Multi-Disc Final Fantasy XIII On 360 Looking Likely

Anyone who bought The Last Remnant on Thursday will have noticed one blatantly obvious thing, it comes on two discs. Now, this might not be that concerning to many people, but it could hint that this could be the way things will be done in the future.

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chaosatom3614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )

If they separate out lands or places into separate discs, then it would suck.
If you wanted to go to some place else, then switch disc, if another, then switch disc again, and another then again.

Good luck Square Enix, lol.

ah la chance, You take it too seriously, I was just saying that it would suck, not ruin the game if that SPECIFIC situation were too happen.

All I am saying is Square Enix needs to solve the problem of Back Tracking if there is any and make the world as huge as possible, so you won't feel the need to go back.
BTW, I have played FF7, FF8, FF9, FF10, and FF12.

AND IF Square Enix is thinking about making it a Open-world, do whatever u want kinda game, then its going to be a problem.
See what i am getting at?

La Chance3614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )

nobody was expecting it to come on 1 disc....and I dont see who really cares...

Anyway I cant wait to get it for my 360 haha , my favourite franchize ever !

SE better not go wrong with this.Its a pity Last Remnant isnt really good but pleeeeaaaase SE dont mess up FF13 !

@chaosatom above : youre either stupid if you think that or youre...well stupid.The PS1 FF games were MAGNIFICENT.Multiple discs didnt in any way spoil the experience and same goes for JRPGS like Baten Kaitos (GC) , Tales of Symphonia (GC) etc etc.
Yo want to tell me PS1 FF's sucked because of multiple dics ?!

I bet youve never played a FF in your whole entire life.

KingDizzi3614d ago

La Chance it is not a good idea to compare games now to 10 years ago, PS3 has moved on in terms of technology yet 360 is stuck in the past. People bringing up that multiple discs were not a problem in the 90's simply shows why blu-ray was an ace decision by Sony.

mikeslemonade3614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )

Polygonal characters also didn't suck 2 generations ago La Chance. The point is technology should advance not stay the same. Also why do you think Last Reminant sucks? I will tell you why it's because Microsoft made Square Enix go multiplatform and the assets were dispersed to fit it on both systems. If FF is your favorite franchise you should be worried. FF versus 13 however is exclusive and will be the best game.

ultimolu3614d ago

LaChance...that was at least 10 years ago. We're close to the year 2010. Do you *still* want to keep changing disks when technology is advancing so quickly?

It was okay back then but

Rigmaster3614d ago

This really is a shame the game is going to be ruined by the gimped 360 7GB DVD size.

BluRay discs are 25GB/50GB

Even if they gimp the gameplay to work with 3 7GB and disc swapping it is still smaller than just a single sidded BluRay disc.

This really should have been a technical masterpiece like MSG4 with two 50GB BluRays and real next gen PS3 level graphics.

They have pretty much made it clear that they are giving up on the amazing quality they had in the past and are now targeting lowest common denominator cross platform crap. If they really cared about gamers they would have come out with a real next gen graphically amazing PS3 version and then let some other company do a downgraded port to work on the weaker 360.

will113614d ago

IF your gonna buy the PS3 version, Press Agree. If your gonna buy the 360 version, Press Disagree.

thenickel3614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )

I couldn't agree with you more LAchance and can't believe that you got so many disagrees. This site is nothing more then fanboy overdose and lies!

Edit below Super M: First of all I'm not a fanboy and enjoy games as a whole you idiot! I've purchased more PS3's then probably anybody including yourself) on this site and plan on picking up a few this holiday as gifts. The problem is PS3 fanboy's think there always right and that's were I draw the line and distance myself from such rude arrogant behavior.

arika3614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )

it's going to be like this on last remnant.

insert disc one... bzzz..whirl.. downloading... then while playing the game you are about to end world 1 then you have to go to world 2, it would say "insert disc two"...... bzzz..whirl.. downloading... then while playing on world 2,(you know how rpgs are you do a lot of back tracking) so when you want to go back to world 1. it will say "insert disc 1"..... bzzz..whirl...downloading... and so on and so forth.. lol
well at least you get some exercise good luck!

oh and btw ff13 is going to be on five discs.. will even beat wii

SuperM3614d ago

How come fanboys complain about other people being fanboys?

god i hate hypocrites

La Chance3614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )

Yeah, anyway I dont even care anymore , this is N4G.

