Colin Moriarty To Serve as Chief Creative Officer for Lillymo Games

Colin Moriarty has announced his aquisition of a stake in indie game studio, Lillymo Games, and will serve as Chief Creative Ofiicer.

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NecrumOddBoy34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

This is really cool. Colin's success is directly attributed to his consistency in the industry. He made IGN great. He founded Kinda Funny. He now has CLS with amazing shows like Knockback and the #1 gaming and #1 Playstation podcast Sacred Symbols. One of games media's largest asset. hope they develop a Metroidvania.

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Atom66634d ago

Hell yes to Metrovania. Maybe even a Megaman clone since he's probably the biggest MM fan out there.

I stopped going to IGN when he left, and stopped listening to KF when he left there. The guy brings intelligence and humor to games media, and isn't just "OMG let's do a live hype fest reaction to every damn piece of gaming news."

I don't give a shit about his politics, and I appreciate that he doesn't give a shit about mine.

Even if you're not a PS gamer, Sacred Symbols is probably one of the best general gaming podcasts out there.

sprinterboy34d ago

Good luck Colin, you deserve it

bangoskank34d ago

Dude, persevered through a lot of bs. Glad he made it through and became even more successful.

sushimama34d ago

All over a silly harmless joke that he refused to apologize for. Good on Colin. Greg can rot in hell for all I care, he's a gutless spineless worm.

RpgSama34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Greg sold himself and threw his friend under the bus for money (as you can see by the atrocious EA Live).

Colin made a twitter joke:

"Ah. Peace and quiet.


And he was cancelled for only saying that, he got kicked out of the company he founded in his own house, his "friends" turned their back on him, everybody shunned him for something SO stupid.

ZeroBlue234d ago

Agreed. It takes guts to stand your ground, especially these days. Much respect for people that refuse to bend the knee.

bangoskank34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Part of me believes he was ousted because his peers did not agree with his political stance. If he was a left-wing progressive I believe it would have gotten some chuckles and the joke would have been forgotten. And I'm saying this as someone who doesn't agree with Colin's politics is more left leaning. That doesn't stop me from enjoying his content and respecting the guy.

Lost all respect for the rest of those screaming idiots who betrayed him. That one dumb jackass never knows what the hell he's talking about. I lose brain cells every time I hear him speak. I'm sure I don't have to mention names.

Promachos34d ago

I want him to build a new Sherlock Holmes game. That would be EPIC!

jamesclark199133d ago

I wish him lots of success. I've followed him since Kinda Funny and he seems like a great guy who (thankfully) doesn't put up with any of this modern day political correctness bullshit.

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The story is too old to be commented.