Nintendo’s president issues first Joy-Con drift apology

But Furukawa says he “cannot comment on any specific actions we may take”

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TheProfessional10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Oh no what will neonrider and all the other Nintendo fanboys say now that it's actually been acknowledged? "It hasn't happened to me" doesn't work anymore.

Nintendo finally admitted it because they had to, before it was deny deny deny.

SunGod10d ago

They should be recalled and replaced. X360 RROD was a shitshow at first, but once they eventually acknowledged the problem, they replaced the affected units accordingly.

I mean if MS did it, Nintendo sure as hell should!

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L7CHAPEL10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

1st they need to secure a fix,
and then anybody that wants to send in their Joy cons, they should replace them free of charge and recycle the repair.
it's costly, but if you're knowingly selling something that has a flaw it's the law.
could happen to anyone, sometimes a mistake is made in creating a part for assembly at a factory.
it wasn't the 360 design that was actually the problem, it was a chipset combined with two other things that were manufactured as cheaply as possible (and actually below specifications) at the foxconn plant in China that cost Microsoft billions.
good luck suing China.

SpeedDemon10d ago

Nonsense, they have already acknowledged it and have been allowing people to send the controller in for free repairs for a while now.

King_Noctis10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

"It hasn't happened to me" doesn't work anymore."

What if it really hasn't happened to people like Neonrider? Mine also got drifted, but that doesn't mean everyone else is facing or had faced the same issue.

Don't be so narrow-minded.

LucasRuinedChildhood10d ago

He's pointing out that people downplaying the existence of Joy-Con drift will now have to accept it as a reality, given that an apology for the problem came straight from the horse's mouth.

How exactly is that narrow-minded? In this case, Neonrider is the one being narrow-minded - he's the one who's factually incorrect and keeps referring to anecdotal evidence

King_Noctis10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

“He's pointing out that people downplaying the existence of Joy-Con drift will now have to accept it as a reality, given that an apology for the problem came straight from the horse's mouth.”

The Joycon issue has already been a reality and a known issue ever since the Switch was released, no matter what a bunch of people has said otherwise. Nintendo has acknowledged this since a long time ago, which is why they had either fix or replaced the Joy con for free. There had been multiple lawsuits regarding this issue as well, so let not pretend that this issue had only brought into the limelight after Furukawa apologizes.

L7CHAPEL10d ago

I think he's actually making reference to the people that have said,
because it hasn't happened to them that it's not an issue/ it's not that prevalent.
and there have been quite a few of those.
but obviously (as was known before)
it is an issue, and it's fairly prevalent.

Kribwalker10d ago

my left joycon on my launch switch hasn’t worked properly since launch, i didn’t know they were offering free repairs on it, so i’m gonna send mine in. It’s only really been an inconvenience when i’m playing multiplayer games, since i typically use my pro controller, so i wasn’t really gonna pay to fix it (we have a second switch that doesn’t have the issue so it’s really rare for me to use that controller)

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Si-Fly10d ago

I don’t know how many hours it takes to show up but no drift for me; 165 hours on ACNH, 130 hours on MK8 and about 300 hours split between the rest of my library.

NotoriousWhiz10d ago

Varies by controller. Mine took less than 50 hours of game time and happened about 3 months after the 2017 launch.

Nintentional10d ago

What are you talking about?? I haven’t seen any sound minded Nintendo fans not complain about joycon drift/desyncing issues. It’s happened to me to the point where I bought the Damon X machina joycons instead.

And did you know how many Sony fanboys defended Death Stranding? 😂😂🤣

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Cmv3810d ago

The Nintendo apologist will still blindly support this company. But if Sony did shit Nintendo does, riots lol

MagicLebronJordan10d ago

I do not remember writing Sony off for its lack of security and the weeks of PSN being offline cause of their failure.

Ricegum10d ago

A lot of people kicked off with Sony for that. Just because you didn't doesn't mean it didn't happen.

MagicLebronJordan10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

@ricegum. I just learned to buy PSN cards from amazon when I wanted a digital game. Do the same with Nintendo and Microsoft.

Cmv3810d ago

Sony still hasn't quite lived that down. People still bring it up. Hell even you, we're talking about something current, and you're mentioning a thing that happened in 2009.

Bwremjoe9d ago

"The Nintendo apologist"... my GOD you are interesting.

Mr_Writer8510d ago

"and they will offer you a free replacement."

Not in the UK they don't.

Scummy behaviour, they need to fix the problem, and then replace everyone's current Joy-cons with the new improved ones.

MS replaced every RROD Xbox, so Nintendo need to do similar.

TheEnigma31310d ago

UK isn’t doing it? I just sent mine off for free.

Mr_Writer8510d ago

Maybe they have changed stance? Or are yours in warranty?

jjb198110d ago

My left joycon was all messed up and kept drifting up but after the apology it is working fine.

King_Noctis10d ago

Why don't you send it to them? They repair it or give replacement for free.

Mr_Writer8510d ago


The problem is, it's not always free, if you bought a launch model the joycons are out of warranty.

Even when the class action lawsuits was launched I was still told I would be charged £35 per joycon as the free repair was US only.

King_Noctis10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

"The problem is, it's not always free, if you bought a launch model the joycons are out of warranty."

You know that is not accurate right? Let me give you a link below. Although you are right, this is currently applied to the US only.

"Nintendo will reportedly fix Joy-Con drift for free, even out of warranty"

BillyG0AT10d ago

What happens if my Switch Lite starts drifting?

Ratchet7510d ago (Edited 10d ago )

You can buy new analog sticks and change them by yourself.
It's pretty cheap and easy tbh.

Comparing this with x360 RROD is ridiculous imo.

The RROD was not due to a faulty part but was due to a complete hardware design flaw. That is why they extended the warranty to three years. Because they knew people will have to send their repaired console again and again until they finally redesign the whole hardware.
It has cost Microsoft $1.2 billion.

BillyG0AT9d ago

Oh that's cool I guess. Still annoying but good to know I can fix them I guess. Thanks!

And yeah, RROD was brutal. That shit ruined my Christmas

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