PlayStation unseats Nintendo in June with The Last of Us Part 2

From "PlayStation dominated June thanks to the release of The Last of Us Part 2.

The game was comfortably the No.1 boxed title of the month, selling more copies than the rest of the top ten combined.

The action horror game, alongside continued strong sales of The Last of Us Remastered, Spider-Man, Days Gone, Horizon: Zero Dawn and God of War, meant that Sony unseated Nintendo as the UK's biggest games publisher for the month. Over 29% of all boxed games sold in the UK during June were published by Sony, with the company also generating 37% of the month's boxed software revenue."

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hulk_bash198736d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Well deserved for Sony and TLOU Part II. Though I understand some people not liking the narrative choices ND made, myself included. But the more I played, the more I began to appreciate the story and characters, being completely engrossed and ultimately loving the game. Ellie and Joel will forver be two of my most favorite characters in any entertainment medium.

RazzerRedux36d ago

I'm loving the game and the story frankly. Such an awesome game.

SyntheticForm36d ago


Loved it all the way through.

36d ago
East76lands36d ago

Just on my first play through, I'm on the final stages of day 3. It's a great game, right up there with the first game which in my opinion. I think the story is great too, I've no idea why it caused so much outrage.

mkis00736d ago

Might be an unpopular thing to say due to the gore, but I'm really enjoying the encounter selector. Nothing like going for perfect stealth or just plain mayhem. It's cool that the character gets her own set of weapons.

seanpitt2336d ago

Last of us 2 sales will keep dropping a lot of people who have played the game sold it straight away because it has Zero replayable value.

RazzerRedux36d ago


Single player games are like that. Uncharted 4 sales dropped similarly. I'm fine with that as this game is truly great.

Hakuoro36d ago

seanpitt23, yeah you know like Uncharted 4 which had it's sales drop of 78% on it's second week but managed to sell a mere 16+ million copies.

It's kind of hilarious seeing people get mad because it's selling so well.

TheKingKratos36d ago

""Last of us 2 sales will keep dropping a lot of people who have played the game sold it straight away because it has Zero replayable value.""

Such a hard cold fact backed by alot of evidence there /s

Spicyram36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

"Last of us 2 sales will keep dropping a lot of people who have played the game sold it straight away because it has Zero replayable value"

Wow sales for a game reduces over time? It's almost as if majority of people who wanted play this game bought it at release ??? WOUW!!!! I just had an epiphany! what a tremendous Discovery /s

The Wood36d ago

Some will still find a reason to turn this into a negative. Its a pity nd didn't have the multilayer ready but launch. It'll be interesting how the verticality and improved combat will affect it.

TripleAAARating36d ago

The best game in the history of mankind...

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Yui_Suzumiya36d ago

My favorite game of the generation next to Life is Strange.

veeesxt36d ago

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buffig36d ago

I wonder if the people who downvoted your opinion are the same people who disliked TLOU2 and were outraged that their opinion was being questioned?

Sharky23136d ago

Once you play the game you realize a few things. The games not only about revenge but consequences. Joel gave up a lot to save Ellie in the first game!! Totally agree with you... Joel and Ellie are two of my favorite characters ever!

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Bathyj36d ago

selling more copies than the rest of the top ten combined.

Sitdown36d ago

Which when you consider how old some of the games on the list are, it's not really that big of a bragging point. Great job for them nonetheless, especially given the unnecessary outrage to debunk it.

36d ago
italiangamer36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Obviously spinning into a negative, so predictable - _ -

Spicyram36d ago

"Which when you consider how old some of the games on the list are, it's not really that big of a bragging point"

That's complete and utter bullshit.

Sitdown36d ago

Yelp, saying a triple AAA have should beat Mario Kart and GTA 5 is definitely a spin.

Sitdown36d ago

So PS4 having a significantly bigger user base, and beating Mario Kart 8 Deluxe which was released in April 2017 is BS? Come on dude. The Last of Us was beloved, and was even brought back because of the power of the sequel....lets not diminish the success by rallying around beating GTA 5 that started on consoles back in 2013, and was recently put on game pass. Consider this, Ring Fit Adventure sits at #3. Again, not a knock at the well deserve success, but no need to add the extra titles to try and support the success.

Spicyram36d ago

Yea whatever @Sitdown. Your comment is so retarded, it's not even worth the effort to elaborate further.

Sitdown36d ago

Translation: I don't really have a valid rebuttal. It's okay, thanks for the conversation.

Ricegum36d ago

Could you imagine the response from Sitdown if it was a Microsoft exclusive instead of Last of Us 2?

Christ, I think he'd have a heart attack.

Army_of_Darkness36d ago


Bro, it sold more copies then the rest of the top ten COMBINED! I'd say that is quite the bragging rights no matter how you spin it.

Sunny_D36d ago

Yeah, and yet rarely often you hear a big game outselling the rest of the top 10? Especially an exclusive....

rainslacker36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Animal Crossing and Mario Kart are still doing well, and will probably keep doing so since they're staples for the Switch. Interesting that TLOU:Remastered poked it's head into the top ten though....especially given the number of used copies that would be widely available, and that it's been out for 6 odd years now. Plus, it was only about a week in June it managed this feat.

See, I can spin too.

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blackblades36d ago

Good jobs ND and Sony, metacritic is laughable. TLoU2 is like my 1st time seeing the user reviews at 100k hell probably above 15k. So much attention there, twitter and here with so many articles. Now let see how GoT do next.

East76lands36d ago

Love it or hate it, it's the most discussed game of this generation. A fitting finale for Playstation.

smashman9836d ago

I mean tsushima is out in like 2 weeks.

rainslacker36d ago

Meta user scores are on the rise. Seems the positive user reviews are getting close to even with the negative ones. Still a rediculously high number of user reviews total, but if it keeps going, the score will likely end in the 8-9 range.

mrsolidsteel2036d ago

Well this can’t be right, the YT’ers are saying the game is a flop because it dropped 80% in sales from its debut.

They know it all right?

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Sunny1234536d ago

of course they are bro. Sales analyst is a prerequisite before you become a youtuber. How dare you question them.

Tacoboto36d ago

Considering the delay and hype around it, with the world working from home or furloughed, and the kids on summer break, why wait when one of just two or three new pieces of summer entertainment finally releases?

SethBrundlefly36d ago

I guess there are more mature gamers out there than immature. Feels good to know.

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