NBA 2K21 price is $10 more expensive on Xbox Series X and PS5

First next-gen game details suggest higher game pricing for new machines

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sushimama41d ago

Absolute greedy pigs.
PS4 version 60
PS5 version 70
F you

Other companies are allowing you to upgrade your game to the Next-Gen version for free. But not these guys, oh no no no,

"NBA 2K21 will be released on September 4, 2020 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, STadia and PC, with the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 versions releasing this fall. If you can't wait until Fall to play the newest NBA title, you will be able to buy a $99.99 version that will have access to the next generation version of the same game."

So if you want to buy the PS4 version and also want tp upgrade to the PS5 version, then you have to buy the PS4 version that sells for $100. Then when the PS5 launches you can then upgrade ??

Is that right?

Also, don't expect this game to come to GamePass anytime soon either.

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princejb13441d ago

wouldnt be surprised if this becomes the norm this generation due to higher cost to produce games. Games at one point were $50 until they started costing $60

UnSelf41d ago

NBA Jam was $70 for the SNES.

How do i know?

Because when my mother bought it in 1992 for me, she hasnt bought me another game ever again.

KyRo41d ago

Higher costs to produce games is a fact but let's realise that gaming is also the biggest it's ever been. It's huge. There's more gamers than ever which equal more potential revenue. It's not like theyre making £500 million games and still catering to less than 10 million people anymore.

DonDon300041d ago


U make it sound like u still live with her though lol. This n4g, so some of u guys probably do hahaha

UnSelf41d ago


Nah she died when I was 10. It was actually her last gift to me.

Seraphim41d ago

I don't necessarily buy the cost to produce. That held some merit going into the HD realm but now? Furthermore we've moved away from console specific tech to platforms that mainly act like PCs. A simpler architecture to code and work with and easier to produce games for both PS, XB and even PC.

Sure some games are costly to make. Games where the developer and team actually spend time creating and polishing a title. Many of Sony's first party titles, CD Project Red games, some of Square Enix's games, Rockstar games, etc. Games that take 3+ years in development alone. An annual game like 2k, Madden, FIFA, etc. It's basically copy and paste. Make some adjustments to how the game plays and feels year in and out. Add a new set of cards, new attributes for players, etc. Granted it's still work and there's licensing fees for sports games but it's minimal cost and virtually zero risk.

anubusgold41d ago

Mortal Kombat for consoles was 80 dollars and one zelda game was like 90 dollars back in the 90's but im still not paying those crazy prices. And the sega saturn was like 550 dollars back then as well. The 3d0 and Neo geo was like 1000 dollar consoles with 150 dollar games lol.

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Greg280141d ago

Ps4 games in the psn store cost 70 too when they release, atleast where im from.

Nba2k14 on ps4 was totally different compared to the ps3 version. It was a whole different game. I think that will be the case with nba2k21 to.

neutralgamer199241d ago


i agree if they can go to $70 and in return we get full games when ready at launch. We don't get micro transactions, we don't get day one DLC's and most post launch dlc will be included in that $70 than i am all for $70

Reality is even at $70 these publishers especially the ones who favor micro transactions will still charge for everything else n top of $70

kreate41d ago

I understand what mikeslemonade is saying. And to some extent, i agree.

aragon41d ago


Sophisticated_Chap41d ago

The funny part is that all they are doing is increasing the graphics settings like you would on a PC game, and saving it within the game files.

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Psychotica41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Pretty Amazing considering how terrible the last one was, at least on PC anyway according to Steam reviews

Outlawzz41d ago

Crazy so many ppl buy this game. This flaming turd is repolished every year and ppl keep scooping it up. They'll be more than happy to pay $70 to play as their favorite sports legends !!

Gamerking8241d ago

Well that’s the same with all yearly sport games .

SierraGuy40d ago

All they do is add more sweat to the players every year.

Seriously though who sweats like that?

DFresh41d ago

Not surprising.
This is EA after all.

VoiceMale41d ago

actually no..Ea published NBA Live
this is take two published( they also are the parent company to rockstar)and developed by visual concept under sports umbrella

Imalwaysright41d ago

It isn't but it seems that Take 2 wants to be perceived in the same way EA is.

Spenok41d ago

Way to single handedly prove how manufactured the hate EA is.

XxSPIDEYxX41d ago

Not the first time I've seen someone attack EA for something Take Two or Activision had done. Crazy!

Spenok40d ago


I am a fan of certain developers, and I will support them no matter who their publisher is. Such as Dice, Bioware, Criterion etc.

I don't buy every game they make, but I do tend to like their games,