DIRT 5 First Look, Featuring Wheel and Pedal Cam

Stephen Dawson of GameGrin takes a look at the upcoming racer from DIRT 5 in an early preview build graciously provided direct from Codemasters.

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anonymousfan34d ago

I might be one of the few excited about this feature but I love the addition of 4 player splitscreen support with more accessible driving than the Dirt Rally series.

sizeofyou34d ago

I am too.
Played Dirt Showdown recently on XBX with a couple of friends locally. And old as it looks now, it was an entertaining thrash for the evening...

anonymousfan34d ago

Oh! I didnt know showdown had splitscreen. That does seem like fun! I wish Wreckfest had splitscreen! The demolition derby would be a total blast as local coop game!

sizeofyou34d ago Wreckfest. Sheer wrecking fun. Well done. Hope there's a sequel with even more variety and PS5/XBSX power!

IRetrouk33d ago

Confirmed to have a 120fps mode on ps5 now too, via official uk playstation mag.