The Last of Us Part II Character Abby Was Meant to Be Hated

Warning: Spoilers up ahead

Game director Neil Druckmann shared that the character Abby in The Last of Us Part II was actually meant to be hated by everyone.

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Game-ur42d ago

this part is major success. we call all agree on that.

sampsonon41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Check this out. It is the best understanding of both the game and it's controversy
It's never been explained better before.

Game-ur41d ago

Video should be called Rationalization TLOU2.

and If you need to link a video explaining the game than that is proof the director failed. Druckerman was supposed to convey all that through his work not through his apologists.

bouzebbal41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

All characters are hatable.. Story never managed to pick up.. Main character dies after so much complicity in first game , he dies so fast in split second. Dialogues are so poorly written.
Felt like a huge challenge mode from TLOU1 from enemy wave to another.. Game director the moron being so arrogant thinking his game is flawless that he found nothing else than add sex into it.. Absolute garbage..

sampsonon41d ago

@Game-ur: No, i linked you a video because you're stupid. I thought Pretty pictures would help your small brain process the basic storytelling ND wrote. But i see you are just ignorant.

You are right. People shouldn't have to explain such a basic story.
Too bad your ignorance got in the way. That is explained here
But then again, you're never going to understand any form of literature unless it is paint by numbers.

Game-ur41d ago


chill bro.
all the vitriol and anger is coming from Druckerman fans. guy is a hack not a misunderstood genius. the esteem you give this bad story is all made up in your head.

bloop41d ago

You don't have to be a literary genius to understand the plot of this game, and it's ridiculous to throw around the notion that people didn't get it if they didn't like it. ND did something radical which a lot of people liked, and a lot of people hated. You're trying to explain to someone why their own opinion is wrong. Personally, I didn't like it. I didn't care for any of the new characters ND introduced, including Abby, and the entire plot after Joel's untimely death was predictable and all events after that were sticking out a mile. Telling people they didn't understand it isn't going to change their opinion.

bouzebbal41d ago

Sampsonon, kind of guys you insult his mom he's okay with it.. But don't touch a boring ass virtual character. You get called stupid!
Grow up. Let people say what they think

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Harryvok41d ago

By the end of the game i was actually more sympathetic to Abby than i was to Ellie.

seanpitt2342d ago

No she wasn’t they did there upmost for you to Sympathies towards Abby haha they just know by the reaction of the people there plan didn’t work whatsoever and it backfired.. they thought they had the talent to pull this off and sadly they didn’t.

dnAWE41d ago

She's meant to be hated in the first half, and then you're meant to be challenged on that initial knee jerk reaction. In some ways you're meant to love or hate her by the end as much as you're not meant to love her or hate her by the end. It's up to you, the player. There is no right or wrong when it comes to this choice....

If you ask me, Abby is the Ellen Ripley of videogames. Strong, independent, grounded, and when she throws a punch I believe it hurts as much as she want it to.

xer041d ago (Edited 41d ago )

I loved playing her story more than Ellies. The boss fight and skirmishes were a lot more exciting.
I want to see her in Part 3.

While I hated her to begin with... I did sympathize with her - after playing in her shoes.
She lost everything but found redemption in Lev.

dnAWE41d ago

I certainly sympathised with her but found the Lev & Yara storyline to be a bit of a sudden shift. When she went back to rescue them I just kept asking myself "Why...".

xer041d ago (Edited 41d ago )


After killing Joel, i think she was out to reclaim her capacity for good.
Lev & Yara were just the means.

Adexus41d ago

Completely agree, I found myself liking Abby way more than Ellie which, at the beginning, I never expected to happen.

Would be really cool to have Abby and Lev the center of Part 3 since Ellie's story feels quite finished to me.

41d ago
goldwyncq41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

I thought they deliberately made Abby’s section more fun to play so that players would easily empathize with her.

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Game-ur41d ago

"you're meant to be challenged on that initial knee jerk reaction."

sorry I needed to be more thoughtful reacting to Abby torturing an old man to death.

and also ignore her indifference to the killing of children.

and ignore she was about to participate in genocide.

and ignore she went for revenge again and killed another of Ellies friends.

and ignore she was about to murder a pregnant teenager.

I need to go offline for a while and reflect on my emotional processes.

Redemption-6441d ago

This game really hurt yours feeling that much? You are in a lot of articles about this game, with multiple comments. Quite entertaining and sad at the same time. Never knew a made up story in a video came can mind fuck some people like that.

Enturax41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

*rolls eyes* do people really need to repeat same "independent wahmen" crap after DECADES of fictional women being badasses??

Also, no, Ripley was nowhere near as buff. In fact, I still believe that Abby has an unrealistic physique given the environment of the game... and common sense

SurvivorGirl41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Well mission accomplished IMO because I hate that Bitch with a passion !

AlucardChristian41d ago

haha definitely. i mean i get why she's hated and understood her side of the story, but hey, they wanted her to be hated.

Belmont8541d ago

I liked her. Liked her as a character and her arsenal way more than Ellies.

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