‘The Last of Us Part 2’ Director Responds to Heated Online Reaction

Hyperbeast: Few releases this year have proved as divisive as The Last of Us Part 2. While the PlayStation 4 game has smashed sales records and dominated worldwide gaming charts, it’s also been at the centre of of a particularly virulent backlash from former fans.

While some early hate came as a homophobic response to the inclusion of LGBT+ characters and narrative arcs, other players have heavily criticised the game’s plotting; particularly the death of a particularly beloved character from the original game. This led to a ‘review-bombing’ from players in the early stages of the game’s release.

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lociefer4d ago

So he didn't actually respond in detail about the actual problems of the game ( plot, death, etc..). But he sidelined to the LGBT stuff, how convenient.

ziggurcat4d ago

those aren't actual problems with the game. not liking what happened != problem.

_SilverHawk_4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Lol. People are so silly and entitled. He wrote the story for the games and he made an amazing game. Nothing bothered me about tlou or tlou 2 because they are both amazing games for their time. I wouldn't have been bothered by any decisions this guy made to his game unless I had encountered issues like glitches not meant to be there. I've finished the game twice so far and it's the best game ive played this generation. I'll play tlou 2 again when there's an enhanced version for the ps5 and hopefully the multiplayer portion is released by then. I cant wait to play ghost of tsushima.

Game-ur3d ago

Druckmann on "whether they like it or not–that’s fair…that’s their reaction and you don’t fight that"

but you actually did. you and Sony argued with media critics.

JEECE2d ago

Game of Thrones kills a key character in a dumb way, and people act like it's the greatest show ever for being so bold and willing to subvert expectations.

Last of Us 2 kills a key character in a way that's crucial to the story and sets up an exceptionally well-told game with a better use of multiple perspectives than anything else I can think of, and people are just mad because they like the character.

And I guarantee you a lot of people complaining are the same people who complain about "plot armor" in stories.

bouzebbal2d ago

Druckman is an arrogant moron..

@Silver: Nothing bothered me about tlou or tlou 2 because they are both amazing games for their time.

Lol what kind of statement is this?? Tlou 1 is a far better experience.. Everything was new.. Charismatic characters, good gameplay mechanics, engaging story, complicity between characters..
None of this is in part 2.. We want firefly story to be told cause we are told nothing about the disease anymore. We want to hear about the possible cure too..
Instead they throw in some characters out of nowhere, name the group WLF you know absolutely nothing about their motivations, shot the complicity Joel ellie in a blink of an eye and you are left with nothing.. Story becomes so predictable, with no change in pace..

Where are the shiv doors and multiplayer??

RememberThe3572d ago (Edited 2d ago )

I'm sorry I got lost somewhere. When did it become wrong for creators to defend their creations? And when did anyone from Sony "argue" with anyone about TLOU2? I read that a Sony rep asked about a VICE review but that it was more about getting more context from the author and I saw a voice actor respond to a random tweet about how games are too long. What did I miss?

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ArchangelMike3d ago

You didn't read the article. How convenient.

He didn't mention anything about LGBT.

There is absolutely no justification for senging hate messages and death threats to the voice actors.

If you don't get that, the you are part of the problem.

mrsolidsteel203d ago

It’s really a lost cause bro, there’s nothing Neil or anyone from ND or Sony for that matter can say or do to change the minds of someone that already had a negative view on this game.

lociefer3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

How would i know he never adressed the issue if i haven't read the article ? It seems you mistook me for someone else.

It also seems you weren't keeping up with TLOU2 news since it got announced. Neil meant the guy playing Levi was getting threats, he's trans and he's the one who keeps getting harrassed online by some ignorant idiots. The question was about the game and he sidelined it, easy as that. The guy was getting threats and having twitter fights ever since he got casted in the game, these idiots harrassing him need to be in jail. But that's for the police not Neil.

DonDon30002d ago

Who buddy, who here ever said that sending death threats was okay? You make a good point about him having not read the actual article, but now you're equating criticism of the game with complicity in the acceptance of those who sent death threats to the game's staff.

mrsolidsteel203d ago

Yea can you point that out in the article, because I must’ve missed that part.

Rambokind2d ago

He's an SJW. At some point, these idiots will immolate entire franchises. And dumb SJW gamers will provide the matches.

averagejoe262d ago

What? He was asked about the hatred. The most vile hatred was about the LGBT stuff. Your post makes no sense.

Morons...morons everywhere.

Christopher2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

He didn't sideline to anything LGBTQ...

"I think you have to create some separation to say, we made this game, we believe in this game, we’re proud of this game, now it’s out there and it’s like whatever reaction people have–whether they like it or not–that’s fair…that’s their reaction and you don’t fight that.”

"the more hateful stuff, the more vile stuff, that’s a little harder. It’s especially harder when I see it happening to team members or cast members who play a particular character in the game.”

