Cyberpunk 2077's wall running scrapped due to design reasons

If you've followed Cyberpunk 2077's development you've most likely seen the extensive gameplay presentations of the game and in one of the gameplay sessions, namely the 48-minute session from August of 2018, a snippet was shown of a mantis blade-equipped V using the wall running mechanic to prop herself up on a wall above a group of enemies. After having played the game for four hours earlier this week (read our hands-on impressions here), we had a chat with Cyberpunk 2077 level designer Max Pears about the vertical traversal in the game.

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RaidenBlack1004d ago

That screenshot looks gooood

averagejoe261004d ago

Hopefully you have a $3,000 top of the line PC so your playthrough will look the same.

Honestly though, with how much The Witcher 3 was downgraded upon release, it probably still won't look this good on a high end machine.

RaidenBlack1004d ago (Edited 1004d ago )

I have an RTX 2060 (not even the Super one, It was the cheapest RTX amidst the exorbitant launch pricing) 😥
If I didn't get a PS4 Pro and an One X, I would've aimed for an RTX 2080(non-Ti, the Ti variant's pricing is straight up bollocks) and a better CPU.
The One X is solely for 4K third party and classic enhanced console exclusive 360 titles. And Gears 5 and Forza. *sigh*

SyntheticForm1004d ago

That's fine.

From what I've seen this is another beautiful world by CDPR to get lost in, and it's currently my most anticipated game.

RazzerRedux1004d ago (Edited 1004d ago )

Agree. Honestly didn't even know wall running was ever in there. Looks to be a fantastic game.

King_Noctis1004d ago

I bet that the one of the first mods for this game would be third person camera.

zsquaresoff1004d ago

Desperately needed for those who don't like first-person view.

chrisx1004d ago

Like me. Unfortunately first person view gives me motion sickness no matter how I try to adapt. Really gutted this game is a FPS, it looks cool.

1004d ago
Christopher1004d ago

And it will look janky af because guaranteed that it was cut due to how much work it would take to do all the animations, camera work, and more. I feel like CDPR focused on making the world you see look better rather than the character and it's likely due to design issues (game breaking concepts that would make parts of the game pointless or too powerful to not take, such as wall crawling).

-Foxtrot1004d ago

Sometimes I think they’ve bit off more then they can chew with this

TheKingKratos1004d ago

I have to agree with you this time

boing11004d ago

Yeah, sounds like it. Empty streets do not bode well too.

RgR1003d ago

Really depends on the expectations forced upon them.
I've played cdpr titles since the first witcher game. They always made games I enjoyed.
First venture outside of the witcher universe so my expectations are tempered.

Rebel_Scum1004d ago

Wall running is a dumb mechanic anyways

wwinterj1004d ago

I enjoy it. Prince of Persia comes to mind. I also thought it looked neat here. Shame it's gone but who knows maybe it'll be added in the expansions.

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The story is too old to be commented.