The Last of Us 2 goes beyond accessibility and difficulty levels

Naughty Dog is trying something new with in-game options

Game-ur1186d ago

that is one great thing in the game. technically it is a marvel (other than AI). if ND just replaces the horrible narrative team dragging the studio down they could make a comeback.

sushimama1186d ago

I think you need to get off the internet for a while. Might do you and your bitterness some good. For the record, I enjoyed the game's narrative and so did countless other reviewers.

Game-ur1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

maybe learn to cope with people that don't agree with you.

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TheKingKratos1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

Awww look
a new alt account to trash the game...so cute

Fanboys are so insecure

Yodasfavoritesoda1185d ago

Lol @ the last Jedi fans! Hate that movie

sampsonon1185d ago

A large majority love the game. And others are letting the death of their boyfriend get in the way of their judgement. Basically whining constantly. It will be Game Of The Year. Nothing will come close because if it has this much discussion and emotion, what else can top it? It won't be Cyberpunk that's for sure.

sampsonon1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

@Thetrashspotter: I am looking at the up to down vote ratio on your comment and it looks like you're soo wrong. 2 - 14 at this point. Now go suck an egg and wait for the next game you can troll. Oh! it would help if you actually played the game..... just saying lol

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TheEnigma3131186d ago

You’re the first to comment on every article concerning this game. We get it you don’t like it now piss off.

porkChop1185d ago

They don't have to piss off because they have the same right to comment that you do.

Lord_Sloth1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

@porkChop While they of course do have that right, I feel like they may enjoy their time better focusing on things they enjoy instead of wallowing in their hatred.

zeuanimals1185d ago

@porkChop: And people have the right to tell him he's annoying and to piss off. He doesn't have to piss off when people tell him, and as we keep seeing, he doesn't. So let the guy continue being a dumbass and let people keep telling him he is one.

rainslacker1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )


One major great thing, that goes well beyond this game, and all you can do is give it a nod before you launch into your tirade about how the game sucks? 7 words about probably the best thing to happen with modern gaming, making them more accessible to more people, is all you have to offer after tens of thousands of words of completely meaningless bile you spew on every article about this game?

Hell, I have criticized MS all gen, but I have gone on at length about how great their controller for adaptive controller is.

You are just one sad individual. Hopefully the mods can deal with you at some point, because you are obviously nothing more than a troll.

Maybe you should try to be this guy from this comment.


Do a search on your name if it doesn't jump to the comment.

Game-ur1185d ago

criticizing =/= trolling

my intent is to help ND realize their mistakes and improve.

rainslacker1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

No, trolling is taking any topic related to the game, and using it to express your distaste for the game in the most shallow way with the intent to antagonize or incite others. There is absolutely no reason to add in the negative commentary you did in your post. None of that was relevant to the topic at hand.

You're criticisms are weak and shallow, and you dont even try to make it seem like you have any kind of first hand experience with the game, and you certainly have no interest in actual discussion. Not once have you bothered to answer questions to explain your criticisms deeply, and instead just playing the victim with everyone that says they dont agree

Game-ur1185d ago


your definition of trolling matches your comments towards me. just read your own words.

I always respond to comments in notification as long as I have bubbles.

rainslacker1184d ago

Yeah, but you never actually state anything worthwhile, nor do you answer questions when asked for clarification. Another attribute of trolling. I'll expand on what I say if need be, and clarify points, and it's not trolling to directly reply to the person who made a comment with something counter to what they said when that reply is on topic to said comment.

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TheKingKratos1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

Get a F life

You starting to creep the hell out of me

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sampsonon1185d ago

This loser again? lol God, for someone that doesn't like the game you sure need to talk about it a lot.

DrDeath1185d ago

Ai is actually better than any game ive played in awhile?

Hard was a challenge sometimes my first playthrough.

Yet again Maybe play the game

SyntheticForm1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

Except that the story narrative that you've opposed since before June 19 (release) has nothing to do with this topic.

I'm not one of those guys who likes to police discussions and tell people they're off topic; that sort of thing I actually find to be obnoxious in most cases. Overly rigid topic adherence is mostly unreasonable and it constrains discussion.

But, how is what you're doing at this point anything other than trolling?

If I find myself to be arguing too aggressively, I'll back off for awhile. It doesn't mean I'm conceding anything; it just means that I realize that I'm not going to change the world, and that I've argued a certain point to exhaustion. People know how I feel, and I don't need to come in here every single time to counter my opponents, so I chill. So, when is it going to reach that point for you?

You need to just chill at this point. Relax. Let an article go without posting the same old opinion we're all familiar with. It's insane, really. That's how it feels now. I look at your posts and I'm like 'This guy is just insane.'

Cikatriz_ESP1185d ago

This seems like a level-headed and valid criticism. Don’t let the detritus that responded bring you down.

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RgR1185d ago

I am finding the game to be ridiculously easy. Clickers are a joke compared to the first game and so far the human enemies don't care much better then in the first either. Maybe even worse since there's high grass options and the new prone mechanic.

I'm on my first playthrough in survival. I always play my games on the hardest difficulty on my first try.

I don't like the difficulty options and how accessibility can affect the difficulty.

No problem with those features that help other people play the game but I thought that with the choice of difficulty should come specific unchangeable parameters.

Heck even the trophy list is more accessible. This is one of the easiest platinums ever.

Sunny123451185d ago

Accessibility come with options. So it's the players choice what they want and how they want to do it. You want the game to be difficult go for a knife only run. I agree with the platinum being easy, but to increase replayability they will add grounded/+ mode with the mp launch on ps5 probably. Like they did for the first one.

RgR1184d ago

I prefer when games actually cater to difficulty settings instead of sliders. I don't like having to forcefully play a certain way in order to get a sense of difficulty.

PhantomTommy1185d ago

I love all the accessibility options, love being able to disable the motion blur, adjust the field of view, pull the camera back from the character, even create a custom difficulty -- they did and amazing job. BUT, I do feel that this game is significantly easier than the first and I played through on survivor. I do wonder if the push for accessibility had anything to do with that. The combat is so visceral and intense but it's undermined by enemies who are too quick to forget all about you. I played some encounters on hard from the menu and you can run around the arenas like a maniac without a scratch. This game's survivor feels like hard from the first game and hard feels like normal. I'm sure the inevitable "Grounded" mode will be closer to what I was looking for.

DrDeath1185d ago

New game + i believe is harder than regular difficulties my man

RgR1185d ago

Well I would love to play grounded mode on my first playthrough. The game warned me not to play survival on my first playthrough. So far it is an unnecessary warning.

rainslacker1185d ago

I havent tried survival mode, but hard was not really hard at all. Just fewer supplies and if you got grabbed, you lost more health.

None of the levels were particularly hard. Some had some challenge to them, but it isnt like in the first game where even on normal, some parts took quite a few tries, or dumb luck. The school and that town where you meet that guy and his brother come to mind.