The controversies around The Last of Us Part II are overblown

There have been a lot of hot takes on The Last of Us II. There are so many people calling it a crap game, and yet it’s the best-selling Sony exclusive of all time. What’s the deal?

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mrsolidsteel20476d ago

The story is far from bad, the reason some are calling it bad it didn’t go the way they wanted it to go.

You realize all of the naysayers are saying the story dies down during the second half of the game because you play as Abby.

It’s cool but I would like to see one these mindless zealots come up with a better story?

Game-ur476d ago

playing for 10 slow hours after reaching a climax point destroyed the narrative. it was just bad storytelling. people who rate this game high don't care about the story and that's fine graphics are phenomenal and gameplay is decent. but this franchise is based on story and that was an epic fail.

AspiringProGenji476d ago (Edited 476d ago )

The first ellie and Abby encounter was not the climax though. At first it looked like it was going to the the final fight or climax, but it wasn’t. It was better that way rather than switching back and forth between characters every chapter

Krangs_Uncle476d ago

Stop crying. The game is a massive success on every level, and it is mainly people like you who HAVEN'T PLAYED IT saying otherwise.

averagejoe26475d ago

Didn't destroy it for me. In fact, it made it 10 times more interesting. Hmmmm

TKCMuzzer475d ago

Please don’t assume what people think. You know it is possible people liked the story, just because you didn’t doesn’t mean your opinion is gospel. Overall, it’s a better game than the first.

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RgR476d ago

I don't know about the mindless zealots but there are many YouTubers and other people that have presented suggestions on how the story could have been different or told.
I don't know how good those ideas are since I'm sure their Chuck full of spoilers and I want to beat the game first.

Hungryalpaca475d ago

Ah yes. The classic “everyone who didn’t like it are dumb”. Got anything better?

averagejoe26475d ago

Well if people would give actual reasons they didn't like it, and actually played the game, they wouldn't be called stupid.

Want to try again?

BenRC01475d ago

Its just a game. A game with a terrible middle.section.

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Snookies12476d ago (Edited 476d ago )

20 hours in. The game is nothing short of amazing. I'm constantly being blown away every hour or so at all the tiny details and the amount of effort that was put into this thing. Definitely in my top 20, maybe even top 10 best games ever made so far. It just feels so damn good to play, and I can't wait for my next playthrough on Survivor! So far, I've not heard one decent argument as to why people hate this game. Still hearing the whole 'Joel going back with Abby is out of character for him' line being thrown around as the main complaint. Which is completely in line with his character, unless people hate the first game for him going with Henry and Sam as well.

It's one thing to not personally like the game. That's fine, no game is going to please everyone. To act like it's anything less than a 7-8 out of 10 is insane. Naughty Dog clearly poured their all into making this game. And I'm so glad they told the story that they wanted to tell. Rather than playing it safe and making an unoriginal sequel.

Game-ur476d ago

7 is fair. other than story it's all solid to spectacular. going through the flooded city is an immersive experience.

the intent of criticism is to help the writer learn lessons and get better.

TKCMuzzer475d ago

Get better? It’s amazing how people who have had no impact on the game industry can comment on those who have.

OMNlPOTENT476d ago

I feel like it’s a 6/10 after playing through it. Not insane, just didn’t personally enjoy the story at all. There are other issues but they aren’t too bad compared to the story.

TheRealTedCruz476d ago (Edited 476d ago )

You either liked the story arc, or you didn't. There's nothing to be overblown there. There are people enjoying the game, and people hating on the game for a disagreeable progression of the original's story.

AspiringProGenji476d ago (Edited 476d ago )

Abby’s gender, killing dogs, and the violence are way overblown. That’s the irreparable damage that the leaks and youtubers have done. The sex scene was hated because people thought abby was trans, not it was confirmed that she is still a female and the scene is still getting overblown. As if game haven’t had sex scenes before

TheRealTedCruz476d ago (Edited 476d ago )

That's your take. Sure, people made jokes about the trans thing. They did make sure she was the biggest, baddest female of the post apacolypse, outsizing virtually every character the series has featured. People made assumptions there, but that was debunked quickly and just stayed a meme.
We'll just gloss over legitimate criticism from people who simply didn't think the writing held up, or didn't like the narrative they went with. Many legitimate fans feel this way, and it shows in the comments and ratings of videos regarding the game, whether it purely be reviews, or topical.
That's not to address the public lies made by staff of Naughty Dog, altering trailers to lead people to believe characters played larger roles than they did, takedowns on videos that didn't even list the spoilers themselves, attacking the people behind less than stellar reviews on social media. Demonizing the user meta score while never bringing up the thousands of 5 star reviews had on PSN, by people who never yet had a chance to play the game.
The list could probably go on, but I'll stop there.
But no, the issue here was a meme.

