Valorant- One Of The Best Competitive Shooters Out There

When Riot Games unveiled Valorant, the gaming community immediately took notice. The studio behind the insanely popular League of Legends working on a competitive FPS shooter was always going to turn heads and Riot Games promised to do right by gamers in this fiercely contested and massively saturated genre. A month has passed since its release and we have had plenty of hands on time on it and we are pleased to say that Valorant is not just a competent shooter, but stands easily as one of the best ones out there.

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Kribwalker1248d ago

hopefully this comes to consoles, it looks pretty cool and my Potato of a PC won’t be able to touch that one

Mooncake1247d ago

It probably would. This runs on just about anything.

Gazondaily1247d ago

Yeah for sure. The game runs often at 300fps on mine!

coolbeans1248d ago

When a game news aggregate site submits their own piece on another aggregate site. The absolute sauce of Gaz. ;)

Valorant looks alright. Maybe I'll try out when it comes to consoles.

Gazondaily1247d ago

Haha you know I love the sauce 🤣

Seriously I love Valorant. The netcode is really something else. Proper hit registration and smooth gameplay all the way.

Wasabi1247d ago


Solid article and a great video. Love the GoD graphics throughout the stream and the production values look spot on.

Good work.

Gazondaily1247d ago

Thanks Wasabi! Appreciate it mate

XxINFERNUSxX1247d ago

Played the beta didn't like it, uninstalled.

Gazondaily1247d ago

Thats a shame. I guess its not for everyone.

Wasabi1246d ago


**"Played the beta didn't like it, uninstalled"**

Thanks for sharing /s


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