Where 'The Last of Us Part 2' Ending Goes Wrong (Spoiler)

Vice: There’s probably a version of The Last of Us Part 2 that I would have loved. One where I would have shared the joy so many other people are finding with the game’s characters and their lovingly detailed relationships. That game would likely be shorter, and Part 2’s padded-out story is definitely one reason why I was heartily sick of it by the end of my 28 hour playthrough. But it’s the game’s ultimate destination that made the entire journey feel like a waste of time (SPOILER AHEAD).

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sushimama33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Go Vice. Milk it. Milk that shiiieet. Milk every last drop, you click-thirsty monster you.

I disagree with your "opinion", and so do the vast majority of other people who actually played the game. Is the game perfect? No way in hell. But it's a damn fine masterpiece in it's own right. That's my opinion. See? I've got one too.

Game-ur33d ago

actually well thought out critique, while we have gone trough how Abbys arc was a narrative failure, in this piece we explore why Ellies arc is even a bigger narrative failure. do give it a read.

sushimama33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

"we explore" ??

I've played the game all the way through... twice. I don't need to read the opinion from someone at Vice to know that I enjoyed the narrative. Plus, I would rather die than read an article from Vice. com in the first place. They're dying and they've had to lay off hundreds of people already. They're complete trash and they better learn to code, sooner rather than later.

Spicyram33d ago

Lmao How was Abby's arc a narrative failure?? Holy shit the hyberbole surrounding this game is ridiculous😂😂&# 128514;😂😂

morganfell32d ago

Just remember, if you do not need anyone to tell you how to think this should include articles that happen to agree with your point of view. The gaming media is worthless whether their opinion intersects or parallels your own. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Game-ur32d ago


hardly ever take MSM seriously. when I do read them I look for specific details that interest me. not their yes/no the case of this article it does articulate some of the issues I have with the story. It was possible to pull of a great story after that early death but the writer over-complicated it with the non-liner narrative and excessive use of both "plot armor" and “plot induced stupidity” in almost every cutscene.

morganfell32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Believe fan of this game's story choices. Not at all. My comments here on various articles leave no doubt how I felt about what they did with this title. And my remarks above were for sushimama.

NukeDaHippies32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

It makes me sad, what your saying is getting so down voted. The entire game was a failure.

The story was so ham fisted, i almost don't believe it's a Naughty Dog game. It was also extremely dull and boring. It wasn't even so bad, it's good.

Game-ur32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

sorry, my mistake.

Down or up votes mean little here, most discussions barley get 30-50 votes. the real action is on social media, Angry Joe 6/10 review of the game had over 1 million views , with 159k up-votes and only 11k down votes, so that is like a 13-1 rate of people who share my view from a massive sample size.

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Magatsuhi32d ago

I'm pretty sure whatever ending they put there you would've loved it regardless. If they had put a good ending they would've not gotten any hate but be honest with yourself. You love it no matter what.

gigzamillion32d ago

You get the irony of your comment right considering that no matter what ending it had some people would have hated it no matter what, be honest with yourself.

Game-ur33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Ending it at the 1st time in the farm would have saved the game.
and it would really be a unique ending in gaming since it ends in defeat, but realizing you have things and people to live for even if you still struggle with ghosts. that would actually reflect reality since most people lose many battles but still push on and cling to the positive things they still have.

JEECE32d ago

There's a 100% chance that you and all the carbon copies of you would have slammed that if it had been the ending. It would have been "there's no resolution, it's so out of character for Ellie, etc."

Game-ur32d ago

so you agree. thank you. we are getting somewhere.

JEECE32d ago

I said that you were going to criticize the game no matter what, even if it had ended in the way you suggest it should have ended, and you agree? I didn't expect you to admit that straight out, but points for honesty.

BanditKing33d ago

Can we be done talking about this game now? Its hardly worth the attention

TechnoGoat32d ago

Yet, it's getting all this attention... so... you're wrong..

gigzamillion32d ago

Ironically most of the attention is coming from bitter people who cant stop hating on the game, if they were to quit you'd get your wish.

Ristul32d ago Show
seanpitt2333d ago

I must say I was very disappointed in the last of us Part 2 story it was a kick in the teeth to all the die hard fans of the first game,

I waited 7 years to jump back into this world with Joel and Ellie what I got was Ellie lost absolutely everything, Joel dead in 2 minutes and I played a character who killed the guy I loved for 12 F#£king hours I couldn’t wait for the game to end and when it did the whole experience was pointless Telling me that revenge is bad and the cycle needs to end sometime well we all knew this I could of told you that before you started making this pointless story.

They could of killed tommy and his wife at the beginning trying to get to Joel then Joel and Ellie’ went to get revenge Giving the fans what we want! then near the end (Joel dies if you really wanted him to die) saving Ellies Life give him the ending he deserved showing he died for her and then Ellie after taking everyone out spares Abby because going for revenge got Joel killed etc... look at that wrote a better script in 5 minutes

Shezgear32d ago

The story was good. But gotta admit I found it hard to really like Abby even tho she did what she did for Lev etc.

Id personally prefer an alternate beginning where you could distract Abby and crew by taking a different route in or something. Where maybe Tommy died instead doesnt sound bad. We could then maybe have Joel telling Ellie who Abby is and why she is after them.

Well.. lets hope for a dlc

Goozex32d ago

Been confirmed through naughty dog there will be no dlc

Shezgear32d ago


I know. Im totally fine with that. I just hope part 3 is more than Ellie and Abby and Lev.

anast32d ago

I'm a die hard fan and I enjoyed the game quite a bit.

gigzamillion32d ago

I'm a die hard fan of the first game and I loved it, its weird its almost like you don't actually speak for all the die hard fans.

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