Theyre saying its a thing of the past.They said the EXACT same thing about rumble when the PS3 came out.

Now look , they all ran out to buy a DS3.

Anyway still cant wait for FF13 :).Been waiting for soooo long.

253614d ago

if the roles were reversed sony would get ripped to shreds. but since its microsoft we're talking about somehow its ok. same with the rrod issue. microsoft seems to be getting a lot of free passes this gen.

InMyOpinion3614d ago

I'll just install it then. Problem solved.

bushfan3614d ago

we don't really know so much about the gameplay and world..or linear worlds.
So like the olds ps1 days you will not be allowed to go anyway in first disk..and in the last disk all the towns must be closed.
there are redundant data that could take around 2 or 3 gig in every disk.
So in the end we don't really know anything, we must wait to see the gamplay or the demo to make a judge about the long and complexity of the game, but by far the game will use a lot of CGI ..if not it wouldn't be a FF game

ultimolu3614d ago

Give me the names of the people who said rumble was last gen?
That has nothing to do with the discussion.

thenickel3614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )

Of course they would get ripped to shreds because there the one's claiming that only 1 disc is needed. And what do you mean MS is getting free passes when there the one's getting ripped for the rrod when it wasn't even as big as ps1 and ps2 issues back in the day. I'm sorry but that free pass argument is a stupid one to try and bring up.

Edit below:1st generation PS1 the laser lense reader would fail within 6 months to a year. Ps2 had it's faults to if you would do a little research. You must be very young or seriously in denial to dispute my claims.

CloudsEnd3614d ago

First of all, i never heard of any PS2 and PSX Issues, i got 8 PS2 and 5 PSX, all of them are working just fine and never had any problems.
When i buy 10 XB360 i know 3 wont last long... That shouldnt happen.
Even if the PS2 had Issues, they werent Console Killing.

arika3614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )

xbox 360 is now going to be the most backward comparable(take note, not backward compatible), because it can be compared to ps1 days using multiple disc on a ff game. you know what i still haven't finish my ff 7 game because i lost one of my five disc included in the game.
just keeping it real my fellow gamers, because when technology is concerned you want to move forward and not backwards.

InMyOpinion3614d ago

"Now, rumble I think was the last generation feature; it's not the next-generation feature. I think motion sensitivity is."

Phil Harrison

iamtehpwn3614d ago

Multidisc is SO PS1.
But Lets Face it. If Lost Odyssey for 4 disc, FFXIII will be 4-6.

Lol. I guess. You can buy FFXIII 360 if you want to go retry and try to relive FF7/8/9 with multiple discs, but I'm going to try to move forward with life.

iamtehpwn3614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )

I double posted.

253614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )

if you haven't seen the media biased toward the 360 then you need to take your rose colored glasses off. and just so u don't think im just some ps3 fanboy:

La Chance3614d ago

lol bubble up.Now lets wait and see what Juuken is gonna say hahaha.

You shouldnt have tried to act like you didnt know what I was I talking about Jukken , I fangirl like yourself knows very well how "last gen" rumble is euh...was

RRoDReaper3614d ago

Between a controller vibrating and switching discs, which one is more inconvenient???

devilhunterx3614d ago

Rumble is last gen technology, just like DVD. And Phil was right, last gen introduced Rumble to consoles, this gen introduced Motion sensing, oh wait, some didnt get the memo

Karum3614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )

So now game installs are a good idea?

God I love some of the clowns on this site lol.

I just thought of something. Would installing them to the 360 HDD actually solve the disc changing problem? Don't you have to have the disc in the drive in order to be able to use the installed game? Not a flame just a genuine question. I'd guess maybe they'd pnly require you to keep disc 1 or something in the drive in that case...would make sense.

