Do game reviewers really understand innovation

Keith Stuart writes:

"While EA DICE's wonderful Mirror's Edge has been garnering mostly positive reviews, it looks like the title won't be up there in the Metacritic rankings challenging the likes of Gears of War 2 or even Call of Duty: World at War. Many reviewers have criticised the combat, the repetition, a smattering of trial-and-error moments. There has been a general compulsion to counter the sequences of innovative genius with niggling doubts about core mechanics."

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Silogon4250d ago

But Breakdown wasn't considered "innovative" and it predated this turd in box Mirrors Edge by some years. It also had "ACTION" in it!!! Who'd have thought? See, that's why Mirrors Edge failed and is junk bunk... because there is no action in it. At all. The only action is your absurd ass running roof top to roof top and around warehouses disarming idiot AI enemies.

The game was complete junk bunk.

InMyOpinion4250d ago

Simple. The negative aspects of the game outweighs the innovation. It gets annoying and boring quick.