting this for himself. Using Laura Bailey as a shield against criticism.
thought he was just a bad writer now he is exposed as a manipulative self-worshiper"

Oh gtfo man.. seriously. You're like them anyway.

You can hate the story, you can hate the characters but come on hate on the writers, the actors? For fucking just doing their job?

Pathetic!!! No seriously... you are part of the problem.

If Neil's story was bad, so it gives right for him to get death threats and all that? Ffs. Just dont play the game then and move on.

CrazedFiend1241d ago


You people need to stop...

cooperdnizzle1241d ago

@game-ur. You need to get a life man. Worst comments I’ve read in sometime. You are attacking people right now for no reason whatsoever.

You bring tump into, dude these are video games not politics, and if you don’t agree you can speak your mind in a more comprehensive and polite manner, or just not say anything. Bash the game all you want you have every right too, but to bring people into and have an agenda over a video game? I’m all for speaking up for what you believe, but have some tact man.

Marquinho1241d ago

This is plain sad. Can't believe people can take a game so seriously to threaten someone else's life. She was just doing her job... You can bombard the game at Metacritic all you want, but never trespass that line.

Hope these guys are prosecuted... this is illegal.

1241d ago
bouzebbal1241d ago

They destroyed the game in a split second, forced some dumb soulless characters down our throats, story never unfolds and characters who died are never talked about after that moment. There is a huge lack in writing.

Doesn't justify that those idiots threatening an actress. Those people should be caught and brought to justice.

Game-ur1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

from the comment's here many are following Druckmann's lead and using this disgusting event to attack critics of the game. as predicted.

people with blue checkmarks are now using this to attack Angry Joe because of his negative review.

JesusBuiltmyHotrod1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

@game-ur is a piece of human garbage....you are a part of the problem.

@bouzebbal, another moron, you are flat wrong and an imbecile.

RgR1241d ago

Perhaps you are the problem. Criticism is central to the creative process. Being critiqued and learning to take the feedback is essential to any good creative director. Sure there is bad feedback...you just toss it aside and ignore it or respond to that feedback appropriately.

You certainly don't use the actions of a few to justify ignoring all the rest.

rainslacker1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

What's also disgusting is game-ur exploiting this to find yet another reason to be hostile and hateful over the game, or druckmann.

At what point do the mods say enough is enough when someone makes it apparent they have more of an agenda than the thing they're claiming has an agenda?

pinkcrocodile751241d ago

The game was pretty ok, nowhere near as good as the first. The story was piss poor, not the girls fault.

I would have expected her to report it to the police straight away and not broadcast it across the internet. What the F does she expect random strangers to do about it.

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littletad1242d ago

They threatened her daughter too.

Dee_911241d ago

its damn game!! wth is wrong with people? like seriously this place is turning into Idiocracy more by the day.

xer01240d ago

Some people are just crazy. This game doesn't deserve the level of hate it's getting.
I loved playing Abby as well as Ellie. 10/10 and best game of the year for me.

sampsonon1241d ago

All the people that threw hate at this amazing game because their boyfriend the murderer got his head bashed in, best part of the game, should understand they are apart of the problem. You don't like something? say it and move on with life. Because it only adds fuel to the fire which produces stupidity in weak minded folkers.

One doesn't have to be the one that fires the gun to be guilty of murder.
We all need to stop this entitled bullsht over a stupid video game before someone really gets hurt.

Druckmann tried to think outside of the box and give us a game that tested our pre conceived understanding as to what a video game story should be....

Now devs will go back to the same ol sht paint by numbers storytelling only a comic book fan would like.

Good vs Evil

dietis_h1241d ago

they're free to dislike the game but threatening human lives is beyond pathetic.

sampsonon1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

Yes people are allowed to dislike the game all they want. But i think you missed my point. The people that go on and on and on about it like it's real life are contributing to others thinking they can threaten people.
It builds into a frenzy to the point that if we all took a deep breath and walked away from the game instead of making it a daily hate session, others might not get so worked up.

Mob mentality is the problem. One person throws a rock through a window and it gives people the idea that burning the whole building is ok.

Anyway i am sure you get what i am saying.
Let's all stop adding fuel to the fire.
People's real lives are at stake.

Dom_Estos1241d ago

Yeah, so outside the box, schlock like The Walking Dead beat him to the punch about 10 years ago. There was absolutely nothing profound, original, or interesting about what he was trying to do with the story. All it served to do was confuse, disjoint and bloat to the point where it just came across as self-indulgent tripe. The gameplay was good. Story? Yeah, the first game did that better.

Nicknasty1241d ago

Yea, bashing a males head in is so satisfying isn’t it. People like you are the reason why the world is so completely F@cked up right now. You’re overly medicated obviously. Have your doctor reduce your intake, weirdo.

imtiyaz61241d ago

Exactly this. What would have happened if Tlou 2 turned out to be just another generic revenge story. Like that hasn’t been done a million times before. Tlou 2 was trying to do something different it got panned mostly by people who prolly only watched other people play it on YouTube or breezed through it on easy mode. I have had so many arguments with people who claimed to have played the game but turns out they were lying which became apparent as soon as the discussion of the game got deeper. Watch out for these people.

sampsonon1241d ago

@Dom_Estos: "Yeah, so outside the box, schlock like The Walking Dead beat him to the punch about 10 years ago. There was absolutely nothing profound, original, or interesting about what he was trying to do with the story."

Yet here you are crying like a little B.
The difference between the walking dead series and the last of us? The maturity of the audience. Yes people were upset about characters in the walking dead, and things like the red wedding in GoT.
But for some reason our community are like little spoiled brats that need everything to be paint by F ing numbers. If not they cry and sht their pants whining about it.

Grow the F up!

rainslacker1241d ago

Say it and discuss it if need be. But at least try to have a discussion about it. It's not like it cant be discussed reasonably without all the vitriol thrown in. One of the best things about the first game was that it had plenty of things that could be analyzed, and lots of great discussions came from it.

This assertion if opinions without any kind of real analysis behind it it pointless.