Five new shots of the Bullet Witch on Xbox 360

Today AQ Interactive released five new screenshots of Bullet Witch, their upcoming action game for Xbox 360.

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Sphinx5718d ago

Looking much better. I am mucho impressed how far this game has come.

RedGr3mlin5718d ago (Edited 5718d ago )

1. To out washed colors ( not my style of gfx)

2. To flat pixels ( look at the floor/roof/walls in the last pic) looks like a floor/roof/wall in a ps2 game

3. The hair ( i know its hard to do hair) but the witch hair is just looking awful and the guy well a little better.

Good 4 every one else tho ho have been waiting 4 this game.
its soon out in stores 4 you people ;)

Butt not my kind of game at all.

rakkasan5717d ago

Did you just describe Heavenly Sword?

FFVIIFan5717d ago

But I haven't seen anything yet to make me want to get this game.

PS360PCROCKS5717d ago

it does look ALOT better, thank god Atari, I have wanted this game for a while, I like the gameplay it looks like fun, I think more of a rental tho, the replay value might not be worth $60

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