Sony Representative Questioned One Outlet's Review of The Last of Us 2

Screen Rant: Vice's Rob Zacny says a Sony representative contacted him after he reviewed The Last of Us Part 2 to dispute some of his review's critical arguments. Rob Zacny was contacted by a Sony representative who he said told him “some of the conclusions I reached in my review were unfair and dismissed some meaningful changes or improvements.” Zacny said that the exchange was pleasant but “unusual.”

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AspiringProGenji42d ago

Gotta agree with the Sony rep here. The gameplay is a vast improvement over the first and while it is something we have seen before in their games it still has identity.

sushimama42d ago

Don't worry people VICE will still be getting more review copies of games. Nothing wrong with wanting to understand what the meaning was behind someone's obviously WRONG opinion on the gameplay's improvement over the first game. Vice sucks anyways. IF they give Ghost Of Sushi a 10, VICE will still suck as a news outlet in my opinion. Leftist trash media. If they keep firing more employees like they've been doing, they'll be shut down soon, hopefully. Yes... I dislike Vice very much lol.

42d ago
BillyG0AT42d ago

>wrong opinion

If only you understood what you just said there.

42d ago
bouzebbal42d ago

Journalism bias, but we knew that already .. I have no idea how anyone can enjoy this utter garbage

thejigisup42d ago

What if ghost of tsushima deserves a 10?

sushimama42d ago

What's wrong with Sony asking questions? What's wrong with wanting to understand how they came to their conclusions, when many others did not? You guys are just jumping on any negative news for Sony AND YOU ALL KNOW IT.

Bruh42d ago

Yes you sound very objective

Kiwi6642d ago

But Vice aren't the only ones who have been questioned about their review because they had some criticism of the game so why only pick out those sites and not include the others who gave the game a perfect score but also had some criticism too.

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RgR41d ago

An unshared opinion isn't necessarily a wrong one.
They could say you're opinion on them is wrong as well.
I've seen many other games suffer due to gameplay that is more if the same while others are not affected by the same thing. It varies depending on the reviewer.

Personally don't think more of the same is bad if it was good before.

Marquinho41d ago

That's not right under any point of view... limits the boundaries of coercion. Reviewers must be free to... "review".

Wonder what that rep thought when he saw the overwhelming majority of people who played the game disagree with those "Perfect" reviews.

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-Foxtrot42d ago

Agree with Sony? That’s insane. Why?

It’s a review, why go out there way to message a site like Vice over a review? It’s not like their a big name like IGN or anything.

It reaks of being insecure, Sony shouldn’t have done shit but leave them to it. I mean it sends the message out that you can’t really have an opinion unless it’s X, Y and Z

This defence of the Last of Us 2 is insane now, now we’re like “course they are right to do this his OPINION is wrong, how dare he”

You guys complain about 0/10 reviews on meta critic with no substance and now despite a lengthy review by a journalist who states his opinion that’s not good enough aswell. What are people supposed to do.

RememberThe35742d ago

They asker him why he saw the game the way he did, he responded, they said thanks. End.


Ricegum42d ago

When an opinion is clearly trash and a lot of love and effort has gone into making a AAA product I'm sure you'd be little pissed too. Especially when it completely contradicts all of those 10/10 reviews

TheKingKratos42d ago

They didn't ask him to change the review .. they wanted to know his point of view better ... it didn't even bother him at all even though i think Sony shouldn't have done that because it not worth it

What's wrong with that ?

-Foxtrot42d ago


It's still weird man whatever way you look at this, I can't think of a time they've done this before or been that bothered. Different if the guy reviewing was such a well known industry person or something.


"When an opinion is clearly trash"



"When an opinion CLEARLY doesn't agree with mine"

Nosferatu_dude42d ago

If you would like this game you wouldn't be so mad about this article;)...

Sunny1234542d ago

"Pleasant but unusual". Its not like Sony is harassing them. Whats wrong in asking for opinion. As a matter of fact they should be happy to get such publicity by Sony. Why does everything about this game has to be taken in a negative context? Let it go. It got a great critic meta and had great sales. Move on!

Joe91342d ago

It could be insecurity but based on the writer's response I doubt it. More than likely they did it cause they give a damn and more game companies should do the same instead of pushing out shitty games after shitty games. If his negative opinions help them in their next game then I applaud Sony for checking in. I have not read his review so I can't speak on his opinion but if it is the same as some of the negative reviews talking about SJW and an agenda that is not an opinion that is being a bigot.

averagejoe2641d ago

It's obvious the Vice reviewer didn't even finish the game as they had stuff in they review that made no sense. I would have reached out if I was Sony too. If it want review copies, do it right or you don't get one next time.

