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Horizon Zero Dawn gets a PC System Requirements

Is your PC ready for Horizon Zero Dawn?

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Community111d ago
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timotim111d ago

Ill give it a go on my Surface...thanks Sony.

Fishy Fingers111d ago

I have a Surface book 2 from work. All I can say is good luck..

timotim111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

None Surface is a Studio 2 with 32GBs of DDR4 and a 1070. At the very least ill be able to exceed what the PS4 Pro is playing the game at. 😉

FYI...I use to have a Surface Book 2 myself...I returned it because it was too overwhelming and now just rely on a Surface Go for the times when I'm outside the home.

Who told you I didnt??? I play damn near all of my modern Xbox games on both my Surface Studio AND 1X. I switch devices depending on whats happening at the time. Sometimes my daughter is on the X, so then I switch it to the Studio if I'm looking to game...other times I prefer the X and the more comfortable area its in. Think of it as you having multiple PS4 in your might game on either one depending on the situation. All my progress and achievements simply bounce back and forth between them so its like playing on multiple Xboxes. Then theirs the fact that other games on PC aren't even released for X yet like Shenmue 3 which I was still able to play on launch and vice versa...lots of BC Xbox 360 games that I haven't even started yet couldn't be played on my Surface. I look at it as the best or both worlds even though its apart of the same ecosystem.

And before you ask...yes, Ill continue to do so even when SX releases. SX will run circles around the capability of my Studio 2 in terms of raw power, but ill still utilize it when the console is in use by 😉

You guys really are rushing to defend things when all I'm doing is supporting Sony's own efforts...isn't that why they're releasing it on PC, to bring more people into their games??? Anyway...hopefully I answered your question.

RaidenBlack110d ago

Just curious, companies give out detachable convertible for work? That's a bit odd. What's the purpose of a Surface Book 2, field-related?

Marquinho110d ago

Finally playing it at true [email protected] I Left it on PS4 Pro in the first 30 mins but I will give it a second go.

Already bought it on Steam for USD20... not sure why as I see it's USD50 in other regions.

Marquinho110d ago (Edited 110d ago )


Your case is very similar to mine, only that I have a Gaming PC and do the same. Switch gaming on it and the One X, and carry my progress from one to the others. That's a fantastic feature Microsoft offers.

Also, With GamePass ultimate, I'm able to have Gears 5 on both devices and play coop with my son, me being on PC and him on console.

The ecosystem MS has created is just perfect for a family guy and it will get even better with Series X.

indysurfn110d ago (Edited 110d ago )

You forgot to mention the configuration you have is over $3,200 dollars compared to a console $$300 to $400 ps4 or ps4 pro.

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Ricegum111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

I find it funny that one minute you say you plan on gaming on a Surface, and then the next you keep touting the incredible power of the Series X.

Kind of strange.

CaptainHenry916111d ago

I noticed that months ago. I never questioned him because he's hilarious especially when he lies 😄😂

Saijahn110d ago

What’s wrong with that? Being in the Microsoft ecosystem we can game anywhere we please. Such a crazy idea huh

itsmebryan110d ago

Not strange at all. He explains why. I do the same thing, I'm going to build a new gaming PC when I see the final MAX specs are for MS Flight sim because I prefer to play that with a Flight sticks and not a controller. But, I'm still getting the Series X. I like playing games on my couch. My PC can't compete the sound of my Yamaha 7,2 surround sound receiver and my 82" 1080p HDTV. But, once I get my XSX I'll upgrade to a 82"-86" 4k TV that best matches the specs of my XSX. Or I may get the VAVA 4K Ultra short throw projector if the fix the lag issues some are reporting. 100" screen would be amazing,

rainslacker111d ago

If it's equivalent to a PS4 or PS4P, then why not just play all of MS games on it as well? Or does it magically fall into that area between the PS4P and the X1X and cost you about 4X the price of either console?

Psychotica110d ago

Maybe 4X the price but 10X the functionality to do things other than gaming..

rainslacker109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

You can get the same functionality for less than what the new consoles will cost if you don't care about games. Realistically speaking, a 10 year old PC, or 11-12 like my desktop, isn't going to gain much by spending 4X the price of the new consoles for a new one. Kind of depends on what you have going into it though, and what you want to do with it. For the most part, people generally don't need all the snazzy extras that newer PC's offer for general purpose work, although it never hurts. Spending a bit extra on just an SSD on a cheap ass computer will show more performance gain than spending 4X as much. Granted, my PC was pretty high end when I brought it, and I do have a raided SSD array and a lot of memory, but I do some things that require that kind of extra stuff.

