Hyper Scape: Hands On With Ubisoft's Urban-Only Battle Royale - IGN

Hands-on with Hyper Scape, Ubisoft Montreal's new battle royale set on an highly vertical, urban-only map.

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UltraNova43d ago

Too chaotic for my liking...

DethWish43d ago

I'm really tired of BR games (after PUBG and Fortnite) but this actually sounds really cool! As a massive fan of those 90s/00s shooters, the focus on tighter more vertical map design along with jump pads and futuristic weapons is a breath of fresh air into the genre

KyRo43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

You've missed some good innovations within the BR genre since then two games. BR is still young so there's still plenty of ground to explore. The game gun fights reminded me a bit of the early quake/unreal days.

A lot of people will say the BR genre is over saturated when there's less than 10 mainstream BR games out there but they will happily jump for joy over another generic military FPS, another fantasy RPG, another open world game

BenRC0143d ago

2 years too late and mad sci fi boingy boings

Emilio_Estevez42d ago

Played a little yesterday, kind of feels too much of the same. Everything is really smooth and crisp, works well, intuitive, don't even really have anything that bad to say about it but still just didn't grab me. Everything just feels generic and familiar. It is very Quakey, it's got cool weapons and good parkour though.

smolinsk42d ago

Yes this game sounds just like the silly colorful fortnite and Apex. The game is to late to the dance.
BR is gonna evolve like with warzone and forward

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