IDG: Other publishers are considering raising game prices for PS5 and Xbox Series X

Cost of development has increased between 200% and 300% while game prices have remained flat

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Hakuoro31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

If you want to lower my excitement for a next gen console you start by talking about increasing game prices.

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sushimama31d ago

They better not increase the prices of digital games too. I mean they're already too expensive as is. I might be going all-digital for next gen. So that'd be a huge bummer if they decidedx to do that too.

Gaming10131d ago

The cost isn't really an issue, gaming makes 3.5 times as much money as the entire music and movie industry combined.

It's just greedy executives looking for bigger bonuses. I refuse to buy games at full price in Canada at 80 bucks, it's crazy here.

ZeekQuattro31d ago

They aren't going to raise prices at retail and then undercut themselves on digital where they make more money. Come on now. Lmao

Tech531d ago (Edited 31d ago )

i would have agreed with the majority. only problem is not greed that is going up; it's the costs of living. which sure you could say everyone's landlord is pretty much greedy so yeah it's partially correct in that sense.

zawepa31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

more workers on projects also means more workers that need to be paid.
which is generally why developers spend millions on average making new projects.

rainslacker31d ago

Yeah. Costs have gone up, although not as much between last gen and this one, and it's probably not going to be significantly more going into next gen. But at the same time, the market has increased quite a bit over the last two gens. It ends up being a quantity of scale thing, and publishers just want to make more on their investment.

DJStotty31d ago

In the UK, digital has to be marked up at the same or higher than retail prices.

They are not allowed to undercut them, to protect the brick and mortar game stores.

outsider162431d ago

What i really want to know is...what is the difference between next gen and current gen version that they have to raise it by 10$.

We're also talking about a yearly sport game filled with MTX.

Games1st30d ago

Digital has to match physical or stock won't sell fast enough.

Teflon0230d ago

That's part of the reason I switched to pc. Luckily alot of the games I play usually release on steam or something at about $60 max. That $80 crap made me cut back so much.

Ashunderfire8630d ago


Great point I said the same thing about Mario 64, Pilotwings, Mission Impossible, Turok, was all $70-$80 bucks!!! The worst was Sega racing game that was priced at a $100 dollars!!!! That was all because 3D gaming was on the rise that was brand new at the time of 1996. Now we have 4K gaming with 120fps modes, raytracing, and possible 8K gaming. The Ps5 tech demo had 8K assets as well. Gaming is going into movie visual territory.

fewDankMemes30d ago

Development costs have increased 200-300% but isn’t that because they have pooled 200-300% more resources to sell us micro transactions, which they make more than enough profits on?

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1Victor31d ago

The world is going into a hard recession with the pandemic not slowing down any time soon and you thing they’ll be stupid enough to raise the game price 🤣good luck with that suicidal move.
They raise the price and what will happen is people will buy less games and take less risk on new franchises like in the 80’s when the industry almost collapsed.

zawepa31d ago

everyone is asking for more money though. especially food catering services because of the pandemic.
lots of services will be forced to sink or swim during this pandemic.

bishup2531d ago (Edited 31d ago )

"It follows the news that NBA 2K21 will be priced at $69.99 on the next consoles, $10 more expensive than it is on the current devices."

but this is nothing new though. remember when GoldenEye and Mischief Makers were $70 as well on the N64?

RememberThe35731d ago

In an era when so many people are playing free games. How the hell could someone think people want to spend more money on less games?

Npugz731d ago

Your right! But I guarantee they will!

RauLeCreuset30d ago

Yup. My immediate reaction was some games I might normally get Day 1 will become Day When It Goes On Sale.

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itsmebryan31d ago

That's making game pass on Xbox an even better deal.

rainslacker31d ago

Also means that it's harder to justify making those big games for a service like that. Cost isn't lowered for MS to put their big AAA games on there in abundance, and the idea behind this article is that the cost to the consumer will either go up, or games will be cut back.

Yppupdam31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

At least maybe people will stop the bad practice of pre-ordering games and show a little patience (restraint) and wait for a discount. I have no problem engaging in the sound consumer practice of waiting for a price drop or a deep discount, matter of fact, I have no problem waiting for the GOTY version with all the expansions and extra content is released for 20.00 or so, seeing that I always have a backlog, I just make that backlog work for me. SO, at the end of the day, If publishers want to raise the price of a game, that's fine, Let the delusional with money to burn and their foolish belief that paying full price is some sort of "obligation" of support take the full price hit.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

All of them won't be $70. Just the crap people buy every year and they're only raising prices because people are expecting free upgrades. Thanks smart delivery, where would we be without you?

