Are Game Critics Too Hard On Games?

Aside from Sony trying to intimidate the critic over The Last of Us 2 coverage, there is also the recent spat on social media between press and developers. Voice actor Troy Baker even threw in a bizarre quote, implying that critics are irrelevant. It's a lot to take in.

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mrsolidsteel2038d ago

My God, I’m really starting to think the corona virus is affecting the brain cells of some people.

Chill with the false narrative that Sony/ND tried to intimidate the reviewer from Vice. The person themselves even said it was not confrontational, but you must have selected reading or you purposely missed that part.....I wonder why?

Atom66638d ago

True, but why reach out to the reviews manager in the first place? They said something like ND was confused about some of the criticisms?

You made one of the best games of the generation. Even the most devote "haters" have to recognize that you're at the top of this business. Your game is smashing sales records.

Let it go, guys. Some people won't like it or will not agree with your creative choices. I'm all for smacking down the ignorant trolls out there, but moves like this are petty and beneath them.

And as you see, it creates more problems than it solves.

mrsolidsteel2038d ago

I agree with you bro, I see it from both sides. On one side, I see nothing wrong with having a conversation with someone talking about something that you disagreed with they said, especially if they felt the reviewer said something that was out of left field.

On the other hand, this is beneath ND and they should let people talk, regardless if it’s positive or negative, because like you said it’s going to backfire on them when they immature authors like this guy from noobfeed spreading false narratives of Sony intimidating reviewers.

And like flies to sh$t, the so called ‘content creators‘ are spreading that false narrative as well.

TheKingKratos37d ago

I have to agree with you on this ... no reason for this at all

Maybe they wanted to hear his point of view more on it and as i read they say it's not normal to ask

sushimama37d ago

Maybe they want to learn why that person felt that way, and rectify that in future projects? Who knows. But don't worry, they'll get more review copies of games at Vice no matter what Vice says negatively about any of Sony's games.

Atom66637d ago


Who knows why people continue to do this type of thing? People with common sense know. It's not people looking for constructive feedback, that's for sure.

Jim Sterling's latest video might be eye opening to some people. Game journalism and the interplay with pubs and devs has become a broken mess.

You have whining, pettiness, and sometimes inappropriate manipulation occurring on all sides.

When you're at ND's level, it is completely unnecessary.

Gaming10137d ago

Gaming reviewers by and large don't have the slightest clue of what it takes to put together games, they just snootily and smugly piss all over the hard work of others that they have no ability to do themselves.

Same with snooty smug movie critics who hate all your favourite movies and dismiss them as crap.

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MrBobSugar37d ago

Because #OrangeManBad every day all day. It's tiresome.

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Nacho_Z37d ago

You get the odd one who gives controversial ratings because they know it'll get traffic to their site. Can't be excused by saying they don't get advertising revenue because if the site gets hits are they going to turn that money down in the future? Are they hell. Also some people just like attention negative or otherwise.

There's also some who get a bit overly emotional and subjective with their scores. If I was a reviewer I'd rate a game firstly for how much I liked it and secondly for good I thought it was objectively, and average the two scores, not just use the first one.

On the whole though nah reviewers aren't too harsh. They've got to give their opinion and if it's a bitter pill for some of us to swallow so be it.

East76lands37d ago

There's so much toxicity and entitlement within the gaming community now it's nauseating.

NukeDaHippies37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

What? they're not hard enough! TLOU2 got so many perfect scores and I don't believe them at all. FF7R they pretend like the dumb shit never happened. And Kingdom Hearts can anyone pretend that wasn't a train wreck?

OB1Biker37d ago

Reviews lost their meaning long ago. They have become opinion pieces where the author writes an essay about how good they feel.

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