Worldwide Hardware Estimates for June 21 to 27 - Switch, PS4 and Xbox One Up Year-Over-Year

The Nintendo Switch was the best-selling console worldwide with 363,387 consoles sold for the week ending June 27, according to VGChartz estimates.

The PlayStation 4 was the second best-selling console with sales of 223,092 consoles sold. This was followed by the Xbox One with 77,390 units, and the Nintendo 3DS with 6,314 units.

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TheCaptainKuchiki43d ago

Nearly 80% of XBO's sales are from North America. The rest of the world simply doesn't care. They still can't compete worldwide with Sony and Nintendo. Their next gen is going to be quite rough...

stuna143d ago

As much as some hate to admit it Microsoft fanbase is simply not as widespread as the other two console makers and even with gamepass they'll be hard press to take hold at the pace everyone seems to think they will.

trunkswd43d ago

Phil Spencer has shown interest in acquiring a studio or two from Asia and rumors of them looking to acquire a Polish studio. Outside of North America, they should focus on Europe if they want to grow their marketshare. They are more likely to break into that market than they are Asia.

Elda43d ago

The PS4 still selling well.