Shuhei Yoshida Shows Love For TLOU2 and Ghost Of Tsushima

In recent tweets, Shuhei Yoshida has shown love for Naughty Dog's smash-hit - TLOU2 - and hinted that he'll be playing Ghost Of Tsushima in July too.

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Hakuoro151d ago

He has such a likable personality. If his English was just a little better he could be the face of PlayStation.

Rimeskeem151d ago

Japanese hate speaking english to native speakers as they feel inadequate and disrespectful when doing so. At least that was the constant message I got when I was in Japan for a couple weeks.

jznrpg150d ago

People wanted to practice their English with me . So different experiences I guess .

SyntheticForm148d ago

I had the complete opposite experience while I was in Japan. It probably varies from person to person, but the Japanese who could speak English were eager to do so with me, even if they weren't very good at it.

V3geta150d ago

Playstation is a worldwide brand, him speaking good English or not is irrelevant for him being the face of the brand.

Cikatriz_ESP149d ago

So the world’s lingua franca, with by far the largest number of non-native speakers of any language, is irrelevant to a worldwide audience?

BrettAwesome149d ago

"Lingua Franca"?
You self important wanker! You know full well that most everybody are unfamiliar with that expression. Arrogant prick! Besides, Yoshida's English is more than sufficient for him to be whatever the company would like him to be...
"Lingua franca"... shit

medman149d ago

I'm pretty sure his English is better than your Japanese.

ps3rider151d ago

This fellow is loves gaming and always support players

antikbaka150d ago

of course he's his MONEY

DivoJones150d ago

Sony exec loves Sony games... quick, spin up the printers and get this story out!!!

In all honesty they seem like great games, just started God of War recently and haven't tackled TLOU let alone the sequel. Am also looking forward to picking up Ghosts, albeit at discounted prices in the future.