Delayed Battlefield 5 Summer Update Trailer Finally Released Weeks After Patch's Release

While the patch is already out, DICE didn't release the Battlefield 5 Summer Update trailer due to the George Floyd tragedy. It's out now! Watch it.

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Minute Man 72133d ago (Edited 33d ago )

I almost bought this sh!t yesterday $15 @ X1 version

Nodoze33d ago

Sorry to say, but DICE is about done. They have already been stretched beyond breaking point, and it shows. Very sad as they used to be a favorite. Battlefield Bad Company was a triumph.

excaliburps33d ago

Well, if BF6 returns to its roots, and is like BF3 or BF4, they're going to be loved by the community again. BF1 wasn't that bad, either. BF5 is though.