NeoGamer23230d ago

LOL. This next generation is not looking good.

1) I expect both consoles to be $499 on the high end
2) Maybe as low as $399 on the low end without disc drives
3) Raised prices for games

Not sure there is a reason for me to move to next gen if the launch game highlights are Spider-man and Halo for each console. Spider-man is only two years from initial release so the launch game is probably just a new story and some graphical improvements. Halo could be more substantial because it has been 5 years from the last main game release. But since it is cross-gen, how much better will it really be?

homeruz230d ago

We as consumers if rallied together and no one bought the product, they would be forced to lower the prices. As much as I love them, games aren't essential like food or medicine. We should strike and play old games we haven't finished and get other hobbies to force their hand

Yppupdam30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

The best way to show a Publisher that they are pricing themselves out of their own market is to Never Pre-order and Never pay full retail for ANY game that you feel is over priced! Let the Suckers with money to burn and a delusional belief that paying full price is some sort of poorly thought out and ham-fisted support of the Developer. In reality, it is not a consumers "obligation" to buy a product at any price to keep that company in business. But, it is The Company/Publisher's obligation to provide a product at a price and quality that makes it attractive for purchase. If They don't fulfill, at the least, those 2 criteria, then they deserve to go out of business.

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lodossrage31d ago

Wasn't dlc made mainly to offset these costs?

Where was this argument when Street Fighter 2 for the SNES cost $70 when it came out?

The gaming industry is already making money hand over fist. What need is there to raise the price.? Look at the comic industry for the moment, Although there are many issues, one of the issues in the comic industry is the price hikes. The price hikes in turn are a huge reason as to why the sales are dwindling.

When they say things like "games are getting bigger", you have to ask yourself what they're actually saying. Do they mean in terms of content? They already cut content and sell it as dlc as it is so that excuse flies out the window.

Do they mean cost of development? Many of these same companies constantly reuse assets so I don't see any major extra costs there.

Do they mean R&D and bug fixing? In that case, should we expect restitution when they sell us games with bugs and glitches?

Time for people to demand the gaming industry be clear about these things.

Minute Man 72131d ago

SF was cartridge, way more expensive to manufacture

lodossrage31d ago

It still cost $20 more than every other cartridge on the snes so that's not an excuse.

Minute Man 72131d ago

Thought they were all $70, I wasn't paying for games back then

gwbxwu30d ago

I get paid over $90 per hour working from home with 2 kids at home. I never thought I'd be able to do it but my best friend earns over 10k a month doing this and she convinced me to try. The potential with this is endless. Heres what I've been doing,


Seraphim30d ago

SNES games were all over the board. Personally I played Genesis & had the Sega Channel. My sister had a Super Nintendo though and I remember seeing games priced all over the place one day at the store. Breath of Fire I believe was pretty expensive as well. That was the only game I owned back in the day for SNES since it wasn't mine lol. But yeah, I remember seeing games as high as like $85-90 while others were $60-70, etc. I certainly can't remember specific prices on games but I do know the prices varied greatly and some were pricey.

But gaming has also grown into a behemoth. In the PS2 era even a game hitting 1-2 million was HUGE. A lot of games were moving only 500-900k units. Now, FIFA alone sells like 24 globally each year. Blockbuster are expected to sell something like 4+ million and that's probably a conservative figure. Plus we now have MTs, DLCs, Season Passes...

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Godmars29031d ago

"It still cost $20 more than every other cartridge on the snes so that's not an excuse."

Yes it is. The game required more RAM in order to perform at the level it did.

lodossrage31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

"Yes it is. The game required more RAM in order to perform at the level it did. "

Then why did every other SNES arcade port have no issue. INCLUDING Street FIghter Alpha 2 which used more ram than SF2, Every one of them was priced like the rest of the SNES library

Lore31d ago

Don’t forget collector’s editions where they make even more profit

XabiDaChosenOne31d ago

VERY well put sir, I believe we are coming to a crossroad where they will try to leverage these new prices against gamers in an effort to make microtransactions more favorable.

Gaming4Life198131d ago

Man i remember paying that for street fighter 2, i was doing all chores, cooking dinner, whatever was needed to get it for Christmas lol. I remember staring at it in the christmas catalog books, i dont think they make those anymore it was so big but had everything anyone wanted kid or adult.