Wasn't really the point I was trying to make. But surface computers aren't exactly cheap for what you get compared to a PC which you can build yourself, and that's what the OP said they were using. He may only have spent 2-3X as much though.

111d ago
Minute Man 721111d ago

@ Tim

Wait you got disagrees for what the Sony Only crowd preaches????? Crazy 🌎

Atticus_finch111d ago

Good thing he has you to defend him.
Good job!

timotim111d ago

You know how it goes here man. I shuts them down at every turn...but they do what they can and disagree i guess...even though its the same guys with all mouth about playing Xbox games on "PC" even when most of them know damn well they dont have a PC that can play it haha. Its validation. I say ill give it a go on my Surface, and instantly get all these guys scrambling to find anything they can to catch me...they all failed. My PC plays this game better than a Pro would...why they mad at me...I didnt make the game available for my platform...

Oh...and to those who claimed I'm lying about owning these things...ask yourself...who are you to me for me to be lying to you???😏

Minute Man 721110d ago

@ Atticus

Yes, gamers are getting drowned out by the Sony Only crowd on N4G

Minute Man 721110d ago (Edited 110d ago )

@ Tim

It's crazy around here. I have most of Sony's CE for PS3 n PS4. I even managed to pick up The Order Premium CE after everyone cancelled their pre orders due to review scores but I'm and Xbot according to the Sony Force here 😆😂😂

My issue with Sony is on the hardware front, always overhyping, that's it. But we can't do that to Sony because they invented gaming 😉

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Ausbo111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

My surface can’t even run gears tactics. Good luck on this one

Edit: nevermind. I see you are talking about the laptop and not the tablet

timotim111d ago

No...not even the Laptop. Surface Studio 2...think of it as the equivalent to Apple's iMac line...

Tacoboto111d ago

What's the point of your post but to troll that you're playing a Sony game on an MS product?

timotim111d ago

Because it benefits me...thought that was apparent. If Sony releases more games to PC, that means I can play more of their games WITHOUT needing to buy more hardware. I get my Sony games fix on my PC. I want them to do that...why wouldn't I??? Only sounds logical to me. Hence, I said THANK YOU to Sony...bring more!

110d ago
timotim110d ago

Haha...remember this...its not me who is saying blatant fanboy things only defending myself against claims and accusations when all I did was show a Sony game support for being on my platform. When the fallout happens, ill feel for some of you guys...maybe.

Profchaos111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

Well a surface studio 2 is basically a mid spec gaming desktop from 2 years ago just before the rtx series launched so I'm sure you'll have a decent gaming experience so have fun and enjoy the game.

I think People often forget about the studio range and assumed you were talking about playing on a surface pro or laptop which is more common and would not be capable.

But enjoy it that's what gaming is about giving new players new experiences I loved it when it launched and the decmia engine scales nicely to PC with some cool new features

timotim111d ago

About time...some positivity in a thread where I THANKED the company for bringing it to my platform! I appreciate you sir. Yeah, it should play it better than a PS4 Pro could at something higher than the Pro's 30FPS...we'll see how it goes...

Games1st110d ago

That's how it starts, then a lot of people will give the sequel a go on the PS5

timotim110d ago

If Sony releases the first game on PC but not the second game at some point...then they are only using gamers on the PC platform. That wont sit well for PC players and they are more likely to reject Sony completely going forward. Whats most likely to happen however is that Sony will release more and more games on PC thus giving gamers options on where they could play their games. Think of Horizon 2 as a timed exclusive.

110d ago
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beanplant111d ago

Don't know if I'll buy again (I probably will if I'm being honest) but it's good to see my pc is good to go.

sushimama110d ago

I think what you meant to say was 'Naked Aloy". Admit it? LMAO

TheRealTedCruz110d ago (Edited 110d ago )


Will that happen? Yes.
Will a bunch of mechanics, and the visuals themselves, be upgraded? Yes.

nitus10110d ago


Not sure where you can sit on a Thunderjaw much less get up on its back, same for a Behemoth although it may be possible on a stalker especially if its stealth mode allows Aloy to become invisible as well.