"I just have a hard time wrapping my mind around that. The thing I try to do is just ignore it as much as I can. When things escalate to being serious, there are certain security protocols that we take and I report it to the proper authorities. Then you just try to focus on the positives and focus on distracting yourself with other stuff. But it’s kind of just the reality.”

Where in any of that did he mention anything about LGBTQ? You are taking the words of the journalist as the words of the one being interviewed. Good job, you just fell for journalism tactics for fueling people just like you that they know would be upset if they just sprinkle in some words that will trigger you.

2d ago
gigzamillion2d ago

Well since much has been made about the LGBT stuff talking about it is hardly sidelining. As for plot, death, etc. those aren't actual problems they're excuses certain people have come up with to hate on the game.

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TheColbertinator4d ago

His responses somehow made things worse.

Battlestar232d ago

No matter what he could say will not change the fact that haters will still hate on the game because they are just bigots.

bloop2d ago

In all honesty, the more articles that I come across here, the more the apologists seem like the bigots.

borneFROMblood2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

@inLikeFlint, trash my jaw in half 12 year old online monitor fighter. And he's right, people that had problems with it, already moved on. Only haters still talk about it, cause they have nothing else to do till Tsushima comes out to hate on it as well.

Rambokind2d ago

That's because you're a jackass who can't see past your own bigotry. You hate others on some perceived slight.

Hakuoro2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

The sad truth is these days you have people who call you a slur then call YOU a racist for asking them to stop.

OB1Biker2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

I think you need to google the definition of 'bigot'.
The game is supposedly about perspective but it's fans can't stand a different opinion.
It's no wonder, then, if they think that being told a story from different perspectives is incredible.
There is a huge difference between hating and expressing a negative opinion.

TheFallen13271d 22h ago

Yeah cause people are not allowed to be entitled to their own opinions

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clouds51d 14h ago

The only thing one can do in his position is apologise for the letdown and promise to do better next time. That's how a good businessman would operate because he cares if his customers like the product.
People don't like fictional works like video games because their race/gender/sexual orientation is represented. How is that so hard to understand? I very much enjoy asian martial arts movies. Nothing about me is represented in those movies at all but I love them! They make me feel something. That's what it is about.

sampsonon2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Grown as men crying over a f in character.
10/10 For Joel getting his head bashed in by one of the best characters in the series. I wish they let the player bash his head in.... Oh ND! Patch it so i can use the 7 iron... please.

Gatsu2d ago

Yeah that little b*tch got what he deserved.

gwbxwu1d 16h ago

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King_Noctis2d ago

"Grown as men crying over a f in character."

Don't people do that as well in other mediums like movie or book? Stop pretend like getting emotionally attached to a character is "childish".

sampsonon2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

I picture you sobbing while you typed that.

gamer78042d ago

Yup and people crying about other people crying about a character in a game....

sampsonon2d ago

Only people crying are the one's that loved Joel. I liked him, but not enough for me to forfeit the rest of the story.
Best moment in gaming history is to see everyone crying. I mean it's obvious Druckmann created a science experiment..... now we get to see which mice can get through the maze, so to speak.

Yup, emotional maturity is needed.

King_Noctis2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

“ I picture you sobbing while you typed that.”

Yes I cried for the death of my favorite video game and movie character, and you know what? I’m proud to admit that. I’m not jut some heartless monster or a “grown man” who cry about other people’s crying.

Hakuoro2d ago

How many negative TLOU 2 articles have you submitted?

I love getting emotionally attached to characters in games that's why I enjoy so many VN's and story based games. But let's be honest here you're just trying to damage the game, you pulled the same crap with Death Stranding and I'm sure you'll find every troll article on the internet when Ghosts comes out.

You're just another troll making excuses for you're trolling.

King_Noctis2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

"How many negative TLOU 2 articles have you submitted? "

And you being the white knight would go around and calling everyone else that submitted negative TLOU articles as trolls as well? If you aren't, then you are just a hypocrite. If I don't submit it, then don't you think someone else would? This is a gaming site which has all kind of articles, not a haven site that post only news that some console "fans" like yourself want to see.

rainslacker1d 15h ago

I felt grief at his death. Which I think was the point of having him killed. You were supposed to feel what Ellie felt, so you'd connect with her quest. Then they flip the tables on you halfway through, and you end up realizing, or at least I feel that was their intent with doing so, that Abby was also justified in her quest. I personally didn't agree with the way she did it, but the fact she showed a lot of remorse, and compensated to make ammends in meaningful ways for her personally, made it so her character wasn't actually a bad person.

I am a big fan of Joel from the first game, because I connected with him and knew that the path he took in the game led him back to his own humanity. That he found a reason to live again. I felt a strong connection to that. Abby had the same character arc within her own story, although I will say that it wasn't as deeply explored and built through the whole narrative like Joel's was in the first game. I wasn't upset the writers killed him off. I was upset he died, but that is what grief is. I moved on from grief, and I'll miss him, so to speak, but doing the memories of him throughout the game did help ease that loss.

