Returnal to Take Advantage of PS5 Hardware and Peripherals for Relentless and Immersive Gameplay

Returnal will be a game that will showcase the power of the PlayStation 5 hardware and give the players a whole new fast gameplay experience.

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Game-ur31d ago

constantly dreamed of Housemarque doing a full 3D bullet hell game. from the glimpses in the trailer they seem to have nailed it.

RazzerRedux31d ago

No shit. This game is high on my list.

bouzebbal31d ago

A 3D Matterfall. I really liked that game

Game-ur30d ago

I'm still waiting for the 3D game that properly translates games like Contra and Megaman, Vanquish was the closest. Housemarque could go all the way.

medman31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I'll be playing it, no doubt. Looks awesome. Like the concept of the game too.

Hakuoro31d ago

This is definitely one of the most interesting next gen reveals.

morganfell31d ago

I heard the rumors they were going to do something...different, but this really knocked me back on my heels. Really looking forward to this.

RaidenBlack31d ago

Same day.
Different bullets.

31d ago
Blastoise31d ago

Nex Machina is currently on sale on the UK store, for anyone wanting a reason to be excited for this

Luc2031d ago

Thanks for that! Love their games and just bought nex machina and matterfall. Had no idea those were by housemarque.

SamPao30d ago

was waiting for it to be on sale for a long time :) looks so cool

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The story is too old to be commented.