Game-ur41d ago

I wounder if there are a few of those Sony PR guys trolling critics over here.

rainslacker41d ago

Sounds like they were seeking clarification on the feedback. Personally, I think that's not a bad thing, although as this article points out, it's highly unusual for a publisher to contact a reviewer on these matters.

So long as they didnt threaten the reviewer or ask him to change it, I dont really see the problem...but I dont know if reviewers are the best people to ask about what could be done better. There is always a user base willing to give ideas free of charge, without having to address them directly.

L7CHAPEL41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

if I'm not mistaken,
a lot of the complaints (I know mine) about metacritic don't come from reviewers, it comes from people that bomb the site and post zeros. particularly people that have never played a game.
that's the problem with metacritic,
I see that as being a completely separate issue.

as far as Sony contacting them?
yeah I do think that's a bit out of line,
you're actually one of the developers that worked on the game, and you have a bone to pick with the guy,
I could kind of see that.
but a representative or somebody that works with the company...
that's not professional, and I think that crosses a boundary, again-IMHO

King_Noctis41d ago

"When an opinion is clearly trash and a lot of love and effort has gone into making a AAA product I'm sure you'd be little pissed too."

It is trash just because you don't agree with the author's POV?

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AspiringProGenji41d ago

This happened before with Firewatch.

IGN complained about no sprint button and docked a couple points for that, then the Firewatch devs responded and clarified that there’s indeed a sprint button, which IGN figured out and then changed the score

Harryvok41d ago

Maybe they wanted clarification so they can use that feedback to improve future games?

Once thing the gaming community has shown clearly is 'please give us stock standard stories and don't try anything new or different with stories and characters or we will be outraged and give you death threats. We'll also review bomb your game without having even played it'.

ThereGoThatManQ41d ago

Just as insane as the amount of people bashing it still.

ssmilloy3641d ago

fox trot always got down votes. a lot of foxbots these days huh

41d ago
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sampsonon42d ago

It's not something we've seen before in their games actually...

Asuka42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

The gameplay was exactly the same as it was 7 years ago + going prone... which isn't bad. But saying it was improved or innovated in some way I would disagree with.

AspiringProGenji42d ago

The dodge system is new in the series. Improvement was not just going prone. There’s also the sandbox which gives a ton of options to deal with enemies. The enemy AI is also one of the best. How is that not an improvement?

rainslacker41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

I think it's highly refined, with a few added game play elements, and pretty well. Melee is also better, although still kind of sucks, especially when you get stuck on the environment somehow.

SyntheticForm41d ago

While it's definitely unusual to contact a reviewer after a review to discuss said review, I think it's fine so long as Sony doesn't attempt to sway or threaten the reviewer in any way.

Harmless inquiry, disagreement, and discussion are just fine.

41d ago
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RazzerRedux42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

lol....disagreeing with a review in a "pleasant" conversation is "petty"?

“I was happy to unpack a bit of my reasoning, however, and received a perfectly cordial message in response,” Zacny said. "

So controversial!

"Zacny said it was unusual because it is."

And he said it perfectly cordial.

Zodiac42d ago

Yeah, an official company representative contacting a reviewer because he they disagreed with the review is weird. Zacny said it was unusual because it is.

DonDon300042d ago

Yes a person can pretend to be cordial while being petty enough to press someone about their opinion. Anyone can pretend to be nice, but it's highly unusual for a professional to press a journalist/writer to argue about their views after a review.

RazzerRedux42d ago


"a professional to press a journalist/writer to argue about their views after a review"

Doesn't sound to me like it was much of an argument at all so no idea why you phrased it that way.

goldwyncq42d ago

Sony Representative is going to make them an offer they can't refuse.

TheKingKratos42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Sleep with the fish😂😂

BillyG0AT42d ago

WHAT? That is shady bro wtf

averagejoe2641d ago

Not shady at all. It has been proven Vice didn't finish the game before writing their review. Sony is in the right here.

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Dragonscale41d ago

Sony isn't in the right at all regardless, they've acted shitty over this stupid game. Copyright striking youtubers for so much as discussing the game and now this. They are out of order tbh.

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JEECE42d ago

Vice reviews video games?

Profchaos41d ago

I think it's like a yeah we played this and it was cool type review not like a IGN or digital foundry review.
It's more the layman person getting a voice for a media outlet that doesn't do much with games

SyntheticForm41d ago

I don't find the fact odd or unsettling, but everyone is getting involved in everything these days.

I honestly wouldn't be shocked if McDonald's or Macy's started reviewing games. I'd have a good laugh but I wouldn't be shocked.