Traveler3614d ago

Having the option to copy a game to your hard drive is GOOD, being forced to partially install a game to your hard drive just to be able to play it is BAD. When are people like you going to understand that? Probably never, as your PS3 fanboy egos can't take it.

Erotic Sheep3614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )

Ouch.. talk about some ownage there. You got it right in the face LaChance and Karum is giving you the finishing slap.

Oh and above.. the thing is most 360 owners were going "HAR HAR INSTALLZ", yet now that it became a function of the 360 everyone is praising it and probably doing it as well. I haven't seen anyone say "oh noes dont want teh installz becus its bad", because its not a disadvantage at all. Well except in the 360 case since it made Halo 3 even SLOWER after installing (rofl, no really.. ROFL), gotta love Microsoft for always finishing half work \o/

ultimolu3614d ago


I meant PS3 fans in general. Of course Sony said that. I remembered them mentioning that a while ago.

You're too predictable. :)

Karum3614d ago

What's bad about it?

If it helps the game run better so be it, if it prolongs the life of the media drive so be it. The install also is not permanent, the data can be deleted. You can also bung a 500GB HDD in there for less than $100. But you see the thing is that any good developer's game doesn't require large installs. LBP's install is minimal, Motorstorm 2's is minimal, Uncharted is one of the best looking games this gen and has no/minimal install. Look at the games that have large installs, the vast majority are 3rd party games that take shortcuts.

Your only point/argument is that it that multiple game installs eat up precious space. This is only an issue for people with a 20GB and possibly a 40GB hard drive. When my HDD was only 60GB I had a ton of PSN games, a bunch of BR games with installs and a hell of a lot of music along with a couple of movies on my HDD with plenty of space to spare. In fact movies don't even need copied to the HDD, they are easily streamed from my PC should HDD space, for some strange reason ever become a problem.

Game installs on PS3 isn't that huge of an issue and I'm not sure how 360 fanboy clowns can keep claiming it is. The same moronic, ignorant kids would also have you believe the PS3 doesn't have many games which would also lend weight to the argument that such installs are a non factor.

Point is, no matter the circumstance, game installs have their advantages and means of convenience. For developers too lazy/stupid to code correctly on the PS3 it's convenient to have an install, for a multi-disc game it's convenient for the user to install the entire game on the HDD and berating Sony because developers can't code right yet being a champion of the feature on MS'console in the way that idiots like you and Jenzo have done/are doing is nothing short of ignorant and hypocritical. Heck I'll even throw moronic in there.

Danja3614d ago

I bet if the situation was the complete opposite , the 360 fanboiys would be dogging Sony/PS3 like it's judgement day..

I dont think in this day and gamers should be swapping discs during gameplay thats so 10 years ago...and if FF12 is anything to go by , then im petty sure FF13 will also have an open world game so I dont see how SE is gonna handle that problem.

I dont see how ppl can even think of trying to compare FF13 to FF7....that would mean the 360 is also in the same league as the

M$ is pulling down SE in the mud..and those greedy bastards are too busy filling there pockets with bribe money to realise how far they have fallen....atleast FF Versus wont be gimped

Bladestar3614d ago

"But Lets Face it. If Lost Odyssey for 4 disc, FFXIII will be 4-6. " mmm... if your logic is correct that we are going to expect multiple blu-ray discs for the PS3 version... I mean 6 (discs) x 9 (gb) = 60GB... I can be wrong but no PS3 game is offered on a 60GB+ disc.. and again I can be wrong but it's not like a developer can just wake up and say, "I want a 100GB disc" there is a process.

"insert disc one... bzzz..whirl.. downloading... then while playing the game you are about to end world 1 then you have to go to world 2, it would say "insert disc two"...... bzzz..whirl.. downloading... then while playing on world 2,(you know how rpgs are you do a lot of back tracking) so when you want to go back to world 1. it will say "insert disc 1"..... bzzz..whirl...downloading... and so on and so forth.. lol
well at least you get some exercise good luck! "

lol! I wouldn't go there... because if Metal Gear 4 is any indication the PS3 version can be like this...

