Xbox Series X’s Velocity Architecture Will “Greatly Help” Open World Games, Says Developer

“It’s not only about reading from SSD, but also providing the assets for the game,” says CBE Software’s Jan Kavan.

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jairusmonillas39d ago

Xbox's priorities are attacking Playstation. No wonder they keep on losing especially when it comes to home consoles you sell to the whole world not just US and UK. No wonder Xbox always fails. wasting time on paying fake news articles and even forum trolls

RamRod8839d ago

Let me guess, articles praising the XSX, paid off. Articles praising PS5, genuine and honest.

AngelicIceDiamond39d ago

Not that I'm defending gamingbolt at all but yes that's the general consensus around here. Its a very immature outlook.

AngelicIceDiamond39d ago

@Sunny well if you want to shit post I can post about how Sony's E3 06 was 80% lies. Lies to journalists and fans with video evidence. No company are saints or perfect all the time.

Tacoboto39d ago

@Angelic Don't forget to include the part about people working more hours to afford a PS3. It's even older than Sunny's chosen article from 2014, but infinitely more relevant today.

rdgneoz339d ago

@Ram It's a company that has only released games so far for MS/PC praising MS. It's not like a 3rd party dev making games for both systems or a software developer like say EPIC.

BillyG0AT39d ago

That pretty much sums up 90% of the thought processes of the youngsters on this site.

paulomoreira39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

about sony that some people forget to search for ,they only one side of the brain

DashMad38d ago

most of these fanboy will hide when switch outsold both lmao. overpriced console ($500 or more) with expensive games ($70) good luck selling those in the aftermath of pandemic and ressesion where million people lost their jobs and small bussines tanking.

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PETE198539d ago

Yes, a multi-billion dollar company is paying trolls to post on N4G.... Not selling the most of something is not a fail and is no reason to stop. If this were the case we would have 1 option for all consumer products.

CatchThemAll39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

1 trillion.....just sayin 🤣🤣🤣

Marquinho39d ago

Wait... what? attack?... what's wrong with you guys?

Why do positive Xbox news hurt you so much?... I'm lost here.

How about you actually consider looking at the bright side of each console... you will have more fun than by trolling xbox news.

Sunny_D39d ago

I don’t know... kind of like how Xbox fans get butthurt over Epic talking positively about the PS5? You know an actual multiplatform developer? Lmao

Marquinho39d ago

I wouldn't say so... it's just that EPIC is so obviously under contract with Sony, so their comments are as objective as those making Xbox exclusives, like Scorn devs.

SyntheticForm38d ago

I'm frankly glad to hear that this architecture will help with open world games. How is this anything other than a good thing?

I want both consoles to be very capable, because I plan on owning both of them.

Fantangoooo38d ago

This is the problem, they can’t stand positive Xbox news due to insecurities

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Smclaren198539d ago

Exactly notice Sony haven’t responded to any of the attacks , I’m extremely disappointed in them , they also attacked Sony by stating the clocks on ps5 are bad which actually isn’t true atall it’s very tactless and distasteful . Way to choose some class microsoft?’

CatchThemAll39d ago

Man I wish the company with a 1 Trillion market cap would pay me to be a troll.....80 B sony paying you?? If they are let me know I want in. But trust me people are into numbers and they know where to invest.

agnosticgamer39d ago

I'll give you a pass on your ignorance... But if Microsoft is making profits off its gaming division and Xbox Gamepass is growing rapidly in expansion which can set them up for massive profits... Is that failure? Or are you just a sad fan boy?

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bneals39d ago

Another developer over never heard of.

Destiny108039d ago (Edited 39d ago )

you know its slow because of the word Velocity added to the name

when they start adding ultimate to the front of things you know there disappointed with the code

Hakuoro39d ago

Might as well rename it to Memebox.

ElementX39d ago

Says the person who can't differentiate between they're and there.

Hakuoro39d ago

Wow you know you're out of comebacks when you start talking about common grammatical mistakes.

ElementX39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

If people are going to try to talk sh!t about something, they should at least appear intelligent, even if their comments aren't. It shouldn't be a common mistake, I learned that stuff in elementary school.

AngelicIceDiamond39d ago

The Velocity architecture was announced when MS did their deep dive on X Series all the way back in March. People don't know anything around here.

Minute Man 72139d ago

Their not fans of gaming in general just Sony games

rainslacker39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Xbox Series X has two exes in the name. that's how you know it's extra special, and two exes are doubly extreme. Marketing research shows that anything that is extreme enough to have two exes is going to trend better with the consumer, because hardcore parkour and all that.

Locutus_of_borg38d ago

Strictly speaking it has 3 ...

Wasabi38d ago


**"Xbox Series X has two exes in the name. that's how you know it's extra special, and two exes are doubly extreme"**

When you realise that Xbox Series X actually has three X's in the name and all of a sudden the sarcastic comment you intended to be a witty slight at the Xbox brand has actually made you look rather stupid.

rainslacker38d ago

True...but one is technically a lowercase X, which is the diminutive, so it doesn't count. It's just there to add inflection. Plus, the 2nd X, is part of another word, "box", and box has never been a snappy word....ever, so it's worth disregarding.

Wasabi37d ago (Edited 37d ago )


**"It's just there to add inflection"**

I think you need to go back to school and learn the correct use and meaning of the word "inflection" Mr. rainslacker.

Here is the definition of the word inflection to help you out.

"a change in the form of a word (typically the ending) to express a grammatical function or attribute such as tense, mood, person, number, case, and gender"

The word "box" having an X on the end is NOT an example of inflection. An example of inflection would be "boxES" (to add number) BoxED (past tense action) BoxING (action / doing) etc etc. Inflection is used to add function or attribute. Adding an X to the word BO to make BOX does not achieve this, it's ridiculous that you would even claim that it does.

**"True...but one is technically a lowercase X, which is the diminutive, so it doesn't count"**

There are THREE (3) letter X in "Xbox Series X". Whether one or more X's appear in upper or lowercase is irrelevant. The fact that in your opinion a lowercase letter is "diminutive" has no bearing whatsoever.

**"and box has never been a snappy word....ever, so it's worth disregarding"**

Because the word box being "snappy" has bearing on the amount of times the letter X appears in "Xbox Series X" how?


rainslacker37d ago

I think maybe you're reading way too much into what I'm saying, and I was referring to the change in pitch.

But, if we want to get all technical, technically speaking, the x at the end of box, is a different inflection than the X at the start of Xbox, and the end of "Series X". However, you are correct, it wouldn't be inflection to cite that change in tone as an example of inflection. I just didn't care to think of a more proper term for an off the cuff quick comment, so I'll not bother going back to school to learn the proper use, as I'm fine using the proper terms on most occassions.

Not sure what you feel you need to achieve with going into so much analysis, but if you are having fun, carry on.

My original comment, or even my follow up, was never an opinion. Just a random thing to say that I sometimes do. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Fantangoooo38d ago

Destiny108019h ago(Edited 19h ago)
you know its slow because of the word Velocity added to the namE”

I just got dumber after reading that

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