Mirror's Edge first week sales U.S. and EU

Mirror's Edge, a totaly new project form Dice. It is a free-running FPS, but if you want to play the game good, you don't play with the guns. Badly for Mirror's Edge, the game didn't sell well. Hit the jump to see the stats.

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The Killer4240d ago (Edited 4240d ago )

PS3 version sold 29,173 copies 6.40M north America
360 version sold 59,285 copies 13.38M north America

accourding to vgchartz

Rigmaster4240d ago

"accourding to vgchartz"

Oh god...

InMyOpinion4240d ago

I feel sorry for all of them. Save those pennies for better games people.

PoSTedUP4240d ago

i didn't buy it because i had too many games to buy this month and last, they REALLY should of delayed it till Christmas.

oh shoot, 3rd quarter started. *grabs bottle of jamacian Red Stripe*

Foxgod4240d ago

did you really have to mention the install base, only because your so damn frustrated that the 360 sold more ?

InMyOpinion4240d ago

I feel sorry for all the losers who disagree with me for no reason as well. Instead of acting like 5-year olds give some reasons to why I should buy it instead. Because it's 6 hours long and has no multiplayer or replay value? Or is it because of the on-rails trial & error gameplay that gets repetitive after 2 mins? Maybe it's because of the sloppy controls? You tell me!

Milky Joe4240d ago

Or maybe Jenzo, it's because you're not the f*cking authority on how games should be made and they might have actually found it fun to play you f*cking retard!!!

CrazyJ4240d ago

I completely disagree with you. It's the first innovative first person game since Portal. If you think the game play gets repetitive after 2 minutes then show me a game that doesn't. You learn the basic mechanics of a game and repeat and repeat. News flash but that's how games work. You call it a on rails trial & error game but often times there is more than one way to get from point a to point b so how can it be on rails. This game is about being fluid and fast sometimes this requires quite complex movements. You say there's no replay value but there's a time trial mode which one could sink many hours into finding new and faster paths though a level. I wouldn't call the controls sloppy either. It's the most fluid game I've played since Uncharted. Perhaps you were talking about the shooting part of the game but to be honest I don't really know about that since I just prefer to beat up or disarm the baddies. On a side note I just beat the story mode last night. I still have yet to collect all the hidden packages, beat it on hard, and unlock all the time trial maps. I'm not sure how many hours it took me to beat the story mode but it did take me 3 sittings and I did thoroughly enjoy it.

I suspect we'll see concepts from this game in many FPS games in the future.

shovelbum4240d ago

I played through it in a few hours. The controls were done very well but the story was lackluster and it was way too short. I enjoyed it as it was a nice departure from Fallout 3, Gears, and LBP which have been getting lots of use lately but it wasn't something I'd give much replay consideration.

Alcohog4240d ago

"I feel sorry for all of them. Save those pennies for better games people. "

Did you play the game? I thought it was amazing. One of my top games of 2008 easily. If you haven't, you really should try it.

I have a feeling that regardless if you actually played it or not, you will say that you did. :\

Erotic Sheep4240d ago (Edited 4240d ago )

Way to go judging a game on a reviewers opinion. Play it instead of acting like a blind mule, give new IP's a chance. So you're saying most FPS games today aren't repetitive? Silent Hill 2 had lots of backtracking, did that make it a bad game? I don't think so.

And @ Foxgod, whats wrong with showing an install base? Where do you see him frustrated at all? Who gives a flying crap where this game has sold more? Do me a favor and go to the open zone, all you do here is trying to start pointless discussions, it's pretty obvious you're pro X360 and come up with made-up arguments just to bash the PS3 :\

yanikins1114239d ago

i disagreed with you because its good

InMyOpinion4239d ago (Edited 4239d ago )

Then why didn't you say so to begin with? Like I said "Instead of acting like 5-year olds give some reasons to why I should buy it instead" I'm not saying my opinion is fact.

Of course I have played it, if not I wouldn't be judging it. I think I'm about halfway through. Played some levels past Jacknife.

PopEmUp4239d ago

for the 360 owners, since there are more than 2x as much 360 owners buying a game that less than 3 hours. But as a Ps3 owners we think twice before we make a purchase and wait for a better games that worth our money, so I felt sorry for all the 360 owners that brought this game =(

PS3 FTW4239d ago

I was gonna buy it but a few of my friends got it first and they said the single-player only takes about 2 hours to beat! They said you might be able to spend a few more replaying time-trial but it's NOT worth $60. Even XPLAY said the game has a MAX of 8 hours including repeated time-trials.

I'm sorry but paying $60 for a few hours is dumb. Maybe it should of been a $20 downloadable PSN/XBL game.

I also think one reason for bad sales is that it looks too simple and a 1-trick-pony. Sure there's c a little combat but it's supposedly not well done. I liked the demo but after a few play-throughs It just felt too simple and more like a 2004 tech demo of what nex-gen games would be like.

I would rent it with my BlockBuster "Game Pass" but for somereason the BlockBusters by my hoes said they are NEVER getting the game :( I'm not gonna sign-up for GmaeFly just for Mirror's Edge when I'm already paying for BB Game Pass where I can get the games I want quickly without waiting for days in the mail.

Vip3r4239d ago

I feel sorry for people who actually care about how many disagrees they get. Y'know, acting like a fanboy might have something to do with it.

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chaosatom4240d ago (Edited 4240d ago )

possibly because of lack of replay value.

DavidMacDougall4240d ago

I didn't buy it because EA made it

Aclay4240d ago

I was thinking the same thing. Sadly for most single player games, people ususally end up renting them and not buying them. I'm more of a single player gamer myself and I'll buy a Single Player game if I like it, but Mirrors Edge just didn't scream out to me.

I think that Dead Space was EA's Sleeper Hit this year

IaMs124240d ago

Battlefield Bad Company turned out great from EA lol

meepmoopmeep4240d ago

EA published it. Dice developed it.

i'm still going to get it. i guess mostly for a sequel potential.
i really liked the demo. but yeah,
especially around the holiday season and the other great games out.

TheCagyDies4239d ago (Edited 4239d ago )

The developer DICE stands for

EA Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment AB (EA DICE)

So pretty much, EA was all over the development of this game...


Dice to EA is Ubisoft Montreal to Ubisoft

MiloGarret4239d ago

DICE is a Swedish developer, (AB stands for aktiebolag), and Swedes kick ass at developing games. Before you disagree, check your facts. You might be surprised by how many awesome games have come from our little country.

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shadowghost7524240d ago

this article is bull, they got their figures from vgcharts

Blademask4239d ago

They added a spin to the genre that is great. Its sad that too many people want to play.. hide peek and shoot 1.5 just because it has the same online from the first with a new shoot-the-bots mode.

Gaming is going to suck as long as those who underwhelm succeed due to advertising.

I can only play the same shooter so many times with the same exact cookie cutter online. To think that it means "replay value" for idiots is completely sad.

None of these gamers this generation would have survived the ps2 era. None at all. Everything must have online? People, are you kidding?

Aclay4240d ago

VG Chartz = VG Guesses

I really don't see the point of VG Chartz when they don't post official numbers, I'll wait for Official NPD numbers.

PS3 FTW4239d ago

VG Chartz = Videogame Guess Chartz

Johnny Rotten4240d ago

VG Chartzzz

yes that's chartz with a z.