GameVortex: Exodus from the Earth Review

GameVortex writes: "Overall, Exodus from the Earth looks good. Like much of the design, it doesn't stack up to the genre's heavy-hitters, but it looks good and performs remarkably well. The game does a good job at pushing you through different environments, so there is always something new to look at. Most of the design is generic and even a bit basic, but it looks good. One of the odd aspects, however, is the level of environmental interactivity. It's nothing that is exclusive to this game, but there's a noticeable lack of consistency when it comes to what you can and cannot destroy. For example, in one level a barrel may explode when met with a missile, yet in a later level the same missile and barrel meet with less explosive results. Is it a game-breaking flaw? Not in the least. Even bigger-budget games like The Force Unleashed featured similar problems, but it just stands out more when the gameplay is vanilla".

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