Sony's Secretive Studio In San Diego Hires Naughty Dog Environment Artist

Sony's secretive Visual Arts development studio in San Diego has hired a Naughty Dog Environment Artist, increasing speculation of a new Uncharted game.

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Hakuoro210d ago

I'm really interested to hear about this officially.

Sonic-and-Crash209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

i really hope NOT to be another Uncharted ...i want a different new ip from Sony and their best teams , with PS5 can create so much more...

Uncharted is a PS3 era game and ended perfectly with 4 ...pls dont ruin it and especially dont make us bored to play the same gameplay all over again ....Dont "XboX"-ise Uncharted series (aka continue recycling 3 franchises all and all -Gears , forza , Halo)

leejohnson222209d ago

I want to see as many new ips as possible this gen, I love new worlds and new experiences.

TheCaptainKuchiki209d ago

Unfortunately, since a Uncharted movie will be coming out in a few years, they HAVE to make an Uncharted game to promote it. Otherwise they would have missed a good cross selling opportunity. It worked well for Spiderman.

sushimama209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

I agree mostly. But I still wouldn't mind to see a new Uncharted with Nathan Drake's Daughter as the main character and Nathan Drake himself in a role with her to be like what Sully used to be to Nathan Drake. So it would be the Daughter and Nathan Drake as a "side-kick". I think that idea would be kinda cool

ShadowWolf712209d ago (Edited 209d ago )


Fam, the movies had nothing to do with the game even on a cross-promo level.

-Foxtrot209d ago

If it IS Uncharted then I hope they keep Nadine far away from this

I just want Chloe, Cutter and a Sully cameo

Yodasfavoritesoda209d ago

What are u talking about in a shorter timeframe Sony released 5 uncharted games . They will milk the ip dry and it’s a big success so you can’t blame them

TheCaptainKuchiki206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

@ShadowWolf712 Then you know nothing about marketing. A Spider-man game coming out in 2018, a year after the 2017 movie and a year before the 2019 movie WILL benefit from the massive promo from both movies. Remember ads campaigns start before and continue after a product's release.
Even if the game and the movies weren't sharing a storyline, the simple fact that the "Spider-man" name is pushed everywhere like that will benefit both movies and the game. Also remember that the game was announced in 2016 and a demo was shown at the 2017 E3, just a month before the movie's release.
Think harder next time.

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Sunny12345209d ago

Honestly uncharted series has given us everything It possibly could. It was perfect and no lose ends no cliffhangers no need for a part 5. Focus on a new ip. Wow us like they did with LOU1. Something in space would be good. They would excel it and teach bioware how its done. Or go medieval even. Can't have enough of those.

Orpheo209d ago

So long as they keep Druckmann away.

Game-ur209d ago

Druckmann is like Kryptonite now. Sony can't fire him because that crowed will go after them with accusations. so Sony will just move the talent to a new studio.

travestyj209d ago

Druckmann has directed 3 of the best rated and best selling games of all time for Sony. Yeah I'm sure they are really upset.

rainslacker209d ago

Why would they fire him? He's done nothing wrong. Made games that were approved by Sony to be made, and Sony did give him the go ahead to make the game. Has made very successful games.

They have no cause to fire him. Just because you didn't like a game he made is not reason for him to be fired, and it's shameful that you think that you would even think that is warranted.

morganfell209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

I seriously doubt Sony approved of Druckmann running his mouth on twitter telling people he didn't want them to buy a game. He is a vice president of a subsidiary, not a corporate official. I will bet even odds or better that Evan Wells got a phone call over that. Making a successful game is one thing. Creating angst and controversy is another. And be honest, TLOU2 sold well because of the first game. Watch and see if Druckmann doesn't disappear from the scene for a bit. They won't fire him. Of course not. But he won't be the director on the next couple of games either. People change. They evolve. Not always for the better. Sony has been around long enough to know this. Some game directors have a wear out date. Look at Warren Spector. Classic example. Druckmann is no different.

outsider1624209d ago


I hope he directs part 3.

elazz209d ago

At morganfell:

With the witch hunt of people and the so called boycot people were sure it wasn't gonna sell well. Especially because plot points were clear a month in advance. Yet it still beat expectations.

I still have about an hour to finish the story and I loved the game. Was it as good as the first? No it wasn't. Was it one of the best games this gen. To me it was.
Does it deserve all the hate? I don't think so because a lot of people already came into the game to hate it. Which baffles me why people then bought it with this mindset.

209d ago
sushimama209d ago

You ridiculous kid. If they fired Druckman, then he would get snatched up by Microsoft. That's how amazing of a talent he is.

Game-ur209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

Bruce Starley was the lead on U4 and TLOU1. Its obvious now Starley was the adult pulling the vision together.


usually higher management doesn't follow details like plot development, and just monitor public perception. and up to the games release our perception was great. though one guy that hinted at TLOU2 being a mistake was Shawn Layden, his comments are more likely alluding to this game. he was hinting that if you need to make something like this, make it straight to the point and don't padded it out to hit a game length target.

DreadGara209d ago

Couldn't agree more

rainslacker209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

"usually higher management doesn't follow details like plot development"

LOL. Bulls**t. The producer, who is Sony, would know every detail about what was being done on this game. Upper management would be informed, and given the hate the surrounded this game, and the fact a lot of that hate was centered around the E3 trailer, I'm pretty sure that the Sony upper management was intimately aware of what was in the game. Our perception was great? People complained about the kiss scene. They complained vehemently after the leaks. There were calls for him to be fired for months because of what people heard or thought they knew. Yeah, there were a lot of people looking forward to the game, but this game was not created in a bubble.

