Do Launch Titles Really Matter For The PS5 And Xbox Series X?

KeenGamer: "With all the hype around the upcoming arrival of a new generation of consoles, do the launch games that will accompany the PS5 and Xbox Series still have as much significance as past launch games had? While the excitement around the technical specs and games library is palpable, do any of the day one releases hold as much weight as they used to?"

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RaidenBlack45d ago

So why do you want me to buy those boxes?

timotim44d ago

If it didnt matter the you'd just continue to game on current gen systems.

Atom66644d ago

And 10's of millions will. The migration to the next gen always takes years. Games releasing at launch have a short-lived importance.

Atom66644d ago


Ok, if you're talking about Halo, I guess I agree. With it being cross gen, it might not be as important, but something does have to be said when you launch with a major tentpole franchise.

Mario 64 does come to mind too.

CaptainHenry91644d ago (Edited 44d ago )

It *feels* like Halo and Gears is always a Launch title for Xbox but I know it isn't

porkChop44d ago

How so? Only the first Halo was a launch title.

CaptainHenry91644d ago (Edited 44d ago )

When I think of Xbox, All I think of is Halo and Gears as their only good AAA game but that's my opinion and subjective

Tacoboto44d ago

That's not an opinion - it's flat out wrong. Halo CE was a launch title, Gears was not a launch title for either of the two generations it's been around for. Neither franchise even coincided to release with the One X.

You only posted to troll around and you couldn't get that right.

CaptainHenry91644d ago

Had nothing to do with troll. That's just how I feel about the Xbox

AngelicIceDiamond44d ago

Makes no sense considering the original gears released a full year after the 360 released.

44d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.