TKCMuzzer475d ago (Edited 475d ago )

No offence but why should we take the opinions of people who create accounts, go on meta critic and give a game zero seriously? These are not gamers, their opinion is invalid a soon as they strike zero. It’s like stamping your feet, not being disagreeable.
Don’t talk to me about Youtubers, they have eaten this opportunity for breakfast, they are riding the wave, chasing the views. The amount of nonsense videos made by people just to ride the wave has been embarrassing in regards to gaming.
We want the industry to make adult games, be treated as a serious aren’t form, unfortunately what the internet has proven, the maturity levels are way to low for this to happen.

AspiringProGenji476d ago (Edited 476d ago )

I finished the game yesterday

I love the game and enjoyed every bit of its gameplay and world, but the ending...

That last ellie and joel flashback really hit me, and made me very sad for Joel. He died without his arc being finished which is absurd. He didn’t have to die so soon. I understand Ellie being upset at him but the writers did him dirty by not giving him time to get her forgiveness. Honestly this story would have been better if it was Part 3 or Joel was killed off much later in the game. And even better? He never dies. There was no reason for him to die, or at least not yet.

** Spoilers**
Also I understand what some people mean when they say the game disrespect past characters: first it Was the way Joel was killed ( at first I was over it and gave the game a chance, but after the ending I am upset again), Tommy is suddenly crippled and can’t go with ellie (will probably still be crippled for the sequel ugh) and Ellie loses two fingers? So much loss to let Abby GO in the end? And in the ending she is all alone and loses even more? What was the point of Ellie to go again to kill her? And how letting abby live would cure her PTSD, the thing that made her go back and finish the job? Also How did that Joel’s flashback made her not do it when Joel Himself would have killed anyone who messed up with Ellie? The flashback should been Joel saying “DO IT.” I like dark stories and endings but this one was just shock value over quality.
** end of spoilers**

I also didn’t have a problem with Abby. At times I sympathizes with her, and at times I didn’t. Nothing that ruins the game for me.

I give this game a solid 9/10.
Would play again

DrDeath476d ago

I agree the ending was meh. And i understand that was the point. But still. It was an unsatisfying end for me.

9/10 for me as welp

TKCMuzzer475d ago (Edited 475d ago )

I think thats the whole point, its pretty common for people not to say goodbye or forgive someone before they pass. Ellies story is not about revenge, it’s about regret. The regret of not telling Joel how she really feels about him is what really drives her on. That’s why the end is the way it is, she realised what she is doing is to ease her own conscious and not because she wants revenge, killing Abbey would not resolve this and seeing Joels face just made here realise that.
She has to learn to forgive herself for not telling Joel. Anger is easily brought on from your own regret, revenge is just a cover for anger towards yourself.

Imalwaysright475d ago

If anything Joel's flashback should have made Ellie even more determined to kill Abby because she didn't just kill Joel, she tortured him.

DrDeath475d ago

If i was abby i would have to lol

Wouldnt you?

Imalwaysright475d ago

Wich is irrelevant, my comment was about Ellie sparing Abby.

V3geta476d ago

This game is nothing short of a masterpiece. The vast majority of people who don't like it either didn't play it or already had their mind made up before the game was even released. I say the majority and not everyone because I'm sure there are people who for whatever reason couldn't get into it, which is fine.

Hungryalpaca475d ago

Got anything to back up those claims? I bet you don’t.

V3geta475d ago

Have you seen the user metacritic score ? It was getting zeros the minute people were allowed to post reviews. Like I said, there are people who have played the game and just didn't like it, which is fine, but review bombing something the way "gamers" are doing with this is nothing short of childish.

DrDeath475d ago

Do you have anything to back up it isnt that way? Lol thought so

Cause it is. All 0 reviews the literal second the game released lol

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