Layden's comments were about the production of games in general. Nothing about it hinted at TLOU2. Almost all Sony games this gen were around the same length, if not longer, and most of those were under his reign. This is perhaps the power struggle that was rumored to have left to his departure. Maybe people got it wrong, and he wanted to go that path, while others wanted to keep going the path that was successful for them. Maybe it wasn't part of his reason for leaving at all, and it's just a personal opinion that he had. I don't know, but I'm not going to posit baseless speculation to try and seem like I know what I'm talking about like you are. Even if you are right, who cares what he thought? People still liked the game, and Druckmann has no reason to be fired.

gigzamillion209d ago

You seen the sales numbers for TLOU2, seems more like Druckman is pure gold for Sony.

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Sharky231209d ago

You can say what you want about Druckmann. He took a chance and either you like it or you don’t. It’s not like they were ever gonna do a game with Joel again anyways. Personally I think what he did was brilliant! I mean don’t get me wrong I would have loved if it was different but it made me feel something. It’s just my opinion....

Sunny_D209d ago

Agreed. I think what I could say about the story is that it needed better pacing. The spoilers******** Abby arc was a bit too long.

SurvivorGirl209d ago

Who says they were never going to do another game with Joel ? Joel could have been kept alive through out TLOU 2 & feature in TLOU 3.

morganfell209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

"Who says they were never going to do another game with Joel ? Joel could have been kept alive through out TLOU 2 & feature in TLOU 3."


They could have explored the relationship between Ellie where she really fell into the role of replacing his daughter. The guilt that accompanies such a fortunate event. Instead they wasted him. He was sidelined, reduced to a plot throwaway. Their loss and most of all, ours.

Shane Kim209d ago (Edited 209d ago )


That was kind of what was going on in part 1. You want to play the same game twice?

The Wood209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

They can show the lost years in another game or extension. A lot could happen in those years. Think of it like the non chronological format like that film Memento. Worth a watch

Sunny12345209d ago

Honestly if abbys session was shorter people would have complained that not enough back story. It was the perfect amount imo. Come to think of it the haters are got hate no matter what changes would have been in the story. If they killed abby in the end then other half the community would be disappointed. Its like arguing with a girl when its time of the month. You can never win.

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King_Noctis209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

Uncharted 5 to star Nathan Drake's son, a young gay relic hunter fresh off from university.

I kid.

JokerBoy422209d ago

You kid but you're going to end up being right....

Hakuoro209d ago

If it's a good game and it's fun to play then fine, let them make that game.

S2Killinit209d ago

You kid but some jokers are laughing for all the wrong reasons.

209d ago
King_Noctis209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

Based on the dislike that I got, its like the people here don't like games that rely on LBGTQ characters or something.

Hakuoro209d ago


No, based on the downvotes I think people just don't like your comment.

P.S. you can't say something like that and just add "i kid". People can see through that.

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AngelicIceDiamond209d ago

Druckamnn sold 4 mill in 3 days rolling in the cash for Sony so he's not goin know where.

Stanjara209d ago

And then 80% drop, and will never see numbers of the first game.

Hakuoro209d ago

Stanjara that's pretty normal, Uncharted 4 dropped 78% it's second week and it's managed to sell over 16 million.

outsider1624209d ago


"And then 80% drop, and will never see numbers of the first game."

Someone explain economics to him please.

GreatSako2020209d ago

Honestly, the game would sell well no matter the director or agenda or plot. It basically sold because it is made by ND, pretty graphics, and high quality cinematic feel.

Sony will definitely evaluate what happened with this game and try to change something. No business wants to deal with such headache. If the game can sell well without the bullshit, then they will go ahead and cut the bullshit.

Anyway, I am happy that single player games are selling 15 million+ units. Publishers will finally return to making good games such as TLOU, Uncharted, Resident evil, GOW, Devil may cry, Horizon, Sakiro .... and focus less on all the battle royal/ free to play mtx garbage.

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Snookies12209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

Druckmann co-directed the original Last of Us and Uncharted 4. Not to mention his involvement with Uncharted 1 and 2 as well. Guess you didn't care for those either? Oh wait, obviously Straley or Hennig did everything. They just put Druckmann as co-director or writer on these games for show. Why do people act like he had no hand in creating past Naughty Dog games that everyone seemed to love?

Come on people, the hate for this man is really childish. Especially when he's clearly proven he knows how to write and direct some really amazing games.

209d ago
jznrpg209d ago

@redey3 I live My life instead of caring what others do in theirs .

Bruh209d ago

IDK why people are so angry with Druckman. His job as director isn't to write the game, its create the overall design and system that are going to be put in place. The anger seems to be at narrative decisions, which he wasn't even the lead for lmao. Thats Halley Grossman, not to mention he actually wrote UC4 and TLOU as a lead writer and did a PHENOMENAL job on both games. The dude's talented, I say ND give him a new IP I don't need UC or TLOU for a while

CaptainHenry916209d ago

As long as Nathan Drake story is done

outsider1624209d ago

Ffs! Just fcking move on and stay away from tlou.

You guys with your personal hate. Its so sad.

Sunny12345209d ago

lol. Fire the money making machine Sony. Do it. Just do it.

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ColdSin209d ago

Hopefully not. Uncharted 4 ended on a good note. I hope they explore Sully's past.

V3geta209d ago

Lost legacy was going to revolve around Sully, but they couldn't find the right story for him, so he's at least being considered for future projects.

ziggurcat209d ago

A new IP would be nice instead.

xenz209d ago

Would love a new IP thats Uncharted inspired but different

jznrpg209d ago

I think it will be a totally new story line with a new character .

Elda209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

Hopefully it's something new/original.