Spiders New Game To Be Announced On July 7th At Nacon Connect

Spiders are set to announce their first new game under new parent company, Nacon. A tweet shows an intriguing image of what may be announced on July 7th.

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Razmiran82d ago (Edited 82d ago )

Just started greedfall yesterday, pretty good AA game so far

kofoc8706582d ago

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Rambokind82d ago

It'll be broken game, clunky like their other fare. Pass.

phoenixwing82d ago

Say what you will. Greedfall was decent and because of that ill gladly look at what they have next.

King_Noctis81d ago

So what? Every studios learn from their past games. Your comment is so ignorant that I don’t know where to start.

monkey60282d ago

I'll keep an eye on this one

jukins82d ago

Only here because I read it as "spideys" and not spiders carry on.

NVMGaiden81d ago

Filling that bioware sized hole in that cloud of dust where my heart is supposed to be.