"insert disc one... bzzz..whirl.. install (10 minutes)... then while playing the game you are about to end world 1 then you have to go to world 2, it would say "Install"...... bzzz..whirl.. install (10 minutes)... then while playing on world 2,(you know how rpgs are you do a lot of back tracking) so when you want to go back to world 1. it will say "Install" (because you had to delete that install to play another game that also requires install)..... bzzz..whirl...Installing... and so on and so forth.. lol"

Please let's stop with the bull... everyone knows that what makes games huge are the cut scenes... game assets don't... this is the reason why a game Like Metal Gear solid needs a 50GB disc and only have 5 hours of gameplay... and a game like Mass Effect and Fallout can push 40 hours of gameplay and fit on a DVD9.
If the developers cut down on the pre-rendered cut scenes or adding every single language known to man (ala heavenly sword which was also a very short game) the game fit just fine.

The disc swapping are less of a problem now that people can install their games on their hard drive if they care about not swapping disc...but regardless it a matter of choice.. the extra space on the PS3 discs do not come without a trade.... most game and FFXIII will be one... require mandatory installs that take way longer (waiting to install) than to simply swap the disc...

I rather have 4 disc game than to have an initial mandatory install of 12 minutes and then various consecutive install after chapters...

CrazzyMan3614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )

1. Every x360 game use only ~7GB of DVD disc space, the rest goes for SECURITY(that easy to finad out - just look how much x360 images take place).

2. Atleast 1GB will be used for data dublication, explaining - same battle music on all discs, same textures and etc.

Overall, it`s just 6GB in best case left for a BIG game.
AND that is 8 DVDs, if FFXIII will USE Full 50GB Blu-ray space and if x360 won`t get dumped version.

If you want to play FFXIII ON x360, then you will, BUT 95% FANS of FFXIII definitely will chose superior version - PS3.

Firstkn1ghT3614d ago

The ps3 has moved forward while the 360 is stuck in the past???? Who is the one that has to have mandatory installs? LMAO! Please!!! I used to do that on my pc in the 80's.

CrazzyMan3614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )

IF INSTALLS is a GOOD thing(i heard, that MANY xbox360 owners install games like GTA 4, LO, ME, Fable 2 and etc. to reduce load times) then,

Mandatory GOOD is better then optional GOOD.

wallace10003614d ago

A game has to be on one disc otherwise it will be horrible, plus the game will be even better if that one disc is a blu ray right? Baldur's Gate was awesome and that was 5 CDs, more than one disc is not a big deal.

xhi43614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )

hey guys me 2! I love swapping discs............BAHAHAHAHAHAH AHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA

BAHAHAHAHA it just keeps on getting worse and worse for the 360

The PS3 =

Insert Little Big Planet
Insert Killzone 2
Insert God of War 3
Insert FFXIII Versus
Insert Heavy Rain
Insert War Devil
Insert Infamous
Insert Uncharted 2
Insert Gran Turismo 5

Xbox 360 =

Insert Disc 1
Insert Disc 2
Insert Disc 3
Insert Disc 4
Insert Disc 5

Or for 1 disc = 8 hour long game........YAY =D bahahahahahahahaha

LOL its suchh a great time to own a PS3. DAMN =D bahahaha

xhi43614d ago



1. Put in Disc
2. Play
3. An hour or two in the game, your loving the game sooo much its sooo much fun and your thrilled beyond belief, the lights are off, your feet up are up, your all relaxed, then the screen goes black and asks for disc 2
4. Put the controller down
5. Get Up
6. Turn the lights on
7. Look for the Case
8. Open the Case
9. Look for Disc 2 out of the 12 that were given
10. Take It out
11. Eject Current Disc
12. Put in Disc
13. Close the case and store away
14. Turn off the lights
15. Sit back down
16. Put your feet back up
17. Find the Controller
18. Wait for it to register the new Disc
19. Press Play and Resume
20. Repeat this process 6-12 more times every few hours or every time you go to a different area.

The PS3

1. Put in Disc
2. Press Play
3. Install for 5 minutes
4. Sit back, play for as long as you want without even getting up. Perfection.

Which do you prefer?