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XxINFERNUSxX111d ago

Yawn, as you can see very little PC power is required to run it. Imagine if they developed this from the ground up on PC pushing all those RTX cards, instead everyone was like OMG PS4 look at that lol. The PC just yawns at that :P

Father__Merrin111d ago

u wont get any publisher doing that. all that pc can offer is cling-on gaming

Hungryalpaca111d ago

Spoken like someone who’s never seen the vast library Pc has.

MainstreamGamer111d ago

@Hungryalpaca ah yes the vast library of early access games, and indie games. Name me 1 AAA in the last 5 years that was release only on PC that can't be done on consoles, and don't give me that crap about Star Citizen. A game that doesn't have a release date for about a decade now.

KwietStorm111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

You've only ever played on consoles, right?

King_Noctis111d ago

“ Name me 1 AAA in the last 5 years that was release only on PC that can't be done on consoles”

You can also say that the other way around. Every console games can be ran on PC.

Smclaren1985111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

Hahahaha😂😂 👍

Hungryalpaca110d ago


Oh! So it only counts if it’s a AAA game that can’t be done on consoles? Why are you placing such arbitrary restrictions? Don’t be so daft.

So indies don’t count as games?

Early access games don’t count? So Tarkov, Squad, HLL, Trepang2 all don’t count as games because they don’t have a massive budget?

I say there’s a huge library and you go out of your way to downplay the library by trying to frame it in a way where only AAA games count. That’s so dumb.

Hate to break it to you but the majority of the greatest games have been indie titles. Journey is on PS4 but I guess that doesn’t count. The only games that count, according to you, is multi million dollar bloated titles.

Why are you fanboys so ridiculous?

xTonyMontana110d ago (Edited 110d ago )

@Mainstreamgamer - Half Life Alyx and that was just this year. There have been a fair few AAA PC exclusives in the last five years which have been absolutely mindblowing. You obviously don't care about PC though so they were never on your radar. I'd also wager Baldur's Gate 3 will be up there too. Saying they can't be done on console is stupid though, a game is a game, the next gen consoles will be able to handle the more demanding PC exclusives I expect. Only game I can think of which would have struggled on consoles would be WoW due to all the buttons and nature of the high end content but they've dumbed that down so much now you could probably play it on a smartphone.

TheOptimist110d ago

the funniest part about this comment section is that mainstreamgamer lives up to his username by suggesting "name one AAA game" as if AAA games are a benchmark of innovation and quality lmao

TheRealTedCruz110d ago (Edited 110d ago )

MS, and now Sony, are more and more moving into the PC space.
So when virtually every "exclusive" ends up on the platform, people playing on that "cling-on" system will be asking why you don't have their exclusives, and why their versions of the game don't look quite as good on the consoles. :^)

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oakshin111d ago

Naw man you got it all wrong that's not how it works nothing in game development is that simple

sampsonon111d ago

Won't be able to say that for sony's ps5 games bro :)

rainslacker111d ago

So, PC players yawn at the chance to play a great game?

Cool....I guess.

And here I thought that console gamers were nitpicky and cared more about graphics than game play. I've been hearing for a long time how PC has all this variety, and lots of people that play all this variety, but hey, outdated graphics is a no go and boring...despite H:ZD still having more style than most PC games built for the ground up for PC have ever shown.

Also, there is no "built from the ground up on PC". PC has no base hardware to build up from. Games are built to API's, not hardware. Even the OS is a platform consideration. If devs really wanted to get all the power from PC, they'd do away with the OS, and build it to specific hardware....kind of like the DOS days, which we all remember was great, and so much better than actually having games work without worry or annoyance.

Smclaren1985111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

Exactly developers now focus on consoles first now because that’s where the money is for them it’s that simple. Pc hasn’t been in its glory days since half like 2

VariantAEC107d ago

PCs as a platform were past their prime before Half-Life 2 released.
Online activations heavy DRM and stringent hardware requirements never really seemed to go away. The best time to buy a PC game you like now is a few years after it releases when you'll have hardware that can run it well.

