Mafia: Definitive Edition Won't Be A One-To-One Copy

There will be changes that further rejuvenate the game.

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1nsomniac1176d ago

How they thought their recent definitive edition updates wouldn’t damage the remakes sales I’ll never know. Stupid decision.

somethingcool871176d ago

lol exactly my thought. And not having a single gameplay demo for a game that's about to release in a month, does not help their case neither.

AK911176d ago

Yeah this was obvious from the get go.


An exclusive look at Total War Pharaoh Amenmesse, Egypt’s angriest son

Total War Pharaoh's Amenmesse isn't happy with his position in the south, and our exclusive hands-on look explains the challenges he'll have to overcome.

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At This Point, Bethesda Games Feel Incomplete Without Mods

No matter what changes, Bethesda games receiving quality mods that took them to new heights remained constant, and I couldn't be happier.

Jin_Sakai8h ago

Bethesda: Make a half ass game and let the modding community fix everything.

TheColbertinator2h ago

Bethesda needs modders to allow Starfield to reach its potential


The Inspiring Journey Of Eve Online

Eve Online has been going strong for 20 years. As developer CCP Games looks back, there are memories imposter syndrome and final validation

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