King_Noctis1d 8h ago


I fully agree with you. Very insightful explanation.

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Twonky8882d ago

The game is good but people want to play Ellie and fight her side of the story. Not Abby. The story play stinks. Save your money. I was warned but bought it anyway. Hate it. Felt ripped off when I completed it.

borneFROMblood2d ago

it's those depressed people, doesnt matter if you tell them how many positive things are out there. Just 1 negative will make them blind to positive.
Game is not for everyone, but i doubt at least gameplay was not worth it.

Baza2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

People expected to play as Ellie with Joel killing bad guys and happily ever after. But that’s not how this story goes. It’s dark, it’s violet, it’s intense. Ruthless world.. no one is safe and EVERTHING is on the table. I can see how it’s not for everybody. Especially fans of the original whom grew attached to Ellie. People will enjoy the game to it’s full potential if you go into it with an open mind.

clouds51d 14h ago (Edited 1d 14h ago )

"People expected to play as Ellie with Joel killing bad guys and happily ever after."

That's a very bad story, nobody would like that(no offense). Actually writing a good story is very difficult. That's what makes it so unique when we got something like TLOU1. I guess the main issue is that writing good sequels which you haven't planned from the beginning is even harder than writing a good story... And since the MCU people actually expect good sequels :D

averagejoe262d ago

I loved Abby's parts as did millions of others along with most reviewers.

Sorry that you're in the wrong here. Must suck.

SamPao2d ago

Go play farmville and name your characters ellie and joel.
Have fun with your part2

Moe-Gunz2d ago

Playing Abbys side is essential as that long stretch is what gets the player from wanting to kill her without thought to understanding her and having compassion. Ultimate it’s what beaks the player down to realize revenge isn’t worth it and killing her isn’t what most players seek anymore. It’s how the theme of forgiving starts showcasing itself.

rainslacker1d 15h ago (Edited 1d 15h ago )

This game would have been pretty shallow if all you did was play as Ellie. Some story points would also have to be reworked. i honestly didn't care for Ellie by the 3rd day, and came to like her less after she left the farm. She eventually came around to being human and not so hate filled, but it was done in such a sudden fashion, with not much narrative, that it left a heck of a lot up to interpretation, which is good like it was done in the first game, but here, it didn't track completely.

Abby's story made more sense. Her motives were easy enough to understand. For all the people saying they just wanted to play as Ellie, then Abby's story up to Joel's death was basically what you had Ellie doing the whole game, but you saw what came after it was over. To get the same effect of Abby's story from Ellie, they'd have to have her kill Abby, then go through the things that Abby did to get to where she was by the end. That would have been a strange story arc, and make no sense from a narrative perspective.

This game's story was not shallow in the least. It wasn't as nuanced or meaningful like the first game, but it had it's own purpose, and I think they pulled it off well for what they were going for....with the exception of the conclusion, which was weak from a narrative stand point. Not the What, just the Why of it all.

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dnAWE2d ago

I have plenty of gripes about the game, but nothing that would bring the score from a 9 to a 5.

1. Not enough variety in the kill animations.
2. Lev and Yara storyline had a bit too much of an abrupt shift in terms of understanding why Abby suddenly wants to help them escape.

And finally, as a personal thought; I think it would have made more sense that Ellie lets Abby live at the end had Lev been dead when he dropped from the pole he was strung up on.

generic-user-name2d ago

I think Abby feels some remorse over what she did to Joel, it made her look like a monster to people like Mel and it didn't end her nightmares about the hospital. I think her helping lev and yara was her way of trying to redeem herself.

rainslacker1d 15h ago

As to number 2....Abby was trying to redeem herself, and prove to herself that she was a good person for her own sake. Mel made mention of this in their last scene of the Aqaurium, but the framing wasn't direct. Owen teased her a lot, but he always thought she was a good person, but he also felt she was too wrapped up in her vengeance quest. This was mentioned early in her story arc. All of her crew also thought she went too far with the torture, although they all agreed Joel got what he deserved.

Anyhow, between shared threat of death...which was also mentioned by Abby, although I think that was just a cover to not have to express her feelings, and the fact they were kids living in a world based on eye for an eye politics which is what the Scars and WLF conflict basically was, she started to see that this cycle of violence would never end unless you just end it yourself. She lapsed after she saw Mel and Owen dead, but considering it was the person she cared for the most, and his child that were killed in the process, I can imagine that would be a pretty typical feeling that someone would want to satiate in some way.

The basics of it were that Lev, and even the teachings of the Scar's prophet, were metaphors to the kind of person she wanted to be. Lev was symbolic of her better self, and she didn't want to let him down.

And yeah, this wasn't explained well in direct narrative, but it wasn't really hidden either.

As far as number one, I 100% agree. Plus, since they zoomed in so often, you saw how few character models they had for the various factions.