Consoles have a lot of perks focused on gaming that the masses want and PC elitists with high end riga constantly trading out parts in their desktops to run the newest titles at their best possible level in the here and now are in a exceedingly tiny minority. The most popular PC games are games most morons here don't even play like DOTA 2, League of Legends and even much simpler titles that would run well on today's machines if the developers wanted them to.

The problem is as with everywhere else there exists biases. Consoles objectively make more money than PCs as far as single player games go. Mobile objectively offers the largest slice of the pie all together... But as we look at the top selling games across all platforms it's easy to see that PlayStation all on it's own is taking up about 1/6th of the entire gaming market's pie!

Why are the billions of PCs around the world not raking in as much money especially given many of them are absolutely riddled with microtransactions??? Makes you wonder, no?

So anyway we've seen developers make really nice looking games on PS4 particularly games like Uncharted 4, DRIVECLUB, The Order 1886, The Last of Us Part II, Detroit: Become Human, Death Stranding and yes of course Horizon Zero Dawn. All of these games would undeniably run better right now on PCs if they were ported by the developers now. Even when they were newer PlayStation Developers could port a title and get them running exceptionally well on a PC. I mean look at how taking Detroit is on PC even using the latest hardware available and it doesn't even support ray-tracing! 4K60 isn't a possibility! So it's not like cranking up the resolution and framerate is extremely easy. We also have to look at Death Stranding when that comes to PC as well. Will that run maxed out at a bare minimum of a locked 4K60 with low to mid-tier PC hardware available when it launches later in the year 2020?
Maybe, maybe not, but if Detroit is anything to go by it's looking unlikely.

You also cannot forget that to this very day you cannot build a new PC capable of running all console games at 4K60 because Detroit: Become Human exists on PC and will not run hit that metric consistently even while using the most powerful hardware currently available. So there's also that objective fact staring you right in the face.

isarai111d ago

So you're mad because it's well optimized?🤨 wtf?

badz149111d ago


yeah, please do that when you have your own console and your own brand to sell.

Smclaren1985111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

That’s not really true now is it! Sony first party studios are literally way beyond most games seen on pc tech wise and it happens often so your comment here really doesn’t hold up, when horizon zero dawn first came out on PS4 pro there was nothing on any platform that even came close to it and the same will be said fir horizon 2. God of war is another one not to mention the last of us 2 too

starchild110d ago

Nah, that isn't true. Really great looking games, but they don't beat everything on PC.

Hungryalpaca110d ago

Well obviously. The Pc has hundreds of thousands of titles dating back to the 80s. Obviously recent titles will look better than 99% of the games on a platform with nearly 40 years of games available.

Red dead 2 on Pc loos better than the games you mention. I’ve played them all. TLOU2 is the best looking ps4 game with cutscenes having the best graphics seen but the gameplay doesn’t look as good as Red Dead 2 does on Pc.

Profchaos110d ago

I honestly can't remember the last big budget designed exclusively for PC titles that melted my rig.
Seriously I was a PC gamer when far cry, doom 3 and crysis came out all of those games melted my rigs at the time and realistically they were released in quick succession the growth between far cry 1 and crysis was 3 years think about that and how much they pushed the platform in just 3 years.

My point is that it's been 13 years since we've had a game designed for PC only and pushed it to the max it's all about how much money you can generate accords multiple systems and Devs never push the limits anymore

sushimama110d ago

It will look amazing man. You should get it on PC and try it.

GreatSako2020110d ago

Ask other publishers to do this for you.
It is funny that HZD might become the best looking PC game when it releases.

Father__Merrin110d ago

Yes best looking pc game even with recommend gtx 1060 lol the ps5 spec will far outstretch pc just dropping a 2080ti doesn't mean the art and assets and development increases

VariantAEC107d ago

Remember when the PC guys kept saying all you needed was a GTX 750Ti to get you through the generation?
I sure do and now those guys might not be able to play Horizon Zero Dawn!

Melankolis110d ago

Think again...

The minimum requirement to play is R9 290. A GPU which was priced at US$399 at launch in Nov'2013.
If they developed Horizon from the ground up on PC and release it on 2013, i don't think your PC can yawn....and that was just minimum requirements...

Just feel fortunate that Sony release it 3 years after the PS4 release, that way, the PC requirement relatively low today...

