Have Sex, Rent PS3 For Free!

Ah, love hotels. Those by-the-hour Japanese establishments built soley for sex. When couples are feeling randy, they head on over to places like Shibuya's Casa Di Due. It's one of the most colorful rest stops in the area's love hotel mecca. Not only can customers rent costumes to entertain themselves, but PLAYSTATION 3s...

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grifter0245721d ago

Wow this headline is soo misleading. Umm the place's in this news article are "Love" Hotels not "Sex" Hotels... There not solely for sex .. Most people that go to these hotels dont even have sex.. probably 1 out of 5 couples that go to this have sex. Soo the title is Totally wrong. These hotels are mainly for fun.. sort of like an after hours club.. its for rest and relaxation .. since its sooo cramped up over there ..people can have fun in different themed rooms. It's pretty cool that they have game consoles in there room's never seen that before.. wonder if they keep 360's in the rooms or not.

UrbanJabroni5715d ago

Given that it is Japan that we are talking about, is this a rhetorical question? ;)

DC RID3R5721d ago

sex, it is what it is homie.

1 hole (or two if your a dirty bast***), 1 goal!

grifter0245720d ago

Funny aparrently you dont seem to understand what I mean or what I posted... so whatever think what you want.. maybe you should go to one and figure out what they really are hehe(b4 you talk trash which I dont care just know I have went to one) and the whole time I was there noone....whatever I'm bored typing this argument whatever nice waste of a post lol.

Havince5720d ago

hey, i dont like ps3 but even if it was an xbox id be swapping that for some good old action THE WHOLE TIME with the funky rooms going on.

kornbeaner5715d ago

you shouldn't be having sex!!