If you choose the first one........God Help You. Or your just ignorant? Or a blind fanboy..........ah your loss.

wallace10003614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )

I never said that i enjoyed switching discs, i merely pointed out that it is not as big a deal as some people are making it out to be.

airheadluffy3614d ago

well if square enix does what they say theyre going to do then the ps3 version shouldnt be gimped. i doubt that will happen because the devs still have to think how to port the game to the 360 so they cant go all out on the ps3. i dont really care what happens with ff13. im not a big fan of jrpg's, but i do like Action rpg's like kingdom hearts.

please stop it with the 5 hours of gameplay in mgs4. honestly, thats getting old. yes i know the cutscenes were about 10 hours long total, but only the people who rush the game can finish in 5 hours. if you play through it casually you'll have about 10-15 hours of gameplay.

phosphor1123614d ago

Let me wave my 1TB penis...err...HDD in your face.

$100 = 1TB HDD for ps3..
$100 = 120G HDD proprietary bullcrap for 360.
Oh and I dont care if it got a price drop, its still over priced crap.

InMyOpinion3614d ago

Conclusion: Switching discs on the 360 is a big deal if you don't own a 360.

Alex_Mexico3614d ago

You, sir, are a complete idiot.
First of all, Metal Gear Solid 4 lasts around 20 hours of first time playtime including all the cutscenes. All non interactive events of this game clock 8 hours, dude. Not 15. Even then, 12 hours of pure gameplay is what? Twice as much as some shooters including their cutscenes like Gears 1.
Now the initial install was indeed 10 minutes long but each next install between chapters was only 2 to 3 minutes long, not even 5. So check your facts right before spewing posion. And except for a few flashbacks and the intro movie MGS4 uses no prerendered cutscenes. Almost all of them are made with the ingame engine so that's not what takes all the space. Its the actual content that does. MGS4 uses next to NO jrpg-like cutscenes. Damn, try and get your truths right before trolling here, ass.

DocEvil3614d ago

Holy she-ite, this topic is a huge effing fanboy circle jerk, bu-ka-ke style. I feel like I'm going to get fanboy jizz ricochet splatter squirting out of the slot of my ps3. I just lived through two console generations of disc swapping on the ps1 and ps2 not to mention decades of it on the pc. Who cares if a gamer has to get up every two hours to change a disc which someone above actually managed to turn into a 20 effing step program!!!! Maybe we can hook you all up to an effing iron lung so you don't have to breathe for yourselves either! How effing lazy are you people?! Do you even have the right to call yourself a gamer after ripping apart disc changes that take 10 seconds to do every couple of hours?!?! P-a-t-h-e-t-i-c.

jaysquared3614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )

"IF your gonna buy the PS3 version, Press Agree. If your gonna buy the 360 version, Press Disagree.
Agree(194) | Disagree(20) "

LOL! Sure is a lot of PS3 fans on this site! Man don't you guys have games to play? Lol oh yeah nobody bought LBP and those who did are are obviously bored of it and thats why they are on the net to bash the 360 since LBP was a big dissapointment. Socom is broken and Resistance 2 just plaint out suck! MGS4 is just short and MGO sucks! I feel sorry for you guys but hey you always have N4G and your PS3 fan peers to make you feel about your Blu Ray player!

"Let me wave my 1TB penis...err...HDD in your face.

$100 = 1TB HDD for ps3..
$100 = 120G HDD proprietary bullcrap for 360.
Oh and I dont care if it got a price drop, its still over priced crap."

First of all i'm not trying defend MS and how they rip off their customers because $100 for 120gb hard drive is a rip off. But there currenlty isn't 2.5' 1 TB hard drive out and if there is its not $100.. There is a a 500 gb HD but not 1 tb so get your facts straight...

bakasora3614d ago

How would they squeeze in the whole world in 1 disc. In the game developer perspective I have to make some area an one-time-go only.
Do you know what I mean?

Sarick3614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )

The FF7 most of the reasons for having multi-disk was for the MOVIES.

All the disk had the basic game world. The only big difference was the large movies. :)

So basically what SE does is have the main game on both disk and the movies between the disk once you get to that point in the game where the movies are no longer needed the game ask for a disk change.

