Rare Sony Employee PS4 Controllers Unboxed By YouTuber

From PSU: "Two extremely rare Sony Employee PS4 controllers have been unboxed by YouTuber MetalJesusRocks.

The controllers were apparently found by a viewer of his channel in Ontario, Canada when he was going to buy a 20th Anniversary PS4. Ontario is the location of Sony’s Canadian headquarters."

darthv724d ago

Im after the gamestop manager ones myself. These are pretty slick too.

Outlawzz4d ago

They wanted to play fortnite multiplayer I'm guessing. A sad fate awaits these controls unfortunately lol

TommyVercetti884d ago

Metaljesus is awesome and Kelsey is hottah♥️

oakshin4d ago

Sexual harassment!!!!!!! Cancelled

LoveSpuds4d ago

He seems like a nice guy and his enthusiasm is enjoyable to see, having said that, he does have some questionable taste in videogames in my opinion.

TommyVercetti883d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Didn't you see his Xbox collection he got all the games and Kelsey is hottah♥️

ps3rider4d ago

After years this could have been sold for thousands being sealed and rare edition ...

3d ago
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