Games that Really Don't (or Didn't) Need a Remaster

The Doublejump team acknowledges the recent uptick in remakes, remasters and revivals by nominating games that really don't need that fresh coat of paint!

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CrimsonWing6935d ago

If it’s a game from the generation before I don’t see the point of a Remaster. Things 2 generations and later I can see having a Remaster. The problem with the Remasters of this gen are they feel like straight ports.

DaReapa34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

"Things 2 generations and earlier I can see having a Remaster."

fixed ;-)

But seriously, I totally agree with everything you've stated.

DoublejumpAU34d ago

Jake here — as my entry (briefly) indicates, I'm totally with you on that. Seventh-gen remasters improve the graphics ever so slightly, but that's about it; there isn't much a developer can add outside of that.

AK9135d ago

I disagree with Dark Souls the remaster did botch the game visually but it fixed a ton of glitches the OG game had.

I’m mixed on remasters yes they’re cheap cash grabs but being able to play any game without having to dust off old consoles and (sometimes) playing on my sdtv can is a relief. That being said I hope they become unnecessary for games from the 8th gen going forward especially since PS5 and XSX will have dedicated BC support.

DonDon300034d ago

You know what else fixes glitches? A patch for the original game. And texture packs can make it look up to date. No need to charge money for a "remaster" of a game that came out the previous generation when PC is backwards compatable already.

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ifrit_caress34d ago

I don't think Demon's Souls need a remaster. I think it should've had a sequel instead. Nevertheless, I am going to play the sh!t out of that game just like I did on PS3.

PurpHerbison32d ago

Better a remaster than Demons Souls 2.

airshiraz34d ago

i need these remasters
mirrors edge\
alan wake
dead space
killzone 2 and 3

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