Lets say you have 6 big movies on a game.

It waste disk space because all the disk need to duplicate data between each disk. So if you have a blu-ray with 50gb and 5gb is the basic engine on one disk it takes up 5 GB. When it's on multi disk that 5GB needs on each of the disk. So if you have a 4 DVD set 15 GB gets wasted, unless the 5gb is installed on the HDD.

Disk 1 > The basic game engine and movies 1-4.
Disk 2 > The basic game engine and movies 5 and 6.

Not sure but I think most of the game engine and world is on every disk. Only chapter specific content is placed on the disk. This way if your on chapter 4 the chapter 1-3 content isn't needed. Even if you need to backtrack the basic world and game engine is on every disk.

Thugbot1873614d ago

I will say almost all of the 360 JRPG gamers realized it was going to come on a multi disc... and we don't care. After all they been coming on multi disc since last generation and we have had Lost Odessy and Blue Dragon come out on several disc... More than 4. Not a big deal since the disc are switched as the story advances.

Now to the PS3 gamer this may come as a shock or looked down on but it doesn't mater to us 360 gamers.

kwyjibo3614d ago

The fact that your irrefutable argument has garnered more disagrees than agrees is indicative of the imbecilic nature of the N4G audience.

An audience and attitude which is shaped by the broken commentary system. Allowing idiot partisan views to self replicate by a backslapping bubble system, so that a tiny imbalance in viewpoints leads to the minority being drowned out indefinitely.

Grim Fandango, 2 disks, was awesome. Multiple disks does not detract from a game's quality, a poor implementation of disk swapping can, but this is Square Enix's flagship franchise. I doubt that they'll mess this one up, and even if they do, it'll still sell in the millions and the fans will defend it to the hilt.

Unless it tries something new that is, then they'll all hate it.

danarc3614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )

@1.34 [Firstkn1ghT]

PC's still do that now though. So by that logic, PS3 was 2-3 years ahead of its time.

Nice try though.

ultimolu3614d ago

True, but when technology is you really want to keep swapping disks?

Bladestar3614d ago

"True, but when technology is you really want to keep swapping disks? " lol! Installing software in your computer is so 19080's... hell new Programming languages for the computer are pushing software to not require installation... for example, Java machine and .net framework... Why should people have to install a software before using it?

How can you call waiting 10 minutes while a game install an advancement over a 30 seconds disc swapping?

Game consoles should be improving the time people having to wait before they can start playing their games (Loading, etc). I mean if Sony could of remove the need of multiple disc but not at but not adding the side effect of mandatory installs than I would say, "WOW!".
Mandatory installs push us back 20 years! ohh wow mandatory installs are so next gen... now I have to wait 10-15 minutes before I can play a game...

The other day I went to Gamestop and ask the guy to let me preview MGS for the PS3 and he said, "SOrry... we can't that requires an install and we can to that for everyone that wants us to show them a game.".. go one ask them... how is that advance?

Now, next gen when who knows the blu-ray drive on next gen are... mmmm... 8x faster than the blu-ray on the PS3 and mandatory installs are not required... than yeah... down with disc swapping! but I am not trading waiting for time for waiting for less. That's just stupid.

wallace10003613d ago (Edited 3613d ago )

I know my friend it is rather sad. All i said is that a game doesn't have to be on one disc to be good, and provided an example of a past game that was excellent and it was on 5 discs. I even got an ignore out of that comment so i must have hit a nerve somehow. Are examples bad or something?
It is very true what Jenzo said previously too, a 360 game coming out on multiple discs seems to be greatly opposed by PS3 owners and not 360 owners which strikes me as very strange.
If something was happening on the PS3 that i didn't like, it wouldn't bother me because i don't own one. Some people around here just go on a mad offensive when they don't like something on a system that they don't like.

kopicha3613d ago

what a moron you are really. honestly this thread make me laugh a lot. thanks for the laughs before i continue futher. ROFL~

firstly you dont even understand about your own 360 before crapping your way out there. dual layer dvd that 8.4gb not 9gb. and fyi the free space on each dual layer dvd that developer have access to is between 6-6.5GB. MS uses more than 2gb of data on the disc up front to store their necessary stuffs. and this thing has been verify by John Carmack himself which he did mention sometime ago. Just go look up on the interview about ID's latest FPS thats going to debut on both PS3 n 360.

