Apple is apparently looking at ways to make Apple Arcade more engaging

Apple Arcade is almost a year old now and the company now seems to be focusing on putting more engaging content on the platform.

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instantstupor42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

How's about focusing on getting it to work on iOS 12. There are plenty of games in Arcade that could run on older devices. Feels like an extra slap in the face since both of my iDevices (which, to be fair, are secondary devices) were both left to die on 12, which was an extra slap in the face after I was interested in checking out Arcade and finding out it was iOS 13 only. 'Twas lame.

lodossrage42d ago

Honestly, the way it sounds is that Apple Arcade isn't as successful as we were lead to believe

If they are canceling contracts with some developers and using the excuse of it's to keep subscribers, that means the services is literally dying because of low quality games