So, This Tomb Raider "Controversy"

Negative Gamer writes:

"Over the past few days there have been numerous articles on various sites about Eidos' apparent underhanded tactics regarding Tomb Raider reviews."

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Jotenks4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

Isn't this quite common in the gaming industry though? As I am sure a few companies have done this in the past, planning to do it nor or perhaps in the future? I suppose one thing people should complain about more (if your a wii owner) is the fact that you can't officially beat the game as another story stated, otherwise I personally wouldn't worry to much.

Reviews aren't essentially just another person's opinion of a game, take it for what you will it may or may not have any affect on you unless you know the reviewer personally and are on good grounds with them. If not then one might as well just test the demo (if their is one) for the game and judge for themselves, me personally I'll just buy the game it see first hand.

Jotenks4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

"Reviews aren't essentially..."

That "aren't" should be "are" my bad.

"me personally I'll just buy the game it see first hand."

That "it" should be "and"

Man I'm doing horrible while trying to post and write a paper...

xaphanze4237d ago

You can always edit your post :). Good point though.

OrganicMachine4238d ago

it's time to lay this franchise to rest..

can't wait for uncharted..

Danja4238d ago

couldn't agree more....even though I did play the 1oth anniverssary edition on PS2..wasn't that bad actually

dragonyght4238d ago

looks like they @ it think they haven't learn any lesson after kane an lynch good job eidos

blackbeld4238d ago

Yeah Lara go Lara.. chear me up babe!!

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The story is too old to be commented.