Next thing is dual layer DVD is 50gb not 60gb. you said no game uses it. please do some research first fanboy before creating non existence facts. MGS4 is running on a dual layer 50gb blu-ray.

Next thing its obvious you dont have MGS4. Let me tell you there are almost as much cut scenes in Eternal Sonata but it fit onto a dual layer DVD as well. so you can take this bull crap of yours away. more over its clearly you dont have a ps3 and never experience the full mgs4 before you talk. there are actually not many pre-rendered cut scenes in MGS4. most of them are running real time. real time cut scenes are scripted not pre-recorded you retard. so that is not the main factor that took up all the space.

lastly your fact about installing n multi disc is vastly inferior. firstly the only game at this point that i can think of that has a mandatory install and have a short install at later tine is MGS4 and its done per chapter. more over you are doing a lot of over claims made up by yourself. installation is not more than 8mins initial. and less than 2mins every chapter. and in between the game it has almost no load time. i think you are forgetting about loading time here my friend. if you realize most 360 games load slower than ps3 games becuz of install. if you add up those time in long term who benefits? you are just another retard who likes to say look 360 is cheaper than ps3 but did not put into acct like you pay for your hdd, you pay for your online free and you pay for your wifi adapter and adding those up in long term you actually paid so much more.

you can enjoy your swapping. its just a good laugh for me. i have both 360 n ps3. and this game for sure if i am going to buy i will buy the ps3 version. i rather pop in the disc have the first install( if there is one) then i can sit back and relax the whole game without even getting up to do stupid swaps which is unnecessary. lol

Bladestar3613d ago (Edited 3613d ago )

lol.. first, I would like to apologize I probably hurt your feelings to get you to get all personal on me and rain a bunch of personal installs (sorry I meant insults) because I do not share the same opinion and love for Sony as you... I guess you are not used to people not agreeing with your believes? Where you from North Korea? Good thing I'm not near you I'm wouldn't want to get staved in the back because I do not love Sony.

"i rather pop in the disc have the first install( if there is one) then i can sit back and relax the whole game without even getting up to do stupid swaps which is unnecessary" How many days do you pass before swapping a disc on your PS3? I currently own lots of xbox 360 games... I have so many games I enjoy playing that I do not play a single game for more than 2 hours... I think I am starting to understand why you Sony fans are so against disc swapping... it seems that you leave the only good game you have in your disc tray for months before a new game worth of playing come out... so you do not see it as natural to actually disc swap.

You speak of disc swaps as if you do not have to do it to play other games. I remember playing Infinitive undiscovery and swapping discs to play many other games before it asked me for disc #2.

You are acting as if Sony sells one big blu-ray disc that comes with all the games.

This is the reason why xbox 360 gamers do not mind the disc swapping... there is way too many games and they tend to swap disc to play other games that they do not see the big deal when a game ask them to be insert another disc after many hours of gameplay... I guess PS3 owners can't say the same... they probably have Metal Gear sealed on their PS3 that the console plays the game even when you take the disc out.

Anyways.. dude bottom line... I rather have disc swapping than installs... disc swapping take significantly less time than mandatory installs. Not to mention that the xbox 360 allow optional install for games that have multiple discs which means. And no... PS3 games that require installs do not load faster than the xbox 360 that do not... as matter of fact games like GTA4 prove this to be a lie. of course can you give us a link that prove that PS3 games load dramatically faster than games?

One thing is certain and this is already a proven facts... Games install on the xbox 360 load way faster than PS3 games that require mandatory install.. plenty of you tube video to prove it.

