New Monster Hunter Game Being Planned, No MHW Switch Port

Capcom is planning to develop a new MH game that will target middle and high school students. They don't have any plans for Monster Hunter World on Switch.

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Interloper10d ago

We already have a much better, in some aspects, Monster Hunter game.

PurpHerbison10d ago

A Monster Hunter built from the ground up specifically for the Switch would be appropriate.

ProLogY9d ago

Monster Hunter World barely runs on Console, It's one of the most horribly optimized AAA game I have played this generation.

No way it could run on the switch. That anyone even thought it was a possibility is news in of itself.

It's totally unacceptable that MHW still runs in the state it does on console. Especially when a viable fix could be as easy as flipping on a 30fps V-Sync.

AK919d ago

Never played a Souls game then?

AK919d ago (Edited 9d ago )

I wonder if they'll double dip, release it via BC on next gen consoles or even just make MHW2 for console.