Add A Year To Your PS Plus Subscription For Just $35

Jenae Sitzes at GameSpot writes - "Over at Ebay, you can get a year of PS Plus on sale for $35 via reputable seller NeoGames. While the listing describes the product as a "subscription card," this is an emailed code you'll receive within 24 hours (we confirmed this by purchasing a code ourselves). After receiving the code, you can then redeem it in the PlayStation Store. As a reminder, PlayStation Plus memberships can be stacked, so if you already have an active subscription, it'll be extended by 12 months."

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sushimama1060d ago

Damn that's even better. You guys are lucky. In Australia we don't get anyone selling a years worth of PS Plus by anyone except Sony really. Not on Ebay or anywhere that I've seen.

Specter2291059d ago

Havent had PS plus for years that deals a little to good to pass up.

anast1059d ago

I just re-upped and got blessed with NB2k, I wonder how I much I'm going to spend on digital hairs cuts?

SegaSaturn6691059d ago

CDKeys gave me this bogus warning that the US code wouldn't work in Canada. Completely false. Bought 2 and they both worked fine.