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Reservations about value-for-money and completion time aside (which are issues that unfortunately must be taken into account), this is a great Resident Evil game. Where it fails as a remake, it more than succeeds as a vivid reimagining. Nemesis is an iconic villain, Jill Valentine is an iconic hero, and seeing them duke it out in high definition is well worth the price of admission. Just set your expectations accordingly and you’ll have a rocket launcher-fuelled blast.

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DrDeath941d ago

Game was rushed and short. It was great for the short time it lasted. Wasted my 80$ tho.

Wait for sale. 30$

AK91941d ago

Are you kidding its a disgrace 3/10 for me.

MartyMcFly88941d ago

I'm deadly serious. Just out of genuine interest, what other games would you consider to be worth 3/10?