Pocket Gamer: Cafe Solitaire Review

Digital Chocolate has only really made half an effort to educate us all on the benefits of its 'Café' system, and even after a couple of hours dabbling with Café Solitaire (previously released on mobile) this reviewer is still only vaguely tuned in to this unusual, asynchronous online community. True enough, there's only so much a promotional campaign could tell you about DChoc cafés, but some kind of elucidation on the advantages of taking part in the group antics of a café would be appreciated.

You see, without it Pocket Gamer is only aware of two very separate aspects to its community-based games, in this case Café Solitaire. Or, as it actually comes across: Café. Solitaire. Two almost entirely detached aspects of one game. To be fair, both are quite entertaining, so in the spirit of the game's division they'll look at the café and the card games separately.

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