Looking for a Nintendo Switch? The Lite is back in stock at Amazon

Ever since the lockdowns began, video game consoles have been hard to find. That's especially true for Nintendo's popular Switch and Switch Lite. If you have been looking for a Switch and had no luck, we’re happy to report that the Switch Lite is back in stock at Amazon.

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jznrpg4d ago

I have one it just need more games . Xenoblade Chronicles remaster is amazing though ! I like it a lot better than 2 . Unfortunately, my Switch catalogue is really small . I don’t buy many of the ports I have on PS4 and not into Pokémon and Animal Crossing type of games . I’ll buy the new Zelda and Metroid (whenever that comes out) but not a lot on my Switch Radar . Hopefully that changes soon ! Come one more RPGs like Xenoblade , or games like Astral Chain . Adult stuff please !!!!