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Sophisticated_Chap111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

Good thing I upgraded from my GTX 780(3GB) to an RTX 2080 Super back in February. I was already feeling the pinch with Gears 5, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

rainslacker111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

I'm thinking I might finally upgrade when MSFS comes out. Been putting it off long enough. Not sure if I'll go with a full system, or just go with the GPU. My PC is pretty old, but generally is fast enough to run most things outside the GPU.

However, I'll still play primarily on consoles.:)

Sophisticated_Chap111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

If I were you, and I know it's easy for me to say this, but I would upgrade to a B550 motherboard, and get a Zen 2 or Zen 3(when they come out) CPU. I prefer to upgrade going into the next generation of consoles, so that I'm good to go for 5+ years. When I bought my GTX 780, back in February of 2013, it was an attempt to future proof myself through the PS4/Xbox One generation, and it did a great job over that period of time.

rainslacker110d ago

My MB and CPU and memory are around 11 years old now, but for the most part, they're fast enough to run the games that are out now. Better motherboard would provide better memory and bus speed for sure, and the processor would likely still be in the i5 range I have now, but be more efficient but not sure I'd gain much for gaming purposes. For what I do otherwise on the computer, my PC is fine as outside some 3D graphic work at times, I don't require much. However, many GPU's nowadays do have great advantages to using the new interfaces, so I probably will upgrade my whole system. There is no rush though, as I can even buy a modest card for MSFS. Only reason I want to play it on the PC is because I have a T-Flight Hotas for the PS4 I brought for Ace Combat, and it's PC compatible.

My laptop is actually faster than my PC, but I never run the NVidia card on it as the only game I play is SimCity, and occassionally a indie or two. Most PC games I play at work, when dev friends give me codes.:)

We'll see when the time comes though. I'm in no rush to upgrade, but I am the type that tends to buy PC's for the long haul. My PC was pretty beefy when I got it, and it's lasted me this long with only a hard drive failure or two.

Sophisticated_Chap110d ago (Edited 110d ago )

My PC that I upgraded in February, was a Dell Studio XPS 9000. When I bought it back in 2009, it originally came with an i7 920 2.67GHZ CPU, 3GB DDR3 1066MHZ Memory and a GTX 260 (1792MB) GPU, 500GB HDD and a Dell 460 Watt PSU. Over time I upgraded to 24GB 1066MHZ Memory, an AX 860 Corsiar PSU, 1TB HDD, and an EVGA GTX 780 Classified GPU (4.82 Tflops).

My PC, as it was, worked just fine, but as we see with Horizon Zero dawn, my GTX 780 is, for the first time, a minimum specification. I was overclocking it over the last year and a half, but going into next gen , I needed something new.

I love the look of my Dell Studio XPS 9000, so I decided to stick with the same PC case. I ended up going with an MSI B450 Tomahawk Max Motherboard, an R7 2700X 8 Core 16 thread CPU (for $199.00 CDN, which is a steal), 32GB 3200MHZ G.Skill Flare X Memory, 2TB ADATA XPG 8200 Pro NVMe SSD, and an EVGA RTX 2080 Super XC.

I figure that my PC should be more powerful than an Xbox Series X, with all things considered, but the great thing is than I have a good upgrade path, with B450 Mobos now being able to be upgraded to Zen 3, and of course, I can upgrade my GPU at any time.

rainslacker109d ago

I built mine from scratch, and I honestly can't remember any of the specs anymore. I'd have to boot it up and look. lol.

I do know I have 12GB of DDR3 RAM in it, because I upgraded that when I was in school for my 3D modeling classes. Otherwise, it's an i5 something or another. The GPU met minimum specs until about the time the 2nd Tomb Raider came around, and that was the first game that didn't meet the requirements that I can recall....although there were probably others before it. I do use 4 SSD drives on a Raid 0 array though, which keeps things pretty snappy....probably the best upgrade compared to anything else I could do for general purpose work. There just isn't a huge advantage to upgrading all those things in the computer for general purpose work, if one doesn't care about games, and games can be handled with just another GPU.

But, I've been putting off a new computer for a while now, and I might as well spend that stimulus check on something. As it is, my laptop is more capable for most general purpose work, but it's a pain to hook it up to a montior and plug in a mouse whenever I want to use it for that.