BlackTar1873613d ago

you comment and comment and never ebuttle or pass over all improtant call outs to you. If you r gonna be a troll be fair and read and reply to peoples questiosn you look sad when you obv. overlook certain points in someones post but ref others. SAD SAD SAD

kopicha3613d ago (Edited 3613d ago )

honestly blade... i have no issues with you personally. i dont know about your "sony fan" is referring to me or what but if you are then i am sorry to tell you that you dont know me. i have a 360 myself and i give love to my 360 too. but lets be fair if you dont have a ps3 you honestly dont deserve to comment stuffs about it. i love both of my consoles. and i feel that each of them deserve respect in places where they deem to have for unlike how bias you are against particularly ps3. i would never agree with someone who only own a ps3 start bashing on stuffs about 360 which is not true either. this is why i talk in gamer's zone and not open zone. if you really like bashing that much and have a particular hate over one brand you shouldnt even be talking in this zone in the first place. if you think swapping is fine for you thats fine by me since its not my problem that you love to swap while i dont. as for me i love to move forward. we are talking in the generation where a full hd movie is being watch on only one disc. if swapping isnt an issue, dvd would have lost svcd back in those days. if you love to stay in those age go ahead by all mean. its not for me to care :) lastly which country i am from doesnt matter. as real gamers unite which doesnt matter where they are from. you probably need to watch your word a bit before you go way off the line and start being racist. peace out~ :)

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PirateThom3614d ago

As long as the box isn't a big mess of random discs thrown in like Lost Oddyseey for the US, I doubt anyone will care.

I certainly don't care, since I'll only have 1 disc to contend with.

CloudsEnd3614d ago

Hell yes, why not using a Box with enough place for 4 DVD...

thor3614d ago

This is obvious.

But I don't think it will be that bad that you have to swap disks.

The PS3 will probably come with installs between chapters like MGS4 which are MORE ANNOYING than simply putting a new disk in. Especially when you want to change from chapter 3 to 1 and back again. Multiple disks is fine.

My only concern is that the game will have to be restructured (i.e. like in earlier FFs where not all the world map was available to explore because it couldn't all fit on a CD) and that it will end up worse due to the multiple disks. This is quite likely and they will have to design the game around multiple sections/disks, dumbing down the PS3 version.

Myst-Vearn3614d ago

has said million times that they are making it for the PS3 first using the machine's full potential THEN porting it to the 360

so if there is going to be a dumbed down version it will be the 360's

Rigmaster3614d ago

Of course they aren't going to admit they are downgrading the game to run on the gimped 360 storage format and massively weaker graphics hardware.

Maybe the PS3 version will get some token high quality audio, but there is no chance in hell they aren't downgrading all the art to be able to run on the weaker 360 so they don't have to redo everything. Also the gameplay is going to have to be gimped to work around who know how many discs the 360 is going to require.

PotNoodle3614d ago

If it is open world, the only way they would be able to do it is just have a large install before you start the game.

die_fiend3614d ago

Lol 360 has massively weaker graphics. Which games on the PS3 look better than Gears 2 again?

thor3614d ago

Why do I get disagrees?

MGS4 set a precident for installs between acts.
FF13 may well follow that trend.

If you tell me they are not going to at least consider the 360's limitations when designing the game for the PS3, I'm afraid you are mistaken. They might make it for PS3 first, sure, but they know that they are going to make it for 360 and some of the design descisions may reflect this.

And can someone kindly explain how swapping disks is annoying? Compared to installs which take longer?

ultimolu3614d ago

Uncharted, MGS4...
Wait, hold on, I better not mention anymore.

sinncross3614d ago

If Konami just let us make the initial install bigger then we wouldn't have that problem. That was just their way of alleviating the overall size of the main install and it seemed like a good idea but was a tad annoying.

RyuStrife3614d ago

I don't think the problem with installs or swapping CD has anything to deal with the game. The thing these developers are making you do is to rest between a few hours of game playing. They're always saying you should never play games too long and take a break every once in a while. In this case, the installs for MGS4 was to force you to take a break. Same thing with disc swapping, why does it save everytime you have to switch the disc? It's to force you to rest up after a few good hours of playing. Now some people have issues with that, but I guess they did it for the "good" of us. I don't know about you, but if I'm playing games I really enjoying, I tend to forget about hunger and skip meals. So I don't find any problem with installing in between or swapping discs in between.