PS VR support comes to Dreams on July 22

Sculpt and play VR creations and games made by Dreams users across the world.

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preciousdeath4d ago

This is going to be huge. Can't wait!

fr0sty4d ago

HUGE. Game changer, literally. Sculpting in VR is going to be so much easier!

Unspoken3d ago

Great addition to push VR. Sandboxes are so much fun in the virtual world.

OtterX4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

I've been waiting on this to progress w my Dreams passion project! I had been wanting to create a VR "experience"/interac tive narrative, not necessarily a game... it'll just work so much better in VR w that level of immersion. So friggin excited. :D

TGGJustin4d ago

This arrived a lot sooner than I thought it would. Going to be great to see what people create.

SunGod4d ago

Me too. I kind of expected it to get VR support on PS5 launch - which will be another huge boost for this game!

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