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Sophisticated_Chap31d ago

You're exactly right. Developers are making a killing off of DLC and micro-transactions, which was supposedly the answer for rising development costs. Ever since the micro-transaction craze started this generation, I've bought very few games new. If they increase the price of base games, then they'll just sell fewer games.

Here in Canada, a base game, like CoD for instance, costs $79.99 plus taxes. If a base game goes to $90.00 or $100.00, then I suspect that Game Pass will become even more popular, and people will start to buy games a year or two after release when they go on sale.

Australia will have a tough time with this also, due to the exchange rate, but they've been getting the shaft down under for years.

GreatSako202031d ago

I don't think game pass can keep up. Game prices increase and publishers demand more from Microsoft. Game pass will either become expansive or divided into different tiers.

Edgelordsupreme31d ago

Lodossrage at the time Alpha came to the SNES demand and cost to manufacture may have dropped. It was also an incredibly compromised port on the SNES.

You're advertising a bunch of assumptions together and claiming its fact.

lodossrage31d ago

What Assumptions?

Go look up the chipsets for both SF2 and SFA2. Google it the same way I did.

And on a side note, the SNES console demand DOESN"T alter the cost of the cartridge/software.

lociefer31d ago

Exactly this. Let's assume for a second that the development costs have hiked by 1000%, you're telling me that microtransactions haven't made a profit for them ? Hell, they can even afford to give away Fifa/NBA and all these Mcs infested crap games for free and STILL make a killing.

I think this is all BS and greed speaking. And what's hilarious is that on top of increasing the MSRP, they are STILL gonna include microtransactions, unbelievable

rlow130d ago

I agree with everything you said, I think they'll raise the prices so people will buy into the subscription model. I'm not sure how that is all monetized, but developers have been excited about this. I could see a future where it's cheaper to purchase one/multiple subscription services rather than buying multiple physical copies. If this price increase happens, hopefully majority of us gamers could put aside our differences and push back on this one.

Ashunderfire8630d ago

There will be extra game developers working from home that is connected with the in house studios. This pandemic had made a lot of jobs give employee the option to work from home.

Pyrofire9530d ago

Asset creation is your weakest point. It takes up an enormous amount of dev time, even when reusing assets.
Further asset reusal isn't inharently bad, I'd argue it extremely good and only logical. There often isn't a NEED to make strikingly similar assets when your getting the same point across and having so many unique objects has a negative effect on loading and possibly performance. Smaller games will reuse assets a LOT but they are smaller and have more contrants and if that's off putting then it's just not going to be a game for you.
I've never really understood the complaint of asset reusal in the first place and I can think of any issue with it in my experience aside from getting tired of the same texture of a dungeon in some JRPGS.

Yppupdam30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

"Wasn't dlc made mainly to offset these costs?"
Smoke and mirrors, man. Smoke and Mirrors!

It is just a tactic to squeeze more money out of you, so, now they got everyone use to the Idea of DLC and MT, now they think they can cry poor again and squeeze you again..........It never ends. The only way to fix this is to squeeze them back, NEVER Pre-order and never pay full retail. and if you can control the desire (epidemic) of immediate gratification, I would say wait for the GOTY or "complete" version of the game with all the added content a discount. :P

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littletad31d ago

Fine, make them 70. But season passes and DLC are now included right from the start. Otherwise, hell no.

LordoftheCritics31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Don't worry they will cut half the game out and call the other half included in the free season pass. Delayed of course.

In this world upfront should be upfront.

joejoejoe31d ago

Also, don't worry about microtransactions. They will never be in games. ... Until a few weeks after launch once enough people have bought it.

rainslacker31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

No, theyll continue doing that as well, because they know people will buy them

Abnor_Mal31d ago

If anything all this will do for many is reduce the amounts of games they buy, and will now buy only the must have games like exclusive titles from first party.

These third party publishers will start to see a decrease in sales, while places like Gamestop report high volume of used game sales.

Effectively bring back used game sales which at the start of this generation many tried to shut down. I know if there will be a price increase I for one will wait for bargain bin deals or just do without.

lociefer31d ago

I imagine EA will bring the 10 dollars online ransom thing back for used games

Abnor_Mal31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I don't doubt it, many of these corporations when a strategy does not work the first time, they sit on it for a few years then reintroduce it with a brand new name. The gullible then gobble it up with out realizing they were just fed the same old bullspit.

franwex31d ago

Yeah, but more units are sold now, plus dlc so it evens out.